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  1. Yes it appears that the B1 is no longer suppressing my cch, still finding pain levels are lower with D3. I’m not sure why B 1 stopped working. There is nothing I can think of that has changed in myself or my environment. I am going to take a break from B1 for 4 weeks and let it leave my system and try again, this time frame is just easier for me to remember, no science behind it. CH has a way of being a challenge and seems to always change and morph around what ever I throw at it. Peace and my you find pain free days.
  2. B1 update ; B1 has stopped working, it’s been 45 days that B1 ch suppression has not worked. I thought maybe heat , weather or allergy related, nope. The cch at 5 pm with heavy shadows and the rest of pain finds me daily. I’m ok , I had a good run and still taking B1, but wonder why, going to stop when I run out. Peace and pf days to you
  3. Update on B1, still taking 300mg am and 200 pm and D3 20k daily. I had a bad ch day last weekend, stress related, to much going on with work and life. The recovery time was less than in the past. Batch had a post about coq10, curamin, vitamin c for more immune boosting. So, I added this to mix, seems to help increase my energy level in the evening. Amazingly, I’m still mostly pf, heat and humidity would have trigger before B1 and increased dose of D3. Hope your days are pain free, peace
  4. 1. I take 300 mg 6 am and 200 mg 1 pm and another 100 mg if needed barometric pressure or shadows. I take B1 every day. 2. 500 - 700 mg all at a once caused diarrhea, 300 - 200 easier on my system 3. I settled on a 500 mg dose for me, with some days adding the 100 mg. I did try 700 mg for 5 days, it did not make any noticeable difference. I was not sure about side effects to B1, so I started with lower dose, hind site 300 mg am - 200 mg pm a day should be fine to start with. I'm not sure what the dose for your daughter will be, but you can feel the difference when you take the extra 100
  5. Batch thank you, 20 K of d3 seems to be my daily dose needed, still taking b1. The last few weeks my cch has been suppressed. Enjoying life and learning to smile again, I couldn’t have done it without this place. Hope your days are pain free, peace.
  6. B1 back to is suppressing the ch, fantastic day yesterday, slept all night .
  7. thanks jon, will hell i ain't scarred... but after stopping the B1 my head pressure increased to the point of this ain't fun, not the normal right eye pain, but 2-5 pain level, and moving higher, went back on B1 before it got out of hand and slowing I'm getting back to were I was, guessing I need 3-4 more days for it to take effect, miss sleeping all night
  8. 30 days tomorrow, I'm still impressed that cch is held at bay D3 and B1, had a great week and weekend. at 30 days I told Jean, I would stop B1 and see what happens.... tomorrow it begins no B1, I will take my D3, till I'm full on cch, I estimate 2 days till it's on me, o2, red bull, ice pack ready then back to B1. hope you have a pf day, peace
  9. I notice I'm still conditioned to cch, I reach for the red bull, rub between my eyes when I lay down and wait for my head to adjust to the pressure. prepare myself for 5 pm hit, and wait for how intense it will be, I'm still anxious at 5 pm cch the condition my condition is in 21 days for me with D3 and B1, cch is held at bay, it's still present but subdued by the D3 and B1 hope you have a pf day, peace
  10. I’m still getting relief from the B1. I’m taking 300mg am 200mg pm, and a extra 100mg from weather related shadows if needed. I have not had a beer yet but I thought about it, damn something good must be happening. Peace
  11. Batch, I will up my intake of vitamin D to 25k UI, blood test scheduled for June and I'll check on my serum calcium level, thx Joy, I'm still getting relief from the B1, the deep sleep seems to be repair my system, I changed my dose back to 300 mg in the am, and 100 to 200 mg as needed in the afternoon, it's easier on my system, the weather related shadows are effecting me or I now notice them more. I add 100 mg B1 wait 30 minutes, this seems to work, highest dose has been 700 mg daily, I average 400 mg of B1. D3 is a life saver for me, I don't think I will ever stop it.
  12. something new for me is a deep sleep, also changing my dose to one dose of B1 400mg am and see someone on facebook emailed Dr. Constantini and asked these questions: Q1- Was your healed patient taking any other vitamine supplement1 (Omega3, D1, Magnesium and adult multi-vitamin, etc.)? A1: The patient didn't take any supplement Q2- Are you aware of cases where the B1 treatment isn’t working? A2: We only have three cases in treatment and they are responding. We also have 10 cases of chronic migraine and episodic migraine and all responded wonderfully to our therapy, with the comp
  13. I’m still having positive results with B1 100 mg three to four times a day, the weather tested me on Friday night, took a fourth B1, surprised that 20 minuets later shadow was gone. I received an email reply from doctor in link above, his quote “We currently have three affected individuals with complete regression of symptoms at doses of 500mg or less.” I’m on D3 and B1, and waiting for the beast to show up, but who knows. I will report back in a week. Hope your days are PF.
  14. No ch hit yesterday, no shadows, no ch pressure on right side or presents of a ch, an awesome day for me, slept all night the last two nights, I'm having positive results, yesterday took 100mg x4 through out the day, still researching how B1 is acting on ch, found this last night " B1 helps the production of cellular energy and has a calming effect on histamine related headaches ". I had a dexalog shot in okc and it had a B complex with it, not sure of dosing.
  15. https://scholar.google.fr/scholar_url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdownloads.hindawi.com%2Fjournals%2Fcrinm%2Faip%2F3901619.pdf&hl=fr&sa=X&scisig=AAGBfm1vtUTuZ_cQpBApdV3xiS688Nwr2A&nossl=1&oi=scholaralrt This link was posted on Facebook Saturday, a medical article about one patient using B1 for cch. I'm 11 years cch, o2, d3, lsa, I get some daily shadows and then 5 - 7 hit. I started taking B1 200 mg Saturday evening, Sunday took 300 mg with a very light pm hit, Monday took 400 mg through out the day, no shadows or 5 pm hit, Tuesday went back to 300 mg still no shadows or evenin
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