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  1. I have LITTLE, beady eyes officially classified as blue, but what I would describe as something more like grey/blue - they never were close to being in the Bradley Cooper / Paul Newman class, which come to think of it must explain why Hollywood agents have failed to pursue me all these years.
  2. Yep, just when you have this tricky beast and it's timings all figured out - beware, it can, and so often will, throw a completely unexpected curveball at you, even after 20, 30 or more years of entirely reliable, predictable precision timing accuracy. This'll go for cycle timing, time of day/night when hits can be expected, and other stuff not related to timing, like one of the biggest shockers I've learned of - switching to the other side of your head (!!!).
  3. Another in the seemingly constant stream now of psilocybin trials for PTSD, depression and stuff (alongside any currently underway specifically for treatment of CH): "Magic Mushrooms Are Safe to Treat Mental Health Conditions, Says Another Landmark Trial."https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/magic-mushrooms-mental-health-the-journal-psychopharmacology/ "A trip to the doctor for a dose of magic mushrooms could help treat mental health conditions like PTSD, according to new research. Small doses of the psychedelic drug psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms are not only good at easing disorders that are resistant to treatment, but they also have no short or long-term side effects in healthy people, scientists say."
  4. How did you know I was wearing a hot pink jumpsuit right now @Shaun brearley??!!
  5. I see one outfit is marketing Rose Tinted Glasses for migraine prevention, which I imagine could be the same goggles as used by the lady in the news story mentioned by Sue. .........."This is achieved by a filter called FL-41, which Axon Optics modified over the last decade for maximum migraine relief." I've been told I've been seeing life through rose colored glasses, as in Sue's "being ever hopeful" reference - one would have to conclude that's why I haven't suffered from any migraines for so long. Now to start seeing life through the yellow-green / spinach omelette colored glasses described in @TorontoCanada's link, in hopes of a permanent CH remission.
  6. Somebody get pairs of these glasses to Jon & Shaun stat - we need SECOND and THIRD patients to try these babies out.
  7. I have personally found out of cycle flying to be no prob, no experience of rogue hits or anything so far, so I would hope it would be the same for you @BoscoPiko. I just have the pocket pal abortives discussed previously in my pocket at all times just in case. Your snow looks beautiful BTW, even if it did have to be crammed into the teeniest pic. It was 80 degrees here (Austin) yesterday. But went to 28 degrees overnight - hello temperature whiplash.
  8. I say we should all chip in to fund a jumbo sized "CLUSTERHEAD!" tattoo for @CHfather at the soonest opportunity, at a deluxe tattoo parlor of his choice. (Of course the irreplaceable queen of the headbangers @spiny and many others who need no qualifications as clusterheads have long royally kicked royal arse too )
  9. I put the official stamp of Jeebs "Like" on the Clusterheads Poem, but I do think these last two lines from it are worth qualifying: Unless you are a clusterhead You haven't got a clue I've long considered @CHfather to be an official clusterhead whether he wants to or not. This guy has consistently come to the rescue of tremendous numbers of fellow clusterheads on the forum over the decade, and while many may not realize it, all while going through the ultra severe pain/afflictions/hospitalizations wringer and them some himself - he's one individual whose severe health experiences I would actually not wish to trade for my own. Then with his own child a clusterhead, he's "got a clue" and then some. So here's a New Year's toast of infinite gratitude to one Clusterhead with a capital C who has made such a huge difference for so many of us, an individual who I shudder to think what Cluster Busters would have ever been like without, the hyper vigilant, ultra knowledgeable, incredibly empathetic dude who keeps the cluster info real, and who I find myself now building up into some kind of God-like figure, or at least a patron saint of headbangers, Chfather.
  10. Here's Sue's link (but it appears to require a subscription to NYT to read). https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/30/opinion/sunday/suicide-ketamine-depression.html
  11. That is mind bogglingly interesting as far as I'm concerned - thank you for posting this @chfather Santa !
  12. A far as I'm surmising, everyone including yourself @Shaun brearley has treaded nicely, diplomatically and carefully so far, which is always appreciated on this particular tightrope, above the burbling lava pit of members potentially becoming highly annoyed with each other again.
  13. Thanks @Shaun brearley - it's a seemingly innocuous inoculations subject, but if I understand correctly, one that has veered way off in the past during my forum absence into the dreaded politics with a capital P and high controversy unrelated to CH, so I thank all for not having charged this one up with such references - it's another Christmas miracle so far. I do know that as far as prominent forum members go, our legendary and highly beloved Dallas Denny is one who had a crushing whopper case of Covid, replete with lingering after effects.
  14. I'm trying not to get all carried away, but man, with the direction things appear they could be headed in, now hoping 7 nights per week w no CH could become possible! This must be weird as hell for you to be experiencing actual sleep uninterrupted by CH on some nights. Let the weirdness reign!
  15. Hopefully injections/needles are allowed on flights at this time? I haven't checked on that for a while, but this is where I've found the nasal spray version of the triptan to be a nice reassuring pocket pal to have on a flight (if you have any of those laying about). I've been a straight up syringe-with-q-tip-used-as-the-plunger guy for injections for awhile though, and that pretty much screams out for excusing oneself to the lavatory, whereas I could see an auto-injector being deployed more discretely whilst still strapped into seat. If needles are allowed onboard, one more thought: Have it on your person at all times, not stored in the overhead, as that ain't gonna be accessible during times like take off/landing.
  16. Bejeeber


    Yet I still see the heavy eye roll inducing "always consult your doctor" regarding questions about diet, foods, nutritional supplements, etc. Hopefully the glaring omission in their training will be rectified (?), with some of them at least required to take the single course, but I've been in the mindset for a long time of why the hell would I consult a doctor on nutrition when it's practically assured that even their receptionist will be as knowledgeable, if not more, on the subject?
  17. Just noticed he also has a demand valve.
  18. RED BULLS - I neglected to call those out too.
  19. WHOA!!- Santa with imitrex jabs, O2, one eye afflicted, frozen veggies on the forehead, and some pills I'm not sure how to identify (D3?!). Now that's the ultimate instant classic I never anticipated seeing - he's one of us - HO HO OWWW!!
  20. [Re: A politically charged video now since removed] I'd say blatant ultra political stuff is pushing it whether couched in rapping or not. A political post from the other end of the spectrum just got removed, in order to keep divisions from being stirred up, or wedges driven between CH'ers. Politics will drive those wedges, and has been shown to drive those wedges - I know that is not your intention @BoscoPiko, so you may wish to reconsider posting political content.
  21. The beast can come a knockin' via heredity, bonkings on the noggin, or a combo of the two. That is just my hunch after seeing the reports of various headbangers over the decades.
  22. Slept through the night??!!. Dude, how the hell did that happen?! It's a Christmas ketamine miracle! WOW, not that decreased frequency and intensity for some hits compares in any way to being PF, but sounds like a significant improvement. What encouraging news on the theoretically darkest (shortest) day of the year, although it is in fact sunny here, and I bet it is there too in your newly adopted Sunshine State.
  23. While we're ranting on, I'm gonna continue to threadjack (sorry), and full on belly-ache about how when I try to supply a review acknowledging the 'get a free bottle if you help us skew our reviews through trickery!' offer that came with the product, Amazon won't publish it.....
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