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  1. Hey Clusterman! To my knowledge, it's not necessary to DC the anti inflammatory regimen when you bust....pretty much everything else with the exception of low dose verapamil you need to avoid. DD
  2. G'mornin MG! From every thing I've read over the years gabapentin (neurontin) seems to be very effective for nerve pain from MS and fibromyalgia but I've seen very few glowing reports about efficacy for clusters and many reports of terrible side effects........I don't recall reading anything at all about its use for migraines though. I do know that it's a drug that you absolutely must taper off of very slowly if you try it and decide to DC it!! DD
  3. Hell has officially froze over and the pigs are a flyin or I have died and gone to heaven!! Medical Marijuana is now legal in Okieland!! As a Medicare recipient my license fee is $20 for 2 years to have 6 adult plants and 6 seedlings, 3 oz in my possession out n about, 8 oz possession at home, 1 oz of concentrates in your possession, and 72 oz's of edibles!! Yee Fecking Haw!!!! Dallas Denny
  4. Yes, her clusters and migraines are both well managed by busting I believe
  5. Good evening Purple! Nice to see you posting here again! I'm trying to remember, (my forgetter works much better than my other parts in my old age), but just can't seem to recall whether I knew you were trans or not....nor can I recall if you've interacted here with "Moxie Girl", who also transitioned from Male to female and whose clusters began when she went from a testosterone based to an estrogen based system? Very interesting post....welcome back! Dallas Denny
  6. G'afternoon Snaithbert! I'm with jon....chances are slim that ins will cover O2, and it IS expensive out of pocket.....I had a little better deal than jon at $12/E tank......but I was going thru a full tank every 24 hours so was driving 1/2 way across Dallas twice a week! Then came welding oxygen!! $150 cylinder deposit, $6/mo cylinder lease, and $18/refill for a large ( 9" dia x 48" tall) cylinder.....added a weld oz regulator from Harbor Freight for $50 (they've discontinued that model and the one they carry now is around $70), and a clusterO2mask from the clusterheadaches.com store for $30.....(heavy as hell to shlepp around but in a 20 plus week cycle I used 2 1/2 tanks and only 1 Trex injection and no other big pharma meds! When I retired and moved to okieland a few years back my local welding shop didn't lease tanks so I had to buy the same size tank outright for $300 and refills cost me $21! Been huffin it now for 9 years with no ill effects....just don't let the welding supply folks know you intend to breathe it! Dallas Denny
  7. You are in for the experience of a lifetime FunTimes! This will be my 4th conference....at my 1st in Portland (2010) there was around 35 of us....Las Vegas (2012), around 100....Austin (2016), well over 200!! Amazing experience to be around a whole raft of folks just like yourself who absolutely "get it"......freaking priceless!! DD
  8. So glad to hear that this is continuing to work well for ya old friend! DD
  9. Hey Funtimes! Yup, Eileen confirmed....you will be able to check out a tank to take back to your hotel and there will be large cylinders available in the conference area DD
  10. G'mornin FunTimes! Let me message Eileen, our conference chairwoman, for confirmation but I'm relatively certain that you'll be able to check out and E tank st the conference hotel and take it back to your hotel...I'll post back when I hear back from her! Looking forward to meeting you! Dallas Denny
  11. Clusterbusters will have O2 tanks available at the conference hotel...just bring your regulator and mask FunTimes DD
  12. I know a clusterhead in Denver who's participating in the CGRP trials and he has had very good results! As to pricing, I saw a piece on the morning news show last week about it and uninsured cost for the treatment is estimated at $6900/year!! Good luck! Dallas Denny
  13. Quite common among clusterheads to get a "cluster knot" in their neck and shoulder on their cluster side and I am most definitely included in that group! Dallas Denny
  14. Hi godsjoy Conference agenda usually wraps up around 5pm on Sat followed by the conference dinner. There's not any official conference agenda on Sunday but many folks stay and get together for breakfast and goodbyes......I'm sure Racer is going but not sure about nani. Dallas Denny
  15. Hey Barcode Yeah, I'm sorry to say that in my experience ins companies and suppliers stuck out loud when it comes to O2, especially when you're talking high flow! I'm about to turn 71 and Medicare won't pay for oxygen for clusters period! My work around is taking the docs, ins companies, and suppliers out of the equation......paid $321 for a large (48" tall x 9" dia) cylinder full of O2 at my local welding supply......$50 fir an oxygen regulator at harbor freight......$30 for a clusterO2mask at the ch.com store......and $21 per refill/exchange. In 2016 I cycled from Mid May til Mid Oct and used 3 refills.....$63 and no freaking hassle!! Welding ox and med ox comes out of the same faucet.....med tanks have to be vacuumed prior to refilling while they just do a sniff test for welding tanks.....been huffing it since 2007 with no ill effects and I know many other clusterheads who use it as well! Dallas Denny
  16. Hey Jerry! I'll shoot him an email and ask that he PM you and copy me as I also have that problem! DD
  17. Hi Joey Just fill in your info, don't worry about that security check box, check the "agree to terms of service" box and you're good to go Dallas Denny
  18. Welcome to the community home girl!
  19. Hi Sontye! You can eliminate your doc from the equation and order the 25 hydroxy D [ 25 (OH) D ] test online from lifeextension.com....I know several folks that have used their services DD
  20. With a cycle schdule like that, I would definitely recommend staying on it year round.....it takes a while to elevate your D3 levels to the 80 to 85 ng/ml "sweet spot" where most folks get relief.....if not complete cessation, most report fewer, less intense hits!! DD
  21. G'mornin Sontye and welcome to the community!! Looks like Spiny and Chf have covered all the bases for you but I'll chime in on the weld ox work around......I've been using it for almost 10 years with no I'll effects......you just can't let the welding supply know you intend to breathe it!! Dallas Denny
  22. Hey AJS! Welcome to the community but sorry you had the need to join us! To reiterate Chf and Spiny's comment......Oxygen is your best friend, insurance probably won't cover it and medical O2 is usually more expensive than welding O2 not to mention the hoops you have to jump thru with the supplier.......$200 to $300 to purchase a large cylinder full of weld ox, $20 for refills, $40 for a ClusterO2kit (non rebreather mask designed for clusterheads), and $50 for a welding oxygen regulator from harbor freight and you'l be set from now on! I, along with many other clusterheads I know, have used it for many years with no I'll effects.....and, I routinely abort hits in 5 to 8 minutes!! Dallas Denny
  23. Hey Fifty! 185 ng/ml is way high from what I've seen! 80 to 85 ng/ml is the therapeutic level for most folks doin the D3 regimen! Batch is a regular contributor here so you might shoot him a pm for some suggested tweaks! Dallas Denny
  24. G'evenin MH I personally know only 1 clusterhead involved in these CGRP studies....he's CCH and thus far it seems to be working extremely well for him! Good luck! Dallas Denny
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