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  1. Thanks for your reply and I will check on the FDA requirements for Aimovig. And YES, I've been on 10,000 units of Vitamin D for over a year now, difficult to tell if it helps since I also get Botox and SPG injections, take other supplements too. But I am continuing with it, can't hurt. Pwrnapper
  2. QUESTION: Does anyone know about "CGRP monoclonal antibodies" and the new FDA approve med "Aimovig"? My Headache specialist thinks I should start taking it, free trial available. Considering I've had terrible Cluster Headaches now for 15 years with no real preventative relief, this new med sounds quite interesting. I've got the preventatives down pat but this is supposed to have good preventative potential. HELP any Advice or experience to share? My Headache Specialist thinks it will be covered, the first 3 months are given for free and then only a $10 co-pay for the next 9 months from wh
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