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  1. This shot is not a nerve block, it is administered through an iv and regular shot in your arm. We're just wanting justification as why Dr. Mike could stand by his product and Dr. Rick, who, by the way, is Dr. Mikes brother-in-law, doesn't stand by his so called same product.
  2. In March of 2017 my husband and I traveled to Weatherford, Oklahoma and he saw Dr. Mike and received his first Jesus shot, he had wonderful results.. 8 months later, November 2nd, to be exact we went back, he and I both received the shot from Dr. Rick, as Dr. Mike had passed away, they told us that it was the exact same as he had received in March. He or I, either one had the same reaction as his first time. After calling several times to see what could be done, finally last week the receptionist returned my call, telling me that we would have to come back and get another injection, paying ful
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