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  1. Along with the O2 for aborting attacks I think you'll find busting and the D3 regimen for prevention are the most commonly and enthusiastically advised CH killing treatments here. Note none of those are actual meds. Count me as another headbanger who absolutely prefers to avoid the meds if at all possible (and it can be very possible with those powerful approaches), but who is not above resorting to them as a fall back in a real pinch. So even with my general anti-pharma viewpoint I still like to have a headache specialist lined up for prescriptions beyond O2 if necessary, and I figure it could be good for you to be able to consult with one. Glad to see you got a referral here from Racer1, I hope it works out!
  2. Interesting. From the Zok website: How Zōk Works - Zōk provides relief by stimulating the tympanic membrane, which activates the trigeminal nerve and a number of cranial nerves inside the head through inner-ear pressure modulation, thereby providing instant alleviation of pressure and tension inside the head, which are associated with the symptoms of headaches and migraines
  3. So sorry to hear of the continuing preventive fail . And when Sumatriptan nasal fails to provide a lasting abort I know that's the mark of a seriously heavy hit. I'm guessing that having your D3 level tested could provide some useful info here, and apparently it's possible to get such testing/results with some kind of home kit, not having to go through a doctor, but certainly the daddy of the D3 regimen, @xxx, would have the clearest insight on this, hence my attempt to send out the bat signal with wanton inclusion of @xxx in this post.
  4. Politics. I would like to suggest a return to CH specific discussion here, while enjoying the political discourse elsewhere. I can see that so far there are some folks on similar political wavelengths offering views, but can assure that political views of members here - all very good people - are all over the map. The more political it gets, the more divisive it will be, while we CH'ers need to be sticking together during these ultra hot button political issues times.
  5. I've gone the online shopping route too, for every single thing, even groceries, not that I'm imagining having groceries delivered is feasible for everyone.
  6. Count me as someone who also finds @jon019's detailed response above to be an epic masterpiece of helpfulness. Now on the subject of episodic turning to chronic, dude don't worry about it! Easy for me to say as someone who couldn't bear such a going chronic thought during episodic bouts, and considered it to be the ultimate nightmare of nightmares concept, but has now made it through 40 (!) years of remaining episodic, with some seriously long remissions. When I've asked chronics how they could possibly think even for a second that it was preferable to when they were episodic, one of the reasons I've heard is the hits haven't been as strong while they're chronic. No guarantee that'd be the case for everyone of course, but it was something. Thing is, you appear to be on the verge of taming this MF with the various ultra effective non-pharma approaches that have been mentioned, so I think you should now be leaning much more towards a solid vision of life restored than horror unleashed!
  7. Back in the saddle! THAT'S what I meant. DAMMIT I wish I could have conjured that.
  8. Definitely good to see the cowgirl rear her head - she'll be back permanently and in all former glory after this transitory dissociative phase of riding a....um...bucking bronco?....OK forget that pathetic attempt at a rodeo sort of analogy, but I do predict we'll all see reports right here of some seriously extended pain free time gained, and BoscoPiko's mom being herself again.
  9. I know of what you speak....some strains of MJ having become so strong they can actually cause hallucinations, which is so over the top.
  10. RC shouldn't take much bravery, since typically we sleep right through it when ingested before bed, but you could always have some valium or xanax handy just in case - those'll seriously calm down any anxiety ridden ("bad") trip. I KNOW it's a zillion or two times stronger than when I was a kid!
  11. I thought I heard my name mentioned...
  12. What @xBoss said! And @SpidaH you have plenty of keen observations! Yes to your choice of "attack" terminology in place of the insanely misleading "h***ache" word. You'll never catch me using that h word in this context. I can only imagine that staying on the verap a bit longer, not forever, could be called for, but that is one of the very few Cluster drugs I never had been prescribed high (enough) doses of, so I'll leave further commentary on that to others with more real experience. If you ever find yourself resorting to triptans for aborts again, you could find it useful to know that sumatriptan injections (which are actually pretty easy to self administer) can be orders of magnitude more effective, even at low doses, especially if the attack is caught at onset. Also there are faster acting sublingual versions of the riza, if you've actually been prescribed a pill form, right?
  13. Between CH'ers already having gotten together and figured out ways some of the luckier among us can gain some long remissions, plus likely upcoming medical advances, my money is more on probably than maybe high percentages of young whippersnappers like you will beat this thing, as in killing the beast permanently dead, and its little dog too (the sort of PTSD that can be one of the after effects of it).
  14. Well this sure isn't the only recent forum tech issue - there is one in particular that has outright prevented me from posting on a few occasions (!!) - but thankfully some fixes are in the works, maybe sooner than later. And ENJOY THAT POOL! You seriously deserve something like that to be able to benefit from.
  15. I I can say that I have personally aborted attacks with vigorous exercise, as in all out sprints, but only during the short lived ramp up phase of my cycles, when I could also potentially abort with things like breathing freezing cold air or 10-15 LPM O2.
  16. And while we're at it, I'm hoping you'll find some truly significant relief and can just kind of forget this load of CH baloney pie. I bet that's an awe-inducing movie of some precarious pool-over-house dangling you posted, but unfortunately it's not working for me so far, so I can only let my imagination run cuckoo.
  17. So what's the best form of CBD for the kind of peripheral issues CH'ers may experience, like crummy sleep and stuff? Smoking some full on reefers, or going for the tincture action?
  18. That's some excellent stuff drewbie, and that goes for your singing voice as well.
  19. ...and some of the gals on here (like Spiny) are Gods . (Me: guy)
  20. What they said (including xBoss!), and an odd thing about the practice of aborting a wake up hit with the addition of an energy shot/drink/caffeine that the great and wonderful Spiny mentioned, is that many of us have noted we can still go back to sleep right after??!! Why? How? It's one of history's great mysteries.
  21. Right? I could hardly believe it the first time I saw a CH'er reporting this phenomenon, but now color me desensitized.
  22. Plus fast acting triptan injections in small doses tend to be orders of magnitude more effective than the slow acting pills. When all you have is pills though, if you're pretty confident of what the timing of an impending hit will be, taking the pill one hour before has been effective for some. Typically like "I always get hit an hour after falling asleep, so I'll take the pill right at bedtime".
  23. Hi @Hoodoo, sorry to hear of the cycle gone rogue, but yep, it appears common for CH to establish what seems like an inviolable pattern of timings for cycles and/or hits, even for ultra consistent decades on end, then suddenly out of nowhere when you least expect it, pull the old switcheroo on you. This can even go for which side you get hit on. Glad to hear it is starting to respond to the O2 and triptans again though - I too would definitely consider that a very hopeful sign. For future reference, I wouldn't be surprised if adopting the full power user O2 approach (if you haven't already) could help you still be able to abort stronger hits.
  24. I don't think you're infringing @sls08221, thanks for the report - I find all reports about the Jesus shot interesting. And while we're on the subject of the shot for non CH ailments - the wife of the chronic CH'er guy who had success with it told me she was so impressed with his results, she got it for issues (I think musculoskeletal) that were making her miserable, and she reported gaining impressive relief too.
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