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  1. G'mornin Shay! Welcome to the community! Attending the conference will be life changing for both of you! The only thing that he might be overwhelmed by is knowledge gained and the cluster bud love! ! And, we have many, many supporters who attend as well.....we love our supporters!!! Dallas Denny
  2. Yup jtux, great question!! I think most folks know the story of Flash and Pink Shark Mark (I had the opportunity to chat with Flash on facebook recently which was pretty damned cool!), but I've never heard a story regarding LSA. I will say though that in my much younger recreational days, it was common knowledge that you could trip balls on HBWR....I took a heroic dose in the summer of 72 and went to see Black Oak Arkansas and Grand Funk Railroad at the Cotton Bowl!! I did receive a text back from brother Bob.....said it was a long story and he was between congressional meetings at Headache on the Hill and will get back to me later! DD
  3. Hey jtux!! Can't answer your question.....it was included in known busting agents when I first set foot here in 2007....I've sent a text to BobW to see if he has that info. DD
  4. Sorry to read this razor! Hope you can make the trip back to Okieland soon! To update on the other recent guinea pigs....er, uh patients.....patient #8 got the Dexalog 12 injections on January 14th and remained pf only until the27th.....they contacted doc Mike, made a trip for a 2nd round and has been pf for 7 days.....the big bonus here is that this guy has been on a high daily dose of prednisone for over 2 years......during the first pf period he was able to titrate down to 20mg/day.....and has now been free of the poison for a week and is on no other blockers and prepared to start busting when this round of injections wears off!! Patient #9 has been pf for 16 days since receiving the shots.....I've known this guy for many years and he has tried everything including regular busting which helped but he still hadn't had over 45 hours pf in his 13 year battle with the Beast!! 16 days pf has got to feel like an eternity to this young man!! Finally, yesterday patient #10 flew in from the UK to get the injections and to my knowledge there are 2 more folks with appointments scheduled later this month and 1 in late March with several others sittin on the fence or saving money!! DD
  5. Welcome Andrew! With respect to oxygen, some folks in the UK experience problems sourcing O2 thru ya'lls NHS....however, unless there are underlying conditions that contraindicate its use, it is recognized as a viable treatment in the UK....if you have any problems of that nature, contact OUCH UK and they will provide assistance with the HOOF form. Where are you located in the UK? I know several clusterheads in England and Scotland....a friend in Scotland hosts a couple meet n greet events every year.....nothing like meeting someone who "gets it" and understands exactly what you deal with! Dallas Denny
  6. Courtesy of our friend dinmerced Chf...he's the one I mentioned that has used them....it definitely beats the hell out of what I paid between the doc visit and the charge for blood work! DD
  7. Here ya go, go to this link and search for 25 hydroxy d blood test http://www.lifeextension.com All of the D3 regimen co factors can be ordered online at Pipingrock.com DD
  8. Meg, there is an online business that many folks are using for the 25 (OH) D blood test.....you order the test online, they send orders to the quest diagnostics near you, go get his blood drawn, and receive the results either online at their site or via email I believe....I haven't used them yet but know someone who has and it's much cheaper than going thru a doc.....you just need to establish his baseline, begin the regimen and retest every couple of months until he reachs the 80 ng/ml level......I'll get that link and post it for you. DD
  9. G'mornin Meg and welcome to the community! Spot on advice from Amon! Agree with him that these don't sound like classic cluster symptoms, but I wouldn't rule them out....number one objective is getting him into a good neurologist, preferably one who is a headache specialist to rule out other nasty conditions that mimic clusters!! Diet changes have been reported to help by some folks....I know one longtime member here who eliminated gluten but I think that was to help his migraines. If, in fact, your boy gets a cluster dx, the vitamin D3 anti inflammatory regimen is an excellent preventative avenue, and, with that diagnosis, the neuro should give you a script for high flow oxygen to be used as an abortive measure! So sorry ya'll had the need to join us!! Sending pf thoughts and prayers! Dallas Denny
  10. Senstrom The link Chf listed for the harbor freight regulator is the one I've been using with my welding oxygen cylinder for several years....and I have the clusterO2 mask which works on that regulator as well. Dallas Denny
  11. Hi Darren Since you stated that pipingrock.com ships to Canada, your path to vitamin M cultivation is SOOOOO much easier than in the US!!! I know a young lady in Canada who recently ordered a complete kit for around $125 including s&h.....I thought I had posted the info in a thread in "busting stories" but can't locate it so check your pm inbox and I'll send you the link DD
  12. G'mornin Trackle Many folks have success busting while taking low dosages of Verapamil. And, for many, it takes a significantly high dosage to be effective....up to 960mg daily which, since you already have low bp, I doubt your doc will be on board with. It also causes severe constipation for some in those high dosages.....I heard our beloved Hollywood Dan of Nat Geo fame speak at the 2010 clusterbusters conference in Portland....he brought the house down telling us that what it did for him was to make it cost $2000 to take a crap after he had to be hospitalized for severe blockage!! Lmao! My personal experience is like yours, my bp runs on the lower side so could only get to 360mg/day and it just helped reduce the number and severity of the hits, but, my cycles got longer in duration while I was on it. I've taken all the standard ch meds in my 30 year plus battle and vitamin M is by far the most effective......pharma free since I began busting in 2010 with the exception of a couple of trex jabs when I got caught away from O2 but that was over 5 years ago...nothing but shrooms and O2 since Nov of 2011!!!! DD
  13. Nice Pete!! Definitely one for the ages!
  14. Hi Darren You can source all of the D3 co factors at pipingrock.com DD
  15. Hi Christine! I'll send a message to the conference chair and ask her to contact you and get that fixed for you Dallas Denny
  16. G'evenin John A good friend and fellow member here recently posted in the Facebook group about a deal he had found on some new demand valves complete with regulator....I'll shoot him a pm and see if he'll drop in with that info Dallas Denny
  17. G'mornin Bob! I've been using welding oxygen for 7 years now with no ill effects! The O2 itself is the same as medical....the difference is that medical tanks are vacuumed prior to refill while welding tanks just get a sniff test. Just don't let them know that you intend to breathe it! Dallas Denny
  18. G'evenin Bob! Very important to not leave the K2 out of the D3 regimen! DD
  19. Hey Jeff! Did we lose the ability to see who's logged in at any given time with the upgrade or am I just missing it? DD
  20. Patient #9 reported yesterday that he has been completely pf for 48 hours following his injections!! His longest pf period in his 13 year battle prior to the Jesus shot was 45 hours!! DD
  21. Great news razor! Patient #9 is flying to Okieland today for his appt with doc Mike.....ch began when he was 12 and has been chronic since day 1 for 13 years....fingers crossed!! DD
  22. I received a text from patient #8 (Charles) yesterday evening saying he hasn't had any sign of CH since receiving the injections last Saturday morning!! Dallas Denny
  23. G'evenin michfan! I would urge you to consult with your cardiologist prior to using imitrex with existing heart issues!! DD
  24. Hey moto! Congrats on marriage as well as condolences for the clusters! The complete D3 regimen in on the first page of a thread in the Busting files section. https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/page-1
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