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  1. +1 for the cluster gallows humor.
  2. Agree with ShaunPiko, but will add.....er, wait a minute, they really went full nutshell on it, so I just have to agree with no real need to add anything. (OK, this has also partly been about finding some way to interject the term 'ShaunPiko' into the conversation.)
  3. Each of us could have been looking a lot better after that way overdone rager of a booze fueled 'Survey Complete Partayyyy'. The last thing I remember is repeatedly shouting "I'M A CLUSTER BUSTING MICK JAGGER, MOTHERF**KERS!!!" while vigorously strutting in the middle of the highway - that was probably around the time law enforcement got involved.
  4. I took the survey and am now strutting around all proudly and junk as a result. Please everyone take this survey thang.
  5. Can see that dad was making sure to stay between her and the "deep end".
  6. She's having a blast! Is that some manner of doggie life jacket she has on? If so, seems like a good idea for aiding with floatation for an older dog.
  7. Hi @Frenchie, I'm copying some excerpted info from @CHfather's Basic Non-Busting Info, which I consider to be a particularly invaluable resource, below: Batch has recommended what he refers to as a “redneck” approach, in which hyperventilating with room air is alternated with using pure O2. Read more about that here: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/4919-batchs-hyperventilation-red-neck-bag/ Stay on the O2 for 5-10 minutes after you have aborted the attack. For many people, this holds off future attacks. Many people find that drinking caffeine or some kind of energy beverage as they start on the O2 significantly improves their abort time. More on caffeine/energy beverages below. People find different ways of breathing that work best for them. I have mentioned Batch’s suggested hyperventilation strategy as one example. In general, you should be inhaling deeply as you begin, holding the air in your lungs for a second or two, and then deeply exhaling, to the extent of doing or nearly doing a "crunch" to force out as much air from your lungs as possible. Looking down toward your feet as you use the O2 has been shown to help with aborts. Caffeine/taurine. For some people, caffeine alone can help to stop an attack or lessen the severity of the attack. Some folks keep strong coffee on hand for that purpose. Some folks use caffeine pills, and some people take taurine pills along with caffeine pills. They take those pills at the first hint of an attack, or a couple of hours before a predictable attack time. Many use energy beverages. Because some ingredient in energy beverages in addition to caffeine is believed to help with attacks (believed to be taurine), many people use those. I recommend energy shots (such as 5-Hour Energy) at first sign of an attack. Shots are quick to drink down and they have more caffeine than energy drinks, such as RedBull, that are much larger. Many people say the shots work best for them when they are as cold as possible. For many people, energy shots/drinks don’t keep them up even if they drink them at night. In addition to all the “standard” energy beverages, some people like “V-8+Energy” drinks.
  8. Now that we're almost recovered from the previous one, time for another PARTY AT BOSCO's !!
  9. Glad to hear of the cluster free part - what a big deal that is!! Wondering if you're considering some additional busting session(s) in hopes of alleviating the depression, since it's known to potentially help with that too?
  10. Okay HERE WE ARE at July 3rd - what 's the verdict @BoscoPiko, did we make it a full year without an attack?! I'm practically assuming so. In light of OldArn's bad news/bad results yesterday, some good news is sorely needed, and I figure that is your jam today.
  11. Going on a year?! Now that's something big to celebrate - Bosco-Independence-from-Beastcapades Day! Belief in jinxes is pure unadulterated superstition. This is my more recently adopted, previously declared intellectual understanding , and I repeat it publicly with intent of keeping so many years of my knocking on wood with crossed fingers habits tamped down. I just hope I didn't jinx the whole thing - wait, DAMMIT see what I mean? Still lots of dejinxification work left to do.
  12. No shadows on the days on? Sometimes it seems like the real use for most meds out there was discovered inadvertently when it was noted that they alleviated some unanticipated thing. Thank you for discovering that Semaglitude should be investigated for off label CH prevention, trials starting immediately . You should get credit, royalties, and they should change that ugliest of names to 'Boscofixya' or similar.
  13. Man I all I can think to say is "Aughhhhh!" Have been pulling for Dallas "Hell and Back, Several Times" Denny to make it through in a reasonable facsimile of one piece. It seems that phase is complete....now for the good juju* to really kick in for the significant relief you've got coming, so you can fully exploit those longevity genes that found your dad living so impressively long, and you can enjoy a good nuther 3 decades or so without this manner of BS! * That's how I roll
  14. Between the weather in St. Thomas and the "special" rum punch elixir served at the Bomba Shack there (back in the day anyway), I have to think @spiny indeed just suggested the ultimate cluster bunny suppressing combo platter. Obviously we do all need to move directly there immediately if not sooner, without passing go or collecting 200 slammers.
  15. If your weather in north Texas is anything like mine in central Texas, I suppose the violent storms and/or frequent weather that threatens such can't be all that great for those with barometric sensitivities. My hope is that your busting will fully adjust you to the new barometer!
  16. All I can say is I've lived for years in each of these places, and of those, the weather is just ridiculously the best at the beach communities in San Diego. It only requires that you be a double zillionaire in order to afford retiring comfortably there. L.A. (incredibly mild weather at the beaches) San Diego (the most unbelievably mild weather in the continental US at the beaches) Seattle (Meh, it's OK weather-wise) Nashville (Love it to death, but the #1 worst on my weather list) Austin (close runner up to Nashville for volatile weather)
  17. Her dog friends come by to visit her at her deluxe mobile accommodations! It'll be great day when she decides she's ready to exit the vehicle and do some park roamin'. She's a beauty, nice gray muzzle and all.
  18. A lil' boot can't hold Abby back! Congrats on somehow making it through to the real bed promised land! I'm familiar with the bed-ramp-for-dog routine, and it's nice when you can occasionally decommission the contraption, "raise the drawbridge" style, at times when no dawgs are welcome. That sure can peeve them off though.
  19. Please. Tell us Abby has recovered from all the tendon drama and has gotten back to a normal level of hogging the bed all night.
  20. @Shaun brearley I think there might be a shot there with you and Bob W - freeking priceless!!! I'm much liking the hat Bob adopted in the last photo too.
  21. Now that yer foot's OK @BoscoPiko , hoping you're keeping those shadows under enough control? These are the closest to a "terribly nervous" emoji I'm finding amongst the lot:
  22. I know I'm I'm not alone in my utmost gratitiude to/admiration for this Bob Wold guy!!! ^^^^^ Glad to see you've taken the opportunity to be there in person @Shaun brearley - thanks for the pics, and please keep posting any ya snap.
  23. Exciting to see clusterheads starting to file in, and the ultimate combo of snazzy T shirts plus candelabras. I'm still guarding (and occasionally wearing!) my 2012 Clusterbusters conference T Shirt. Recognizing a couple of American types in attendance so far.
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