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    Letter to employer and family?

    Here ya go wing_nut! http://www.clusterheadaches.com/wwwboard/messages/63158.html?fbclid=IwAR26DY-Zyy6hVnPkL-YkuVMcXDEiN6cEBAV0r3H8OUvlj9SE6fQKyBSDe54 Dallas Denny
  2. Dallas Denny

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Just smfh....
  3. Dallas Denny

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Lmao! I caught that as well @Brain on fire......let's see now....I learned about welding oxygen from Marc from down in Bastrop Texas in 2007 on DJ's site.....this site went live in Oct of 2009.....this guy came along in his previous incarnation in 2015.....AND I can assure you we was spreading the message far and wide and loud and proud when he got here so I'm really not sure what he thinks he's taking credit for.......BUT THAT AIN'T IT.....and in the eternal words of Potter, I call BULLSHIT!!! DD
  4. Dallas Denny

    Ketamine test on Dr.John Lilly

    ^^^^^^ @Pebblesthecorgi wins the internet for today!! Muahahaha!! Spot on my friend!! DD
  5. Dallas Denny

    Upping D3 intake

  6. Dallas Denny

    New to this forum – Cast Iron until hit by CH

    G'mornin Cast Iron and welcome to the community....sorry you need to be here! Excellent first post...you left nothing out for us to question you about that I can see! I do find it sad and ironic that you live in one of the few countries where "busting" supplies are legal and readily available but your personal convictions eliminate that option! However, that being said, I'm afraid your dependence on rather high doses of verapamil to manage your clusters would make it extremely hard for you to titrate down to a level that would be conducive to busting anyway... From the various reports on Emgality both here and on Facebook it seems to me that efficacy thus far is hit or miss....much like most options we have available to us as clusterheads! Sending positive thoughts and painfree wishes from this side of the pond! Dallas Denny
  7. Dallas Denny

    spread sheet

    Correct BOF..... it's called Nobism now CJW....Rogier is a fellow clusterhead, member here, and developer of the app...he's been working on and tweaking it for several years and recently spoke about it at a large medical conference in the UK. https://nobism.com/ DD
  8. Dallas Denny

    New to the group

    Agree with the minimalist approach @MRUPE! Although I highly recommend the D3 regimen solely bbased on the "anecdotal evidence" that I've witnessed as it was being documented over the years, I don't personally use it.....when I got here 10 years ago I committed to "busting" as a treatment and didn't want to "muddy the water" by adding the D3 and then not knowing for sure which strategy worked!! When I got here I viewed clusters as a curse but thanks to this place it's become an annoying inconvenience! DD
  9. Dallas Denny

    New to the group

    Lol @jon019.....yuppers. that damned old anecdotal evidence saved my freakin bacon.....damn proud I didn't have to wait for completion of the Yale psilocybin trials to get on board!! DD
  10. Dallas Denny

    New to the group

    G'evenin MRUPE! Batch, who came up with the vitamin D3 regimen, is an old Vietnam era Navy fighter pilot, and a fellow clusterhead with a chemistry degree!! You're correct in that there are no double blind trials, however, Batch has been collecting survey data from the many clusterheads who've had tremendous success with the protocol since he came up with the it almost 10 years ago.....that data shows a efficacy of around 75%! I couldn't begin to tell you how it works but I've listened to Batch speak at our yearly patient conference and I can tell you that there's a sound reason for each of the co factors and that they all work in correlation with each other. Dallas Denny
  11. Clusterbusters Has Exciting News for 2020 Dear friends, For nearly 20 years, Bob Wold has managed Clusterbusters as a volunteer. He takes our desperate calls in the middle of the night, answers emails, travels, organizes, and sacrifices time with his family in order to ensure that every person living with cluster headache has the best life possible. His efforts in education, driving research, and support are unprecedented and unparalleled. In addition, Bob has held a regular job to help support his family. He does all of this, likely working 80 or more hours a week in total, with so much kindness and without complaint. He also lives with the same crippling disease that we are fighting to eradicate. We are living in a special time in the headache community. More attention is being given to research and to our disease. We have received tremendous support from the research community and even more amazing support from our own patient community. It is time for Clusterbusters to make a change. We have a growth opportunity, but we need to focus. Consequently, Clusterbusters is proud to announce that we have asked for and received Bob's resignation from our board of directors. He is no longer our president. Instead, we have hired him as our Executive Director. He will now work under the direction of the Board of Directors full time to carry out the mission and vision of Clusterbusters that he developed in the early part of the 2000s. As the position of President of the Board has been vacated, I have been asked to serve as the President and I have accepted this position. I am so proud to be able to continue to serve this community that has given me so much. Thank you all for your support. As you may know, we have added Ainslie Course to our Board of Directors. We are excited to include her as this will help us to grow and expand our reach. Thank you, Ainslie, for adding your talents and light to our community. We will be continuing to grow our amazing organization. We are so proud of Bob Wold, those who came before us, and all of the accomplishments of Clusterbusters, and we are looking forward to helping to shape a better future for everyone living with cluster headache. Sincerely, Eileen Brewer President Clusterbusters Connect with us ‌ ‌ ‌ Clusterbusters | P.O. Box 574, Lombard, IL 60148 Unsubscribe dennispohlenz@yahoo.com Update Profile | About Constant Contact Sent by eileen@clusterbusters.org in collaboration with
  12. Dallas Denny

    K Cure for Cluster headache?

    I heard that only worked if you boofed it @Rod H!!!
  13. Dallas Denny

    Richard Alpert aka Baba Ram Dass

    "We're all just walking each other home"...Ram Dass Rest in peace just doesn't seem appropriate so I'll just say safe travels and happy trails.....and Thank you!! DD
  14. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LIQTMO8yOudikkmJ1Wpi0GoEjn9Y5e_D?usp=sharing_eil&ts=5dac9336
  15. Dallas Denny

    RIP Marie...

    Sorry to report that we have lost yet another clusterhead sister who opted for suicide as a solution to escape the pain!! Marie is from France and leaves behind two young children and her husband! We have lost soooo many to this hideous affliction in the past few months!! DD
  16. Dallas Denny

    Just diagnosed clusterhead in need of a oxygen mask

    Good that you have a firm diagnosis Bass! Even better that you're getting an O2 rig together....high flow oxygen be it medical or welding is a clusterheads lifesaver!! The Clustero2kit that you have on order is the Cadillac!! But, to be completely honest, I'm not sure how you'd go about sourcing a standard non rebreather mask from a local supplier without a script for O2.....you might inquire at a durable medical goods supplier. Hopefully someone else with experience will be able to direct you on this matter! Good luck! Dallas Denny
  17. Dallas Denny

    What if there WAS a CURE?

    Congratulations on your long "REMISSION"!! But, I have to agree with Chf and BOF....there is no "CURE" for ch to date and your post is highly suspect by saying you're cured and then not elaborating.....but then again, it would be hard for you to elaborate since a "cure" doesn't exist!! DD
  18. Dallas Denny


    Welcome back Brian! DD
  19. Dallas Denny

    Finding the way here

    @CHfather. I found the old clustercluster.com site in 2007 by clicking the "clusterbusters" in the old ch dot com navigation bar.....it was strictly a website then with all of the info that's in Tommy D's files and there was one of those password protected "Yahoo groups" for discussion......I know the vast majority of us who joined this forum when it went live came from DJ's board because the launch was announced there so have no idea how we would have found this place thru a search back then!! Bless you DJ! Dallas Denny
  20. Dallas Denny

    Happy 10th Birthday to our forum!!

    I'm going to go ahead and post this a few days early as I may not have the time this weekend! This board went live on October 27th in 2009! I joined that day so it will also mark 10 years of active membership here for me as well!! We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to DJ for helping with getting the original yabb powered board up and running!! I can honestly say that being a part of clusterbusters this past 10 years has been by far the most rewarding experience of my life!! DD
  21. Dallas Denny

    The Jesus Shot

    Hey ya'll! This is a copy and paste of a thread that "Hollywood Dan" posted in a facebook group this morning. Let me say in advance that there are some naysayers regarding this subject due to the docs past legal issues, and I respect those folks reservations but we all have to decide for ourselves to what lengths we're willing to go to tame or slay the beast so wanted to make sure this info is available here as well. "Jesus shot update. So far, I believe 5 chronics and one episodic have tried the shot. It's a 3 minute process consisting of 2 steroids and vitamin B12. Dr Mike Lonergan in Weatherford Ok came up with this anti-inflammatory shot, and says Jesus inspired it; thus the name. I'm patient #1.... I had my shot on 5-11-16 and went from daily and nightly screamers to completely pain free immediately. I have not had a hit since. I had 3 nights of shadows mid November and got another shot 11-21-16. No noticeable side effects other than an increased appetite, which is great for me. Patient #2 RL. Ryan went from CCH to completely pain free, having one hit the day after his shot. His headaches returned after four and a half months. He got a "pimply rash" that the doctor said isn't that unusual for a young guy full of testosterone. Patient #3. DE. David is chronic. He had the shot twice with no results. He is the only complete failure, which breaks my heart. Patient #4 ET. Eric took the shot several months ago and didn't get complete remission, although he did get some relief. He scheduled a second shot, which the doctor DOESN'T charge for. By the time he got his second shot, he had become completely pain free, but went ahead and got his second shot. He is still completely pain free. No side effects that I know of. Patient #5. VR. Vale is episodic. She got the shot a few months ago. She is in her longest remission in her 13 years of ECH. No side effects reported. Patient #6. VA. Virginia got the shot a few months ago, and like Eric, didn't get immediate results. She got a second shot at no charge and is now 100% pain free. She is enjoying Prosecco for the first time in years, as alcohol is a sure trigger for her. Sorry I don't have exact dates, which I would really like to have. I'm posting this because I am completely pain free and want others to give this shot a try, if they find they are out of options. The shot costs $300 and is not covered by insurance. Dr Mike was convicted of money crimes and is x con. That concerns me less than a pimple on my ass. I will defend him, as he has helped me and the others in a huge way." Dallas Denny
  22. Dallas Denny

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    Home safe!! Another phenomenal conference, we are so blessed by Bob, Eileen and and the many volunteers who tireless efforts give our tribe the opportunity to gather like this every year!! It was so very cool to meet sooo many 1st timers who are relatively new comers in this community!. Its amazing how much this thing has grown since my first in Portland 2009! The agenda has become so full of speakers that we need 1 more conference day so it's not quite as busy and we have more time to socialize! I'll post later about the highlights but for now I'm about to go lay on the bed and inspect the back of my eyelids for a couple hours!! DD
  23. Dallas Denny

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    Quick update before I pass out!! Great turnout with many new faces!! Had an awesome time at the Presidents reception! I spoke to one of the clusterbusters board of directors (and official conference photographer) this evening and she will submit all of her photos to our Website person so she can make them available to the forum!! And, the film crew isn't coming til tomorrow so they'll actually be filming one of the grow demos that will be included in an upcoming clusterbusters documentary!! Tim made it already and 2 other folks gave up on getting out of the airport, took an uber to greyhound and are on a bus headed this way! And had the pleasure of meeting Freud and FunTimes......but theres severals that I haven't met yet although I know they're here! Looks like we'll easily top 200 attendees....don't think it will break the record but it's a long way from the 40ish bunch of us in 2010!! G'nite ya'll
  24. Dallas Denny

    2019 Conference how is/was it?

    @dmlonghorn @Brain on fire Tim Flanagan is having issues getting out of Houston bound for big D on Greyhound as well.......a couple others have reported rain delays but are enroute......Freud missed his flight but will be here this evening! Hugged lots of old friends and made some new ones already....lots of first timers which is way cool!!! Just saw Batch when he arrived and got to visit with doc B for a spell Eileen and Andrew were able to get the pdf doc of the grow demos downloaded from my phone and clusterbusters is going to host it so it will be available via a link after the conference.....and.....BobW informed me yesterday that a film crew is coming today to film a run thru of tomorrow's grow demo sessions!! I wish to hell they'd hurry up cuz it's damn sure 5 o'clock somewhere and I'm gettin fairly damned thirsty! Great venue for a conference thus far and Presidents reception coming up shortly!! Since I'm severely technically challenged and have real issues with uploading pics here, I'm going to see if I can get a couple folks to send me their photos to put up on dropbox and will post the link! Later ya'll