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  1. @Shaun brearley, in 1991 I bought some studio time at a small, qtr mill hobby studio owned and operated by Buford Jones who was on a tour break as the sound engineer for PF......the dude had gold records as sound engineer on records with Bowie and had toured with him as SE as well!
  2. No, it's one of my fav Willie Nelson tunes....that's really weird cuz I just tried it and it's playing for me!! What the hell?!?!
  3. I'd have to be crazy...To stop all.my singin And never play music again....
  4. Well @Shaun brearleyif we're gonna start talkin PF this one's got to be in the queue!! One of my favorite cuts when I'm taking my "alt meds"!
  5. I wonder if she got to burn one down with John? Oh hell yeah, ya know she did..lol!!
  6. Well ya'll, I'd appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, healing juju...whatever ya got, please send it my way! A little over 2 weeks ago I began experiencing severe pain in my neck and left shoulder....I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in 2013 after an MRI showed 2 herniated cervical disc's and 3 herniated lumbar disc's so I initially thought it was just a flare up of the normal daily pain I've been having all these years....however, within a couple days the pain was unbearable, and after my wife found her tough, old Marine in a scalding hot shower crying like a baby, she made me let her haul me to the ER. After copious amounts of IV pain meds and muscle relaxers the ER doc sent me for a catscan...when I got back he told me the catscan revealed deterioration of C5 and C7 to the point that the resulting stenosis was putting direct pressure on my spinal cord and that he was going to refer me to a spine surgeon. Went to see him last week and after examining me he said that from looking at my 2013 MRI and the ER catscan that he thought that I was teetering on the edge of total paralysis!! Damn, it felt like all the air had been sucked outta the room!! When we got to the car I told my wife I needed to just sit there for a bit cuz my heart was about to beat out of my chest!! So, a new MRI is scheduled for next Tuesday to prepare for neck surgery and not gonna lie, I am freakin terrified!! DD
  7. @spiny, here's another one of my favorite JP tunes...hell, they're all my favs.....I had never seen the lyrics but I memorized what I thought I was hearing and figured out the chord progression....played the song on stage for many years before I bought the anthology set (with printed lyrics inside the cd case), and found out it was "The Great Compromise".......I thought it was a song about a guy gettin it stuck in his arse so all those years I'd been singing "The Greek Compromise"
  8. Love this dudes version of the Judds "Grandpa (tell me bout the good old days)" https://fb.watch/94h5Tqf-W0/
  9. @Freud Safe travels my friend! DD
  10. There will never be another Satchmo...he was one of my Papa's favorite!
  11. And, I saw John live for the 1st time at the Boomer theater in Norman, Okla across the street from the OU campus in 1980. This was at a time when I was cultivating vitamin M for other reasons as the Beast hadn't reared his ugly head yet! I ate a LOT of it, got in my vdub bug and drove from far NW Okla City to Norman....good God Gerty, what a ride!! When the concert started, John and his band and crew just walked down the aisles and he stopped repeatedly to shake hands and bs with folks!! At the end of the show all of the crew came out on stage with the band, got in a line with their arms linked and swayed along with the music as JP and company closed with Illegal Smile!! Ya cudn't have wiped the Illegal smile off my face with industrial strength ajax!! Lmao!
  12. One of my fav JP tunes with Bonnie Raitt
  13. @jon019 John Prine is another favorite of mine!! I have his anthology 2 cd set which is a Sunday morning ritual!! So many funny songs and JP was one of the best finger pickers I've ever heard....when it comes to his songs it's all but impossible for me to pick a fav!
  14. Gotta agree with ya @jon019, I've been a BB fan for many,many years.....love "Why I Sing the Blues" Any idea how.old that Stones cut is? I've never heard it before but it's pretty damned cool!! Hell of a job on the steel!
  15. Yer a smart man! Lmao! She has several different cuts on YouTube....although it isn't a genre that I would normally listen to, this one is really good, she has a cool solo in it, she really shows off how good lookin she is....and shit the bed Loretta, does that girl ever have some legs!! Ray Charles is one of my heroes as well....I'm a die hard classic country music fan so really got to know him when he started recording country songs and then he did the album with Willie Nelson whose another idol if mine and I fell in love with his style!! Like Willie, his timing was uniquely his!
  16. I bought some studio time several years ago in Dallas and when I got there this dude was in the booth!! This big ol Texas boy has got some blues chops!!
  17. @Shaun brearleyher name is Candy....she's Dutch and yeah, one of the best sax players I've ever heard....did I mention that she's drop dead gorgeous to boot!
  18. @Shaun brearley...another good one...he really is a homeboy, I lived in Cow Town (Ft Worth) for about 16 years....he had me on this one in the first line with "a half a bag of weed"....lmao!! DD
  19. @Shaun brearley....love the Cody Jinks cut!!! Those guys are almost "hometown boys" to me as I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 40 years and it sounded like most of em were from near there!! I am the original "hippie cowboy" and played and sang on stage for many years wearing pointy boots, wrangler jeans, and a stetson with my long hair and beard! Lol! Dallas Denny
  20. If I'm "medicating" my ch I always have Neil's Harvest album ( Harvest is under-rated as a music choice to take a journey on in my opinion)and the brick in the wall cd with the comfortably numb cut....for every day it's old, classic country on willies roadhouse or the eagles and John Prine on the boom box! DD
  21. @KmanTexas Harbor freight has one for around $80 https://www.harborfreight.com/oxygen-regulator-63788.html
  22. @KmanTexas So, I've been using weld ox since 2009....the guys on ch dot com who schooled me had been using it for several years at that time.....I personally know several clusterheads that have been using it for years and I know of no one who's had any issues. Welding requires "pure" O2 for good welds....med ox and weld ox come out of the same faucet.....med ox tanks are vacuumed prior to refilling while they just do a "sniff test" on welding tanks in case there's been an acetylene crossbleed contamination due to a faulty regulator. And yes, they just exchange empties. The biggest hurdle with weld ox is that the cylinders are big and heavy so ease of mobility is a problem but crossfill adapters are readily available on ebay and you can pick up used E and D tanks on ebay and Craigslist fairly reasonable. As to O2 concentrators....they only grab around 95% O2....we see reports of success from a relatively small number of folks....they're of value only to the supplier as another avenue to bilk you and the insurance companies outta more bucks!! Dallas Denny
  23. @KmanTexas Wow!! I do believe ass rape is putting it mildly!! Old Dallasite here by the way....43 years between Cow Town and big D...we escaped the Metromess a little over 10 years ago!! So, I wrapped up a 20 week cycle in early May.....I started with a 1/4 full M sized tank, refilled it twice and still have a little over 1/2 a tankfull.......at $22/refill which is the same price I paid in 2015 evidently their cost hasn't increased due to covid!!! I said screw those idiot medical O2 suppliers many years ago and opted for welding oxygen so granted, I did have an up front investment of $300 for the cylinder and around $75 for a welding oxygen regulator. Now that's here in far south central Oklahoma.....when I was still in big D I was able to lease a large M sized tank for a $150 deposit and $6/mo with refills (actually exchanges) costing me $18 at Seagoville Welding Supply on 175. You just can't let em know you're going to breathe it!! Neither them or my current supplier ever asked me any questions...I walked in, ask for a large tank of weld ox and he wrote it up and took my dollar's.....they're in biz to sell welding gas so they don't care what you're gonna do with it (as long as you don't tell em the truth..lol).....if they should ask, tell em you've got a bunch of heavy scrap metal to cut up and a buddy is loaning you his acetylene rig but he doesn't have an o2 cylinder.....by telling them you're gonna be operating a cutting torch they'll automatically expect that you're gonna need to refill more often. Get rid of them damned money mongers!! Good luck! Dallas Denny
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