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  1. Thanks all for the great info,,I have been saving for a long time to take the children (of which i may be the biggest).Two weeks in april staying on disney world property if i was ever hoping to catch a break with the beast its for then,fingers crossed.
  2. Hi anyone dealt with the problem of flying and the low flow of portable oxygen concentrators ??
  3. Hi all,,Dave here,a have endured cch for twenty six years and i have tried all avenues that the uk healthcare system can offer most recent being pens (perctaneous electrical nerve stimulation).My go to pain relief of sorts is sumatriptan and oxygen.I am lucky to be taking a holiday this year (so long as you know what allows travel) and am looking for a good oxygen hire/supplier around disneyworld so if anyone out there has any good feedback i would greatly appreciate it .Thanks for now Dave
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