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  1. 15 LPM's can be insufficient for some but generally decent if you are not outrunning the bag on your non rebreather. Hyperventilating is just one method amongst many so don't get caught up on one method. Try many.. deep and hold, short, quick and hold, etc. I also experience better success at lower thresholds of pain/intensity. That's not to say that you can't abort a thunder striker. Caffeine is a helpful tool however at a scorching temp you are setting yourself back in the abort process with the inability to get the caffeine into your system quick . Try making strong coffee and placing in the fridge so that it's cool enough to down and get back to the 02. The trifecta experience you have with left, rt and center is rare but not impossible. As far as what hyperventilating is ...think of the kid with the brown paper bag breathing as fast and hard as he can until on the verge of passing out or puking. (Not suggesting that you do this but trying to paint a pick). Sorry you are battling the cluster bunny but hopeful you can slay him..
  2. This is uplifting! I can't help but to become so tired of the "we don't know, how or why" often mentioned in so many research studies. I suppose this recent development/research study is not much different in that way as of yet but the specific dedication to CH is a positive and makes me feel hopeful.
  3. Us guys have all the pain.. Hearing Rod Stewart this lovely morning
  4. Lol Jeeb I'm only living bi-carisouly through Kat! I do have a renewed sense of hope due to her success though!
  5. Thank you Spiny! Now that I know your southern I will only be concerned if you say "Bless your Heart"
  6. LOL there he is.. Nice and quippy
  7. No worries Jeeb. Truthfully.. I think I'm just getting tired.. Yep this is the part wearing me down.. I've got my faith so thank goodness for that (i know your not religious) but you sure are a good friend! Uff.. I've looked for sanctuary many a time here and am delighted to say I've always found it. Everyone here has been so amazing! I do miss @Shaun brearley and his smart quips. Lots of cool folks on here for sure.
  8. My last attack (a while back thank God) started directly after a piercing ear ringing in my CH sided ear. I thought it was happenstance but did a quick search on here and it seems I am not the only one? I've been doing fairly good during these past 8 weeks of high stress and broken sleep due to my injured Abby girl. She has decided that 3am is poop "O" clock which has been most unwelcomed especially in this ark building weather we are experiencing in CA We are so close to removing the cast and seeing if her tendon will engage but boy have we had some set backs.. Infections of the urinary track, infections of skin in high pressure areas under the cast blah blah.. We are so close! 2 weeks to go and I am praying on a daily! I have not been as good as I should have been about taking care of my brain so I am soaking some seeds to dose with tonight, anyhow, I suppose I am more so venting than much else. Possibly in this post I am giving an example of high stress and the body's innate ability to function under it. I was particularly happy to read of Kat's success in flying this Monday as it really gave me renewed hope (Doesn't get much better for a Monday morning read). IDK I may just be in need of finger exercise although it would be nice to learn what folks do immediately after a ringing in a effort to prevent an attack?
  9. This success surely makes me optimistic about traveling to places you can't drive! @kat_92 just curious if you took and or needed to take Xanax? If you did need it how do you think it helped you? Also how long was your flight? My husband and I really want to go to the Isle of Skye in Scotland but I'm so afraid of the lengthy flight. We are in CA so the flight is 13ish hours..
  10. This is awesome news! So happy for you!
  11. Thanks for breaking this down to me. Jeesh...this stuff is further above my head than I initially thought
  12. Thanks for posting this. I am always interested in new developments. Truthfully I was not aware that psilocin converted to psilocybin after breaching the blood brain- barrier. I do indeed need to research and learn much more! I suppose it was sad to read the focus of the study being partially geared toward children with severe anxiety... Since when did children suffer from anything other than how the next mud pie would turn out or if that rock you snuck into the middle of your snowball would inflict a proper sting on your brother's noggin effectively to worry about? I was happy to read the part about the sub-hallucinogenic levels in this study but at the same time conflicted with what I have researched on this site to be effective. Either way I appreciate you posting this. Cheers!
  13. Hi Johnny, The triptans are highly suspected to increase attacks and durations of cycles. I don't touch them unless on my death bed as they have extend my cycles and blessed me with many more attacks per day. Sometimes the effectiveness of prior aborts and prevents just simply become immune to the cluster bunny.. I do have to tell you that the topomax/Toprimax most likely wont help much unless your looking to fog out whilst being banged up. Verapamil can help a bit, but the D3 that you started is what I would consider to be much more effective. I am always so mystified by remission times of the duration you speak of and can't help but ask what you were doing during that time? Maybe your just one of folks that get the longer time off of which I am happy for you. Sure seems like it would be harder coming back to the pain after such a long remission so for that I am sorry. If you haven't already, do have some lab work done to see where your D levels are at along with your calcium (you may need to load a bit longer). The D3 reg takes a bit to kick in so stick with it and do your best to avoid the triptans. Lastly do read the blue banner (new users read here) for additional methods of treatment. I am sure at some point the more knowledgeable will come along and try and help you!
  14. Guess I should have read Jon's post all the way through as he basically said the same thing
  15. Could she possibly just be around something that she is unknowingly allergic to when the attacks come on?
  16. That's great that you got diagnosed so quickly! Rare indeed as @Bejeeber mentioned. Again to reiterate Jeeb, hang around on here and if you read and ask questions you'll find a fast track to self help with many a method outside the typical box. I couldn't tell ya if your cycle is ending or just responding well to the verapamil. It would be good to know dosage and type (Extended release vs. Rapid release). One great thing about you sharp GP is that he/she will most likely be willing to script you some 02 which you will absolutely want to place in your toolbox. Information on proper mask type, regulators excreta can be found by using the search bar. Additionally you will want to read up on the D3 regimen which can really help a ton! If you have any problems locating this information just reach out on here and I am sure a fellow cluster head will lend a hand. As someone else has said in the past "Welcome to the club no one want's to be in". Pain free wishes!
  17. Makes perfect sense, although I must admit there have been a few times I've tried cranking it hoping for a last bit of high flow to no avail. On the flip side I have kept it lower hoping to conserve if on my last tank, neither method ever helped. I do try not to let myself get into a tankless predicament but have been guilty a time or two... Guess that's where the "live and learn" saying comes from
  18. Naw. Your experience helps the rest of us... Odd but I sleep to a white noise via sleep buds that is very similar to the hiss of a low tank. Cathartic to me. Odd ball i know....
  19. I have to second this. I tend to think that I need to get every bit out of my tanks but have noticed that the end trails of the tank are less effective. Not sure if this is because you can no longer adjust the LPM's higher or what but find this true. (at least for me).
  20. I admit that I sure did toss all routine out the window with everything that's been going on (rooky move on my part)! Yes I am feeling better especially after the dosing and REAL BED
  21. Forgot to tell you that I most definitely will be using your "sucktastic" brilliant word combo posted on a different thread the other day
  22. Don't worry @Shaun brearley, He knows the drill. All he has to do is manage to not worry as there is nothing else he can do if I'm getting hit. I am hopeful that I caught the creeper in time! Fingers, toes and all crossable extremities crosses!
  23. Thanks Jeeb! I am one sleepy critter and can't lie, I so am looking forward to my "Real Bed"!
  24. Mind read much? We just came to an agreement to rotate. Got some seeds soaking and eating a bit of dinner. Got Abby squared with meds and what not and its time to down the yuck and make a play for sound sleep!
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