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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, and I'm wondering if many or any cluster headache suffers have also been told or been exposed to Lyme's disease? My husband had cluster ha's before getting Lyme's, but where in the past he would have the clusters, then they would stop for a time, he now has residual pain that never leaves. He struggles with sleep every night, cannot look at a computer screen or television, or bright lights. He no longer drives at night. He just started the D3 infusion yesterday, so we are holding out for relief from that. I am wondering if there is a Lyme's component the
  2. Hi Mark, My husband suffers from CHA's, and has the same symptoms, though the pain around his right eye radiates into his jaw and neck, even sometimes to the top of his head. He has used Bella Donna ear drops with some success, and uses peppermint oil for temporary pain relief to his jaw and neck. By temporary I mean several times a day. He also uses Magnesium for the CH, and was told to by a Neurologist about 5 yrs ago. He takes Calcium/Magnesium and zinc sold together as 1 tablet. The calcium helps the body absorb the Magnesium. This really had the headaches backing off, but you should
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