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  1. Searching the forums I found that a lot of people don't see a correlation between covid and clusters. The neurologist I saw recently said they've had a lot of patients come in after getting covid and complaining of severe migraine and cluster cycles. From my own experience, I also think covid caused my current cycle. I was clear for 5 years from what I believe was because of taking vit L. I got covid in Apr and since May have had the worst cycle to date. In previous cycles they would be clockwork and hit maybe once or twice a day. This time I had 3 weeks of attacks with up to 5-6 attacks a day. Since then I've felt shadow, ice pick, and general achiness in my head with no days of complete relief despite vit L doses every 5-7 days since May. It seems like everyones experience is different, but since covid does effect the brain via loss of taste and smell, I'm afraid it also my be triggering worse headache conditions for some people. Let me know how your cycle goes.
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