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  1. Thought this might interest those of ya that incorporate energy shots with O2 to abort.....a good clusterhead buddy came for a visit this weekend and told me about these.....called Pure Kick and available here in okieland at Dollar General, 6 pkts for a buck!!! Charles just mixes one in a bathroom sized Dixie cup and keeps it in the fridge....tosses it, hits the O2, aborts, and mixes another shot before he goes back to bed and sez they work just as well as the 99 cent shots that DG carries! DD
  2. They just need to add a feature that let's them record what your minds eye is seeing.....hell, I want a recording of my open eye visuals as well!!! Be cool to be able to watch in VR on occulus without the bodyload of an actual journey!!
  3. Nice to see you here and thanks for posting @CraigStewart.......well done my friend! Dallas Denny
  4. Good call jeebster!! Jerry is indeed an honorary clusterhead!! DD
  5. Happy New Year ya'll! Hope everyone enjoyed the celebration......meh, I turned off the tube, put on my jammies, and went to bed at 8:30! So , I ran across this poem by our very own @Fast Eddie ....I'm fairly certain it's posted here but it's been a long time.....I first heard it at either the Portland conference in 2010 or Las Vegas in 2012 when Eddie recited it....great poem by a great guy! ‘We call each other clusterheads" by Eddie Langford There are many types of headaches I'm sure you've had your share From stress and strains and migraines To a sinus one here and there But let me tell you about one friend That puts them all to shame This headache is a demon And a cluster is it's name To see a full blown cluster Is a very scary sight It can happen in a moments time No matter day or night It is the worst pain known to man It will put us on our knees We pray someone will knock us out And give us some relief We call the start a shadow A sensation in the brain That says "the demons coming back" To taunt us once again The brain turns into cornmeal mush The eyeball starts exploding We moan and cry and rock our heads There’s no doubt how bad we're hurting We call each other clusterheads Our tiny little crew Of others who are just like us Who know what we go through So please don't say you understand Just what we're going through Unless you are a clusterhead You haven't got a clue DD
  6. These folks have a good reputation and the owner is a fellow clusterhead https://www.schmerbals.com/ Dallas Denny
  7. And then there's Snake Oil Willie..."I don't look good naked anymore"... https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=OOgd9hitEAE&feature=share
  8. Hot damn! This has turned into one hell of a thread ya'll!! These cuts were the 3 that I had the most requests for when I was still performing....still usually the 1st three I do when we crank up the karaoke system....
  9. Happy to see your post Shaun!! As I've said on many occasions here over the years, "One more cluster soul out of the darkness and into the light!" DD
  10. Appreciate all the good wishes ya'll! Got the MRI and follow up visit with the doc....left feeling pretty damned confused!! Said MRI indicated surgery was needed but because my pain level has reduced significantly and that since I'm in fairly good physical shape otherwise, along with the risks involved by surgery his advice was to take it easy and come back in if the pain becomes unbearable again.... Feeling kinda anxious about the whole deal but really can't afford to go see another doc for a 2nd opinion right now so I reckon I'll just keep on keeping on! DD
  11. Welcome to the community @CursedEyeball! Spiny has covered all the bases but I'll double down on her O2 and vitamin D3 anti inflammatory regimen recommendation!! Dallas Denny
  12. This chick nails JP's "Unwed Fathers"....and the pedal steel is awesome!@
  13. There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes...
  14. Welcome to the community @Kprice, sorry you needed to join us! I've been around these online cluster support communities for 15+ years and I can't recall ever seeing the symptoms you've described! There has been evidence of triptans causing rebound headaches and many folks subscribe to the school of thought that the can extend cycles. Since you're new here I would urge you to look into the vitamin D3 anti inflammatory regimen in our clusterbusters files section! It works very well for many folks and should lessen the number and severity of individual hits at the very least! Dallas Denny
  15. @Shaun brearley, in 1991 I bought some studio time at a small, qtr mill hobby studio owned and operated by Buford Jones who was on a tour break as the sound engineer for PF......the dude had gold records as sound engineer on records with Bowie and had toured with him as SE as well!
  16. No, it's one of my fav Willie Nelson tunes....that's really weird cuz I just tried it and it's playing for me!! What the hell?!?!
  17. I'd have to be crazy...To stop all.my singin And never play music again....
  18. Well @Shaun brearleyif we're gonna start talkin PF this one's got to be in the queue!! One of my favorite cuts when I'm taking my "alt meds"!
  19. I wonder if she got to burn one down with John? Oh hell yeah, ya know she did..lol!!
  20. Well ya'll, I'd appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, healing juju...whatever ya got, please send it my way! A little over 2 weeks ago I began experiencing severe pain in my neck and left shoulder....I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2013 after an MRI showed 2 herniated cervical disc's and 3 herniated lumbar disc's so I initially thought it was just a flare up of the normal daily pain I've been having all these years....however, within a couple days the pain was unbearable, and after my wife found her tough, old Marine in a scalding hot shower crying like a baby, she made me let her haul me to the ER. After copious amounts of IV pain meds and muscle relaxers the ER doc sent me for a catscan...when I got back he told me the catscan revealed deterioration of C5 and C7 to the point that the resulting stenosis was putting direct pressure on my spinal cord and that he was going to refer me to a spine surgeon. Went to see him last week and after examining me he said that from looking at my 2013 MRI and the ER catscan that he thought that I was teetering on the edge of total paralysis!! Damn, it felt like all the air had been sucked outta the room!! When we got to the car I told my wife I needed to just sit there for a bit cuz my heart was about to beat out of my chest!! So, a new MRI is scheduled for next Tuesday to prepare for neck surgery and not gonna lie, I am freakin terrified!! DD
  21. @spiny, here's another one of my favorite JP tunes...hell, they're all my favs.....I had never seen the lyrics but I memorized what I thought I was hearing and figured out the chord progression....played the song on stage for many years before I bought the anthology set (with printed lyrics inside the cd case), and found out it was "The Great Compromise".......I thought it was a song about a guy gettin it stuck in his arse so all those years I'd been singing "The Greek Compromise"
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