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  1. Thanks MaxHead for posting the article. Yeah it turned out pretty good. It was great that the author interviewed and quoted a lot of good qualified people like Dr. Schindler that gave the treatments and clusters in general, the respect they deserve. The author is a Pulitzer Prize winning author so she carries quite a bit of weight and the article is getting a lot of attention for clusters. Thanks for everyone here that has helped keep these fires burning all these years. Its been a team effort. Way to go team ;-) Bob
  2. I am working with a doctor from Johns Hopkins on a TV show regarding pain. He is looking for someone that is currently in cycle and possibly willing to be filmed during an attack. It would be a brief clip and details on how to get it filmed can be discussed. It could most likely be done on your phone. If anyone is interested, please send an email to me at info@clusterbusters.org and I can share more details. Bob Wold
  3. This year's Headache on the Hill event that is put on by AHDA (Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy) is being held in March (22-23) and will be virtual like everything else these days. The deadline for registering is coming up this Friday. There is a $50.00 registration fee this year due to the high costs of the company organizing the complicated process of scheduling hundreds of meetings with Senate and House offices. Anyone from the cluster community will have their registration fees covered by Clusterbusters upon request. If you live in any of these states, we really need you. You
  4. Pulling this old topic out of the closet. It's a good topic for discussion. There is plenty of research showing how histamine can play a role in cluster headaches. The Diamond Headache Clinic has for decades used a histamine desensitivevation (sp) program in their in-patient unit. It's a long process but many people have had good results in breaking cycles this way. (as well as plenty of failures along the way) Many of us prior to getting a proper diagnosis rely upon OTC antihistamines that do provide some relief. You end up needing more and more. In todays world, I'd probably be investi
  5. Yes I will get some info posted here as soon as possible. Good to hear from you Mox, Bob
  6. During this time of distancing, we'd like to offer more to keep us together. Beginning next week and continuing based on demand, please join us on Zoom for one hour support group discussions moderated by Mr. Bob Wold. You will need to sign up here and we will send you a link. Please do not forget to include your email. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b49a8ac23a4ff2-clusterbusters I know this is a rough time for everyone and it's even tougher for those of us that had serious health issues before the lockdown's made things even harder. There has been a noticeable spike in people ta
  7. Links, yes, very sorry. This is the link to the prescribing document. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z6tUblQVzzQPPYCOXu_Abn2UqoMZ-rFO/view This is the link to our page with a lot of additional oxygen informetion that can help doctors and insurance companies. https://clusterbusters.org/resource/helpful-documents-for-printing/ Bob
  8. Good morning, A few days ago, CMS relaxed many regulations for COVID crisis, including one related to oxygen. http://go.cms.gov/3aDAFFq National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) on Respiratory Related Devices, Oxygen and Oxygen Equipment, Home Infusion Pumps and Home Anticoagulation Therapy: Clinicians now have maximum flexibility in determining patient needs for respiratory related devices and equipment and the flexibility for more patients to manage their treatments at the home. The current NCDs and LCDs that restrict coverage of
  9. Hello Clusterbusters has started a new survey for people that have been diagnosed with either SUNCT or SUNA These TAC's are very similar to clusters but are very short in duration, such as seconds or a couple minutes long, and having many attacks per day. The number of attacks can go up to having more than 100 attacks. If you have been diagnosed with either SUNCT or SUNA please complete our new survey. We will be using the data we collect in this survey for new research projects. This will likely be the largest collection of data for these conditions and will be very valuable in futur
  10. Hello Jack, I will answer in email so we can discuss the situation and moving it forward. To let everyone else in on what is currently happening, yes BOL-148 is again in the pipeline. What I learned long ago is that these pipelines run very slowly. It took psilocybin 17 years to get into a clinical trial. As someone stated above regarding the report at our last conference, the patents are now in the hands of a new drug development company and negotiations are underway getting study approvals and FDA requirements on the steps they will require. (You can't just go to phase 3 clinical stu
  11. It sounds like you've been prescribed the migraine dose of Emgality. The cluster dose is 300 mg and comes in (3) 100mg injections. Have your doctor check out the eli lilly website for info on prescribing instructions for clusters.
  12. Yes this was some disappointing news. The article is a year old and since then they have also stopped the study with episodics. Personally I believe that part of the issue was that they didn't learn about clusters or cluster patients nearly as well as Eli Lilly did and didn't design their study properly. They never engaged the cluster community. Bob
  13. Thank you all for keeping an eye on things. Bob
  14. Just a few comments on the gammaCore device. As was mentioned by someone earlier in the thread, I think the first inclination on the device should be of the positives it brings. The cost is more a product of our broken and complicated medical system than of it's current cost. The Vagus nerve has long been discussed as it's potential involvement in cluster headaches. So it was a logical choice in research. The company did spend millions on this research and it has an important role to play in the overall need for more research into clusters and helping find another piece of the puzzle. Eve
  15. Hello all, I hope you're all having a great holiday season. I am looking for several people that are interested in taking part in a focus group regarding cluster headaches. Specifically we're needing people that have been diagnosed within the last 5 years. Even if you've had clusters for longer, the diagnosis should have been in the last 5 years. I know many of us go years before proper diagnosis. This is one of the issues that will be discussed. Participation will require attending a couple of long conference calls (3-4 hours long) FYI: This project is being sponsored by El
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