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  1. Agree with @Rod H. Your words do resonate and certainly paint a picture most of us cluster heads have lived inside of. Any outlet (healthy outlet), is a welcomed distraction from our realities when in cycle. I hope this cycle passes quickly for you!
  2. Forgot to answer the stopping verapamil question. It won't hurt to stay on it while doing the reg but if you feel the verap is not working you could slowly ween of it (maybe consult your Dr. First). I'm on 480 mg of verap and do the D3 at the same time. The D3 has by far given me more relief. GL!
  3. Hi Shaun, When I first started the D3 regimen Batch had suggested 100,000 IU a day for 12 days and then drop back to a maintenance dose of 15,000 IU/day with the oil-based liquid soft gel vitamin D3 formulations or 100,000 IU/week with the Bio-Tech D3 50 50,000 IU water soluble vitamin D3. Additionally you will need to take all the co-factors see below. Here is a copy and paste from some of his protocol overview and the link if you want to sift through it as well: https://vitamindwiki.com/Cluster+Headaches+treated+by+high-dose+Vitamin+D%2C+etc.+(interview+and+transcript)+-+Feb+2022 Hope this helps get you started!
  4. Nope it sure can't! We take her to 3 or 4 parks a day so she gets some out and about time even if she isn't willing to get out of the car yet. We have the back of the rover set up just for her. She is an old gal but deserves her last few years to be happy ones.
  5. Hey @Bejeeber, She is finally out of the cast as of last week and into the boot! She is getting around on it pretty darn well. She will have to stay in the boot for at least six months but it is so much better than a cast. She now uses a ramp to get on our bed. Yes.... a REAL bed! We are big timing it now days
  6. Hey @spiny, Yes you are correct that they cover it but only if I follow their so called protocol and try a bunch of things I'm not willing to. They told me the next thing I needed to try before it would be approved was a nerve block and I'm just not ok with that.
  7. Not yet @Shaun brearley it takes a bit of time but I'll let you know if there is any improvement on my resting BF here in a while
  8. Hey @spiny, yea they did tell me it would take a minimum of 10 days. Not sure how reversible my resting BF is but it was worth a shot. They used 50 units so I should have some noticeable improvement. Two birds is always great The cost is not real sustainable but I have been curious for some time so I just went for it.
  9. Hi everyone, I wanted to take a minute and share some of my efforts to battle the bunny. I have quite a few stones that have been left un-turned but today I turned one more. My insurance is dreadful even though I have the best I can get. I have been curious about Botox for some time and decided to just pay out of pocket today (not 100% for CH mind you (middle aged chic here), but a mixture). I went in with pretty measurable shadows. The process was easy and less painful than i had anticipated. The end result that I'm sorta excited about is that my dancing eye is gone and my shadows were lessened! I couldn't tell you about how it effected my CH as I don't believe I'm in cycle, but the minor pluses count in my book! I don't think it will help with a cycle to be 100% honest but it has helped me to stop winking at every passer by. Not much but something!
  10. Well I did a search for CB tee shirts and initially a few images of actual folks wearing the seemingly real CB shirts popped up, then I clicked the shop button and this is literally what came up.... LOL Sorry but I guess we have to go to get an actual shirt... IDK something tells me you wont be sporting this on your next fishing trip @Rod H
  11. I think you look great @Racer1_NC but I find this meme relevant to my life... 
  12. Well my guesses were a bit more exciting LOL... This pick had me thinking they were mind boggling questions
  13. Now I'm un- healthily curious about what was being asked on those cards...
  14. I'm doing pretty good since incorporating food first. Still on a bit of a higher dose of D but have started to decrease that as well. I did another dose of RC the other day and seem to be responding well. Each day that I ate first the shadow lessened up so I really do think that the food was a major part in getting back to normal (if anyone believes I can be normal lol)..
  15. BoscoPiko


    Hey JPD, Wish I had an educated answer for you but I don't however, I've never read anything about a cholesterol lowering medication rousing the cluster bunny. A 3 and 1/2 year absence is a good stretch! Anything special you could share about what you were or were not doing during that time to keep it at bay? I hope your cycle is short!
  16. It's better. I was just aiming, never pulled the trigger
  17. Love avocados! Nice suggestion jeeb. Here's to prayin that A hole hops along!
  18. Well I suppose that I can somewhat confirm that I was indeed aiming a sawed off shot gun at my foot by not eating with the am supplement intake. For the past three days after my post, I started to reluctantly get something down in the morning prior to taking my supplements and the shadows have lessened each day. They are not gone but more bearable. I've had to stay on an upped dose of D3 for now but that's not so unheard of with regard to encroaching cycle time. I have a few days left before I can do another RC dose but I will as soon as I can because I feel like I am definitely playing defense. Anyhow I hope everyone is staying in the clear!
  19. Well @Bejeeber.. I was sorta thinking of doing duck lips and kissing every mirror in my wake. Good old poop stamp never fails the shock factor now does it
  20. Lol I never even thought about the density and the fact that I would only have to get a little down to coat my stomach and supply the fat content for proper digestive processing of supplements...Brilliant idea.
  21. Well leave it to me to fudge things up real good. I stopped the yogurt in the am because i was having a hard time getting it down I sorta knew i was doing things wrong so i suppose i have no one to blame. Sucks to be culpable in your own demise ...dang it! I've just been so scared to change things up while life was good that I've overlooked reality. Thanks for the response Jeeb.
  22. Hello to all you awesome guys and gals, Recently I have been experiencing some stellar shadows, I am unsure as to why but am chalking it up to summer approaching. While my cycles in the past have mostly been during summer months, so much about them has evolved and morphed over the past few years that I use the word “chalking” because I haven’t a definitive reasoning. I am still on the “Full Monty” D3 reg and it has been brilliant for some time. I also do maintenance with RC. The shadows this time around are intense, and I can only assume the cluster bunny is hot on my tail. I’ve recently increased my D to 30,000 IU a day and received a few shadow less days but that was short lived, and they are back. My question is about the time of day I am taking my supplements. I split my intake into AM and PM. Are my AM supplements being less effective because I have an empty stomach? Are they just sitting in my gut and not being dispersed properly by the digestive process that takes place with food? Sorry if this is drawn out and scattered, my brain is being quite unfriendly at the moment. Any thoughts are most appreciated.
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