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  1. I got Lyme about 8 years ago, and it hasn't had any effect on my CHs.
  2. Thanks, Batch! The 185 number scared the hell out of me. My Calcium level was at 10, and the Dr didn't seem too concerned. I have stopped the d3 for now.
  3. Thanks, all! Unfortunately, I didn't store the Vitamin M in the freezer, but I do think a buddy grabbed some for me today. This cycle just has me on edge because my cycles have always been the same, ending 3 weeks on the dot. I don't know where I'd be without these boards. It's where I learned about the MM, D3, Red Bulls, etc.
  4. Thanks, Jon! Going Chronic is the biggest fear I have. I'm not a regular Imitrex user, but I used it twice this time. I suspect that may have contributed to the change(no evidence of that though). I wish I could bust now, but the older I get, the harder it is to find MM. The ones I have now are about 4yrs old and I think they lost their 'magic'.
  5. Hi all, I usually post on the CH.com board, but figured it can't hurt to post here too.I Had 2yrs PF end on 12/25, and it was a mild 3 week cycle. About 2 weeks after it ended, another cycle started and is still going on. In 20 years, I can't remember this happening. The only changes for me were that I used Imatrex twice this time, and I didn't bust with shrooms(which I've been doing for 10+ years). Also right after the first cycle ended, I lost my Dad. I'm not sure if grief has any bearing on CHs.Also, I take Batch's D3 regime, but my last Vitamin D3 25-OH test came back at 184.5 ng
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