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Found 2 results

  1. hey everyone, thanks for accepting me into this group i have been misdiagnosed with migraines for years. The past 4 years i have been experiencing what i now know is episodic cluster headaches. it starts off with one attack a day and shortly escalates to 8+ attacks a day. I am on day 14 and going to the emergency department today to beg to see a neuro, get scans done and try the oxygen. I have had scans when i was 15 (25 now) and nothing was found. i have a referral to see a neuro but cant afford it/the wait times are too long for me. i have trialed numerous preventatives, currently trialling Indometacin. i strongly dislike imitrex, sumatriptans etc as they may stop an attack but make the next ones so much worse. my attacks start at 4am and i am falling asleep around 7pm with the help of cannabis/sleeping tablets. thankfully, unlike most of you im still getting around plenty of sleep. of course i am exhausted and completely useless in this state though. i have some connections and may be able to get some MM (or if anyone is in sydney, australia HMU). the only now medicated relief i get is sitting in a super hot bath with a wet cold towel thats been in the fridge wrapped around my head/neck. questions: 1. has anyone tried indometacin and found relief? 2. in regards to oxygen therapy do people here use the CPAP machines or a the emergency 100% canisters? 3. my following medications (which i basically take the max of each day) are: ibproufen, paracetmol, indometacin, panadeine forte (codeine), aspirin, b12 and magnesium vitamins. i also use oils and tiger balms. would any of these interact with MM dosing? 4. does anyone ins SYDNEY AUSTRALIA recommend a neurologist? preferably closer to the northern beaches/cbd?
  2. I've had Chronic Paroxmal Hemicrania with Chronic Clusters, neurologists diagnosis 13 years ago. After the first few years of hell finally got Sumatriptan Injections to stop attacks. Tried Indomethacin but no joy, tried verapamil no joy apart from lowering my Resting Heartrate to 38 and Max HR 80 so doing anything was a chore. Had Occipital Nerve Block ( 2 injections in the Trigeminal Nerve area in base of skull at the left rear of head) first treatment last 2 years with no attacks, second treatment lasted one year no attacks. I have my 3rd block booked for 14th August 23 a six month wait this time ( Im in UK and The conservative party have fucked up pretty much our NHS, National Health Service and the rest of UK in 13 years rule) sorry wee rant there. In last 6 months attacks have gradually got worse and last 3 weeks or so been horrendous. Doctors wont give too many Sumatriptan injections so I had stock piled a few over the period of no headaches. Tried verapamil again no joy so asked if I can take Indomethacin with the verapamil and it worked instantly, so no attacks in nearly 3 days which has been amazing. I will reduce these tablets once had next Nerve block and hopefully get back to training etc. Im also getting Oxygen hopefully at home for future and trying a Busting kit for future use as never used mushrooms before. Hope this helps someone in their journey.
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