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    Busters Unite! Newbie needs help

    Welcome to the community Horton.....sorry you had the need to join us though!! As to your questions, indomethacin is used as a diagnostic drug......if it stops your pain, you get a hemicrania continua diagnosis....if the pain persists, most docs DC the indo. O2 needs to be 100% in most cases......CPAP will not work unfortunately. My advice would be to read up on Batch's vitamin D3 regimen and start there ( ensuring you take all the co factors as written) and if you're on Facebook, ask to join the Australia, New Zealand Cluster Headache Support group........a good mate of mine is one of the admins......Give Dan Bailey a shout and he can get ya sorted on the O2 and other clusterhead information. Unfortunately, I can only think of a few members from down under in the almost 10 year history of this board..... Be well... Dallas Denny
  2. Dallas Denny

    Treatment For my gingivitis

    G'mornin Dana! The answer to your question is ABSOLUTELY!!! My experience is that they usually have to numb you up for deep cleaning....which means (commonly) epinephrine resulting in injections around the upper teeth in close proximity to the trigeminal ganglia.....sometimes dentists will have a numbing agent besides the epi but they'll still be injecting close to the trigeminal!! Last time I had deep cleaning it definitely triggered some out of cycle hits!! DD
  3. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    Very timely update miss Eileen!! DD
  4. Dallas Denny

    Interesting info on legalization

    Yuppers... Oregon is next!! Who'd a thunk we'd see this...EVER!!!!
  5. Dallas Denny

    New here but not new to the evil!

    Welcome Bob! If you're close to Boston you can access a member here who is also a Neurologist with a specialty in Headaches.....bostonheadachedoc has been a hero in the cluster headache community for many, many years! I'll send him a message on Facebook and see if hell drop by and comment on your thread! Definitely agree with Pebbles and Chf that it certainly doesn't sound like clusters though Dallas Denny
  6. Dallas Denny

    Make this site as accessible as possible. :)

    G'evenin ya'll! Many good points here! As Chf stated, much has changed in the years since we both became involved with clusterbusters.......all of the information in the busting files is based on the anecdotal evidence and surveys from the first few years.....and we've now added another 10 years of folks experience and anecdotal evidence with no new surveys or significant rewrites to the original information. I've spent many, many hours cleaning up the corruption caused to the numbered buster files by the migration from the original yabb powdered board....however, it's not possible to pin them in numerical order so I've pinned just the "Clusterbusters Files Content" page with current links to the numbered files. I'm also going to meet with Bob W at the conference to discuss updates and changes to the board along with staffing..... I ain't no sprang chicken, Spiny is recovering from surgery, we've completely lost bejeebers, Jeff (That hurts my head) isn't here as much as in years past, and everytime I talk to Bob W he's headed to another conference or presentation on our behalf so we are rarely graced with his presence. At any rate, please continue with suggestions in this thread and I'll use it for notes when Bob and I meet up. DD
  7. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

  8. Dallas Denny

    Research on new tryptamine option

    If.... IF....they're saying the have 5 Meo Dalt available then it is definitely a scam!
  9. Dallas Denny

    Micro Dosing

    I'm episodic Phil.....been busting since 2010....was never successfull at preventing a cycle by maintenance dosing during remission and have never been successful at aborting a cycle already in progress.....but....although I have to dose through out my entire 20 week cycles, I get 2 to 4 completely PF days between doses and oxygen works much better than prior to busting! In 2017 I switched to a preemptive busting strategy in anticipation of a cycle beginning in late March early April at the earliest and as late as July/August......so, I began dosing with 1.5g every 30 days in late February and followed that strategy thru mid October.....never had the first twinge of a hit! In an effort to repeat that success, I've been on the same dosing regimen since mid February. I do powder and cap my doses to avoid the taste and resulting nausea. DD
  10. Dallas Denny

    Micro Dosing

    G'mornin Phil As a guy about to turn 72, I can so relate....unfortunately, in my opinion, there's just not enough anecdotal evidence yet to show that micro dosing is an effective treatment for clusters.....a scant few claim success but 1/10th to 1/20th of a recreational dose (175 - 350mg) is not enough for most folks to reach a therapeutic trip level ! Dallas Denny
  11. Dallas Denny

    What is 5-meO-Dalt?

    Indeed Pebbles!! I would have dearly loved to have had the opportunity to sit and chat a spell with Sasha! DD
  12. Dallas Denny

    What is 5-meO-Dalt?

    It is a research chemical that a member of the forum researched and wrote a paper on several years ago now.....it was one of Sasha Shulgins creations and worked marvelously for many clusterheads.....unfortunately, it's manufacture was made illegal in China where most RC's are made and is now no longer available from any suppliers to my knowledge DD
  13. Dallas Denny

    Any input

    Hey teach! I'm sorry but I can't remember what your ch history is off hand but if you've had clusters for a while and are now in a 4 month cycle that coincides with your neck injury, you may well have acquired a 2nd diagnosis of cervicogenic headaches as well!! They mimic clusters in many ways.....my good buddy Hollywood Dan of NatGeo fame has both dx's.....the good news is that he is able to get relief from the cervicogenic hits with nerve facet injections every few months! DD
  14. Dallas Denny

    CH, Marijuana and Me

    Agreed Freud!! I'm a longtime daily toker.....it does wonders for my back and neck (5 herniated cervical and lumbar discs) and allows me to forego opiates 90% of the time. But it doesn't effect my clusters....not a trigger and doesn't exacerbate at hit nor does it abort a hit. DD
  15. Dallas Denny

    Traveling (driving) with an Oxygen Cylinder

    Hey dm If it's a large cylinder with cga-540 connection, you need to remove the regulator and transport with the neck cap on. I've carried my large weld ox tank in strapped down in the bed of my pickup many times......I could get pulled over, hook up the regulator, and be huffing in short order! DD
  16. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    If I'm remembering correctly, scholarship applications will open sometime in April.....Eileen will announce it and provide a link in this thread. DD
  17. Dallas Denny

    Welding 0xygen info

    G'mornin Big Mack I shudder to think about what my life would be like if welding oxygen wasn't an option! Unfortunately, here in the US we don't have a NHS and since Medicare doesn't recognize O2 as an effective treatment for clusters many private insurers follow suit. I've been using welding oxygen for 10+ years with no ill effects.....both medical and welding oxygen comes out of the same faucet, the difference is that medical tanks are vacuumed prior to being refilled while they just give welding bottles a sniff test for acetylene cross contamination. Dallas Denny
  18. Dallas Denny

    2019 Patient Conference

    Registration complete!! Bitchin hotel location Eileen!! Woot!!
  19. Dallas Denny

    Welding 0xygen info

    Hey boatman! I would urge you to order the Clustero2kit mask....the Cadillac for clusterheads....and it comes with a mouthpiece as well! I always shudder when I see folks posting about breathing O2 straight from the tank hose cuz accidents do happen!! http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/ DD
  20. Dallas Denny

    New to forum/ not the Demon

    Hi Sicnic! Thank you for your service! I'm an old jarhead and Vietnam vet. I didn't have a TBI but in July of 1967 our bomb dump at the Da Nang Airbase was blown up with a direct hit from a 300mm rocket.......I was a little over 1/2 mile away.....it was 3 am and suddenly it was daylight and you could see 500 and 1000 lb bombs flying thru the air like matchsticks........the concussion threw me 40 ft thru the air and it was almost 2 years before my hearing returned! Curiously enough, my first cycle occurred shortly after the Tet offensive about 6 months later.... IMHO, when medicine has clusters figured out some day, I think they'll find that they can have several different causes. I've known folks whose clusters started..... after a TBI or head trauma......immediately following sinus surgery and cch from day one......or, it could be a wonky hypothalamus ultimately causing a chemical imbalance our brain......we have a longtime member whose clusters began as she transitioned from a testosterone to estrogen based system so probably need to add hormonal causes (could be why some women experience remission during pregnancy).......and they may find others! I also think this is why what works for one clusterhead doesn't necessarily work for another! DD
  21. Dallas Denny

    New to forum/ not the Demon

    Welcome Sicnic! If you don't have it, high flow oxygen is the best abortive method for most of us! The anti inflammatory vitamin D3 regimen works very well for many folks. You'll find documents on both in "Clusterbusters Files" section of the forum. Dallas Denny
  22. Dallas Denny

    Ibuprofen, d3 question

    Hey Big J I don't use the D3 regimen so can't relate personal experience, however I've known Batch since before he developed the anti inflammatory regime.....I'd reccomend shooting him a PM here and I'm sure he'll give you some input! I do know from just watching his posts that it is important to include all of the co factors in the regimen for maximum efficacy and the "sweet spot" for most folks is a 85 ng/ml level on the 25 (OH) D test. I'm sure there will be some other folks along shortly with personal experience...good luck! Dallas Denny
  23. Dallas Denny

    Cluster headaches and crying

    Hi clusternana! Prior to finding out about oxygen in 2007 and busting in 2009, when my hits were still in that 45 to 90 minute range, the more agitated I got included crying the worse the attack got.....since combining O2 and busting, I've experienced just 3 or 4 crying, snot slinging Kip 10's......the vast majority of hits over the past 10 years never got above 3-4 and were easily aborted with O2 and hot coffee or tea in 5 to 7 minutes and oftentimes less than 5 minutes.......still the same on agitation though as far as exacerbating the intensity of a hit! Dallas Denny
  24. Dallas Denny

    Cluster rules

    Just when ya think you've figured the Beast out, he's gonna morph.....the one consistent thing about ch! And I agree with all of your other rules as well MG! DD
  25. Dallas Denny

    Beast is Back

    G'mornin Teach! If you haven't already done so, I would suggest that you send Batch a PM and see if he has any "tweaks" for you that might help! I've seen him help many folks over the years by adjusting the regimen!! And I second my friend Pebbles comment on honing your mycology skills......best move I've ever made in my 37+ year history with clusters! And btw Pebbles, so nice to see your comments here old friend....I've missed ya dude!! DD