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  1. As a fairly textbook episodic CH'er I can say that once an attack has gotten a real foothold I've never been able to knock one back with O2 It's more of a catch it at onset or forget about it deal, so I feel like I understand where you're coming from @trjonas with not being able to tell if O2 would be of any use, since your onset was months ago!
  2. Hi ifb, glad to see you got the super expert advice from CHf! sucking ice cubes (especially when placed on the CH side of the roof of the mouth) has worked for me as a helper for aborting attacks when I'm not in in a high raging phase of a cycle, but it's been an adjunct when also breathing freezing cold air at the very first sign of an attack. In warm weather this can be done by going out to the car (if you have one), blasting the A/C, sticking your shnozzola up the the vent, and doing some serious nose breathing. Then around the time a gloriously delightful in comparison ice cream type
  3. Happy and successful busting to you xBoss. May the bust abide indeed - good one jon.
  4. Intriguing stuff, tmac, I'll be following your updates with interest.
  5. Ooh, thanks for the tip off, I read it and liked it - a bit surprised my Google News feed hadn't offered it up already, as it tends to know (after I've allowed it to spy on me) that I'm interested in this sorta thang.
  6. Hi cgold! I'm afraid your story of being brushed off and misdiagnosed as a female is one I've noticed others reporting all too often. Sometimes makes me wonder if CH really is more prevalent in males, or if doctors are still just stubbornly continuing to refuse to diagnose females based on a myth. Last I checked, 7 weeks is nowhere near what is considered the chronic zone, you'd have to go on continuously for many many months (I think it is n the neighborhood of over 6 months, maybe someone can come on here and remind me), to be edging towards a chronic classification. Personally as
  7. A lot of episodics such as myself return to normal life, with triggers not an issue, unless we're feeling some indications (like shadows) that the CH is lurking again and ready to pounce. I won't presume to speak for otherwise chronic clusterheads who have busted out of it though.
  8. I'll be interested in how the continuing research shakes out regarding psilocybin and PTSD, since I've been reporting for quite awhile that I credit Vitamin M busting with pretty much entirely quashing my previous PTSD-like dread of CH, and I hope others could receive that additional benefit from their busts https://www.thehealthy.com/mental-health/magic-mushrooms-psychedelics/
  9. I have no recent updates, I just know that a few years ago when the original doctor was still living, I was told in a private conversation with a well known and highly regarded chronic CHer that the shot really worked for him (immediately shutting down a brutal high cycle), and one other chronic he knew, but apparently it wasn't proving to be as consistently effective for episodic CHers. These two chronics were pretty desperate and didn't go in with really high expectations, so imagine their relief and astonishment. I can't claim to understand what is going on with it, and of course
  10. What CHf just said! With the determined and open minded approach you're taking I'm feeling confident you are going to find yourself in a much improved place.
  11. Wouldn't that be most excellent if the Boswellia were to be found as effective for you as it was for the majority of those in the study - fingers vigorously crossed for you @trjonas!
  12. NOOO!! Denied! Man, couldn't they mention that out of state gotcha on their stinking website then, or at least in a pop up when someone first goes to make an appointment? I am miffed for you @trjonas, and sorry I gave you this big bum of a bum steer.
  13. OK, I got myself intrigued went back to that telemedicine site - now I'm seriously considering it for myself. Someone tell me if I've gone cuckoo with this angle. (Busting has been working for me lately, but if I am to follow my own preachings, I should have a neuro lined up and already consulted with, for my backup / contingency planning) I'm reading testimonials with stuff like "after 18 years being misdiagnosed and medicated incorrectly, Dr. Risa Ravitz diagnosed my condition as chronic Cluster Headaches and prescribed me medicine that changed my life!...."
  14. Rest assured many of us, definitely myself included, really feel for you in your near impossible situation @trjonas. In the spirit of throwing more ideas out there, even if you may have considered them long ago, wondering if your insurance or whatever would allow for a telemedicine appointment with a headache specialist. I don't have a referral, I only spent all of 20 seconds Googling about it, but it seemed some stuff was turning up, like this telemedicine headache specialist Honestly, I'm not sure how or why I hadn't considered this option for myself yet!
  15. Taking into consideration your concussion there's also this apparent classification of HC: Posttraumatic hemicrania continua I don't fancy myself a diagnostician though, so I'll try to shut my pie hole now.
  16. Sorry if you've been grilled about this before @trjonas, but has "backwards CH" (as I like to think I've just coined the term) known as "HC" been considered in your diagnosis? Hemicrania Continua (HC) ...."This type of severe headache is constant and every day.".....
  17. Yes. Worse year to year, including longer lasting attacks. But as a consolation, longer remissions as the years have gone by (a pattern that had started prior to any of my busting sessions, etc.) And I too have ralphed during an attack, probably at least partly due to a reaction to an ineffective ergotamine inhaler abortive med, but the attack continued on pretty much unfazed as I recall.
  18. Hi Rush. Concerned about panic attacks during a bust? I think everyone here knows exactly what rant I'm about embark upon once again - I'll try to keep it semi-condensed this time: Valium (or Xanax) can prevent those, and it isn't known to mess with the therapeutic aspects of the busting substance. Personally I think of it as insurance against a bad trip, and never leave home bust without it. OK I did try San Pedro Cactus powder for one bust and felt zero anxiety that time, so I skipped the benzo, but for vitamin M or vitamin L I find good old fashioned valium to be the shiznit (many othe
  19. I had missed the difference between MindMed and MindMend myself, thanks for the eagle eye Jtiera.
  20. True, you have to be dead to be able to report a permanent end to your cycles, but I know at least one long time CHer for whom the condition appears to have burnt out (no attacks for over 10 years, and no preventative steps taken during that time).
  21. Glad they consulted with Cluster Busters regarding real world doses, lending all the more confidence in the study.
  22. Hmmm.....is it an un-buster? That would be a good question. I have the feeling we'd be left trying to figure that out ourselves for a good while before any psychedelic / ketanserin / CH study would be undertaken.
  23. https://psilocybinalpha.com/news/mindmeds-lsd-neutralizer-study-begins 'MindMed has commenced a study for its “LSD neutralizer technology,” which it hopes will be effective in shortening and even stopping the effects of an LSD trip during LSD assisted therapy sessions. In collaboration with the Liechti Lab at University Hospital Basel, a Phase 1 clinical trial will evaluate the effect of ketanserin for this purpose. MindMed hopes the study will be completed by the end of 2021.'
  24. My Google News feed keeps presenting me with confirmation bias stories on the subject : PsyPost: Rapid antidepressant effects of the psychedelic ayahuasca linked to changes in inflammatory biomarkers.
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