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  1. Made it home safe! Bummed that the mountain cedar sidelined me for much of the conference.....so great to see so many folks in Austin though ( 181 strong) and so grateful that I was able to attend. Safe travel to all!
  2. Lookin forward to seeing you again as well J! I'll take my drive over yours though!! Lol! Safe travels my friend!! DD
  3. Rental car loaded up....fixin to hit the road.....short stop in Big D to pick up a couple bags of brown rice flour (you never know, someone may want to do some baking).....then on to Austin for a whole lotta cluster bud love! Yeeeeee Hawww!! DD
  4. Welcome to the community d'w and thanks for being a supporter! Wishing ya'll much success and pf time! Dallas Denny
  5. Check your PM in box Treelove DD
  6. G'mornin Treelove Wow! Ok young lady, the first thing we need to figure out is WHY the oxygen is not working better.....what flow rate?....are you using a non rebreather mask? It's imperative that you get O2 working so you can get off the steroids before they cause irreversible damage...weight gain is the least of your worries with long term use of that stuff!! And, you need to detox a minimum of 5 days prior to busting so it's important that the O2 is aborting rapidly...I routinely abort in 5 to 8 minutes...just about a quick as a jab of trex!! DD
  7. G'evenin elpo! So sorry the Beast is having his way with you! Where are you located? I ask because our annual conference is next week in Austin! So, since you didn't mention it, do you have hi flow oxygen? DD
  8. Welcome Treelove What J and Chf said! And I personally would explore some of the other tryptamines prior to going the 5-MeO-DALT route. DD
  9. Lmao! Damn Ricardo! Don't wear our room out before I get there!! DD
  10. Damn! Getting close now! Sittin on ready and rockin on go! Found out yesterday that Ricardo and I are gonna be roomies! Really lookin forward to hearing your presentation and meeting you in person after all these years bud!!
  11. Just 520 hours til the conference!! Woot!! I'm gonna do my part to "Keep Austin Wierd" by showing up! Last I heard thathurtsmyhead was driving up from Florida...anyone else?? Took my cowboy boots to the cobbler yesterday for a tuneup....Austin is a boot scootin town! Yeeeeee Hawww! DD
  12. Wow! That's interesting Chf! I don't remember it affecting me like that...but....my forgetter works better than any of my other faculties..lol! So great that I'll finally get to meet Pete in person after all these years! He was flying carrier based sortees at the same time that I was launching birds for sortees in Nam. DD
  13. G'evenin Darcy I've posted in a Facebook group to see if any of the Canadian members have successfully sourced welding oxygen up there. I know that a longtime member here looked into it and couldn't find any regulatory restrictions in Canada but to be honest, I've yet to see anyone from Canada or the UK talk about using it. If I learn anything from my fb post I'll update here. One comment I have gotten is that you shouldn't have any problem sourcing medical oxygen thru ya'lls health care system but if it's anything like the UK, they seem to have a lot of hoops to jump thru but most usually end up getting it thru NHS at a reasonable price. DD
  14. So sorry Anita! I've only known of oxygen doing that to one other clusterhead....a kid named Michael whose Dad came here to search for help...I wouldn't have believed it had I not witnessed it in person twice...the first time was even with a demand valve! Like Chf, I'm at a loss for an explanation but sending prayers and positive thoughts ya'lls way! DD
  15. Here ya go..hope this helps...the dx is called non convulsive epilepsy https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwHf09yeneJnTllPQUpYWExncjg/view?usp=sharing DD
  16. G'evenin lp3! So, what I know is they won't approve it for clusters as I understand it, BUT, I just recently read something on facebook about a CCH patient getting approval with the affliction being classified as some type of epilepsy. I'll see if I can find that thread and post a link for you. Dallas Denny
  17. G'evenin Jon! Anecdotal, yes, but you are the 3rd clusterhead I've seen post about improvement or remission following chemo in the past 6 months.....real bummer to be in a position to become privy to those possible side effects I know but glad to hear of the improvement old friend! Dallas Denny
  18. Welcome to the community Harry! Shit the bed Loretta!! I love me some posts like this right here! Hot Damn!! Dallas Denny
  19. Hey Jimmys! Not sure where in Florida he is, but last I heard thathurtsmyhead was planning on driving to Austin. DD
  20. Wonderful news razor!! So happy that you're getting some positive results! DD
  21. G'afternoon Melanie I can only recall seeing a couple of SA clusterheads here over the years and I've not seen either of them post here in quite some time I'm sorry to say. I do however know of a gent from SA who's a fairly active member of a Facebook group for clusterheads.....one of the admins is a good friend that I met here several years ago so if you're on facebook I'll be more than happy to have Cindy add you to the group and I can message Hennie and see if it's alright to give you his contact information as he may know of other CH'ERS in ya'lls part of the world. There's also an interactive worldwide clusterhead map in the group that you can add your address to and it will show you any other members in your area. Welcome to the community but sorry you had the need to join us! Dallas Denny
  22. So sorry to hear about Mary my friend! Prayers and positive thoughts sent ya'lls way from Okieland! DD
  23. Welcome to the community criticalmass....so sorry you had the need to join us! Chf and Mit12 have already covered any suggestions I have but to reiterate: Batchs D3 regimen is effective for many ch'ers and very easy to put in place. Properly administered high flow oxygen therapy using the proper technique, with the correct set up is very effective as an abortive for the vast majority of ch'ers so please give us some details on your wife's past experience with it, flow rate? delivered via nasal cannula, mask, or non rebreather mask? Medical grade cannabis works very well for pain from my degenerated disc disease but doesn't trigger or help CH for me, however, many folks do find it to be a trigger. What type of brain surgery did she have? Dallas Denny
  24. Hey Jeff! You CAN NOT let the welding supply folks know you intend to breathe the welding O2!! They are in business to sell welding gases and supplies....as long as you don't let on that you're gonna breathe it, it WILL NOT be a problem! I've always just walked in and told them I needed to lease a large cylinder of welding oxygen....no one has ever asked me any questions....however, if they would have, my story would have been that i had a bunch of heavy scrap metal to cut up and a friend was loaning me his cutting torch rig but he loaned out his O2 cylinder and it was never returned.....that eliminates questions about needing acetelyn....by telling them I'm going to be using a cutting torch, they'll also expect me to be burning thru a lot of oxygen....the real drawback is having to hump a large, heavy O2 cylinder around....but if I can manage it at 69 years old....beats the living hell outta doin without! DD
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