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  1. Welcome to the cool kids club! You gotta be cool to survive CH... I hope you find this place as helpful as I have.
  2. So glad to hear this. Seems like the important part is the simple fact that you are doing better! I'm still really lacking the ability to think all that well..(went to get sweetener to put in my coffee this am and almost dumped some wet cat food in it instead)... my husband telling me that he already fed the cat was all that stopped me from dumping it in.. uff brain fog is serious sometimes! The cost of everything sucks rt now so my apologies to your wallet. I sure hope you get a break!
  3. I missed the part about only taking it for 90 days so I have been taking it all along as well. Seems like it hasn't hurt anything as I've been taking it for over a year...
  4. I know everyone is busy and money is tighter these days than usual but every donation (even miniscule), will help! If any of you have ever received Spinys help on here, then you've received something that a monetary value can't be placed upon. I hope that everyone will consider maybe skipping your daily Starbucks or Dutch Bros and donating that amount. Much love and appreciation to you all!
  5. Hi Cloudy, One of the links worked for me so I've attached the PDF for you. Quick Start Guide - Sept 2023.pdf
  6. That sucks.. Yes you can get ginger in pill form.
  7. I figured you were. Have you tried the extended version with the antihistamines?
  8. Hey Mit, Sorry to hear this is happening to you. It's always scary when pain changes. Not that cluster pain is ever something that we get used to, I think it's more that we come to know what to expect. I have had occasional spikes on the wrong side and it always scares the heck out of me. I have a bad habit of associating everything that has happened prior to an attack as being a pre-curser for the next but normally it's just the bunny thumping about to shake things up I guess. I wonder if your lingering pain after a CH attack is sorta like severe shadows which I suppose could feel like a migraine? Are you on the D3 regimen? I'm sure you have read about it on here but if your not on on it you may want to give it a go and add some curcumin (ginger +turmeric) to help with the lingering pain. I know my response isn't much help but it's all I got on this one. I hope you get past this sooner than later!!
  9. I do believe he did a combo of the Cheshire cat and the white rabbit.. By the looks of things he is late and the clock is ticking All were missing is a big cloud of smoke..
  10. From a ladies perspective not sure which you are but suppose it matters not. I use just the breathing tube at work. No messing up the makeup and what not. No mask outlines on the face etc.. when I'm home I use the over the nose and mouth mask as it seems to help me abort quicker although I am still at the hit and miss phase of the 02. .. I've tried lots of methods but have still yet to hone it in. Nothing wrong with that I suspect. Afterall it takes time and effort to get things rt. I'm really hoping you stick around a while because being here has helped me so much and I want that for others. You included..
  11. Yea that sounds like CH. I just always seem to think of Ch pain to be spikes or piercing pain. I do get something I call broke neck sometime prior to a cycle.. I hope you get it sorted out soon!
  12. Hi swtbite, It almost sounds like something is off in your back causing the pain to radiate up to the back of your head/neck.. The way you describe the pain sounds like a normal headache not a one off attack especially since you are getting some relief from ibuprofen.. I'm not big on chiropractic work but it might be worth a try in this instance..
  13. I've seen your other posts on various threads and just wanted to follow-up on what @spinysaid with regard to micro dosing. First and foremost I'm so glad that you seem to be experiencing relief! That's so promising and makes me happy for you. Second I have to ask you to follow up on here as the general consensus has been that micro dosing just isn't enough. Most that have experienced success have taken 1 to 1.5 g. Per session which leads to a mild, maybe sometimes obvious trip with enhanced color and sensation maybe even visual distortions anyhoo .. I'm cheering for you!
  14. Just double checking that you meant non-rebreather..
  15. I don't think I've seen any mention of sleeping outside helping but everyone's CH can be a bit different. It seems plausible that it might help with your circadian rhythm though.
  16. Hi BM, That's frustrating but most likely they would not have provided you with the proper mask anyhow. You can order one on this site by going here http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=clustero2kit or on line just make sure it's a non re-breather mask. Be careful with the triptans, they are know to extend cycles as well and cause rebound attacks. And just because it's helpful, here is a video to help you with breathing techniques.
  17. Bump bump! Anyone! A few members have gone through serious surgerys .Sorry MIT all I can do is try and bring attention to your post.. Hang in there!
  18. No not really unless your insurance will foot the bill otherwise they are one in the same..
  19. BoscoPiko

    New cycle

    Poop..early and often.. eat first even if it's just a yogurt..
  20. Hi BM, CH can be really terrifying. As for will it get worse the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no (not much help on that one).. Sort of the same response as above.. Unfortunately yes. Yep.. That little blue banner at the top of each forum page "new users please read here first". There is a bunch of things you can try to help you prevent them from happening and abort them when they happen. I am relieved to here that you received o2 it really can be a game changer. There is a plethora of information on this site from long time sufferers as well as those with family that have CH. You can even find videos on 02 breathing techniques, proper 02 mask types and flow levels along with all kinds of tips and tricks. I would start with the blue banner, then reading up on the D3 regimen (you will want to start this reg ASAP). Cruz this site in and out, you will find help here! My last post was about being scared my clusters were coming back so I really understand the fear as do all of us. CH is hard but It's going to be ok!!
  21. BoscoPiko

    New cycle

    Wow @Bejeeber great info!
  22. BoscoPiko

    New cycle

    I also include 1,000iu (500 am and 500 pm) of COQ10 which was mentioned by Batch at some point but I can't find the thread at the moment
  23. BoscoPiko

    New cycle

    Here is a copy and paste from a previous discussion about it on here. It includes all of the original regimen plus this: ***We have also had a number of CHers respond to a collection of supplements with antihistamine properties I call the Antihistamine Full Monty. It includes 3 grams/day each of Turmeric (Curcumin), Quercetin, Resveratrol and Omega-3. It also includes 250 mcg/day Selenium, 5 mg/day Melatonin (taken at bedtime) and 8 grams/day vitamin C. You can also add 500 mg.day NAC. I buy the bulk powdered vitamin C in 1Kg bags and stir two level teaspoons in 8 oz of water then take sips all day until it's gone by bedtime. It tastes like unsweetened lemonade. You can taper the first four supplements to 2 grams/day after a week to 10 days fully CH pain free. I'd stay at 2 grams/day on the first four supplements for at least a month. Dealer's choice on tapering further.*****
  24. BoscoPiko

    New cycle

    Hi Luis, Sorry the cluster bunny is back. I don't have much info on gabby other than to say it did not work for me. All it did was make me super sleepy while the beast raged on. You never know though, what doesn't work for one may work for another... I do recall someone on here (I think it was @Bejeeber) mentioning a study that showed an increase in suicidal tendency's not that I think you would have an issue with that especially with just trying it out. By chance have you tried the "Full Monty" D3 reg? I had to switch over from the normal regimen a while back due to allergies and it has really helped.
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