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  1. Anyone out there have any LSD success stories they would like included in a book I'm writing about CH? I personally have found LSD more effective than MM and DALT, but am looking for some outside sources who have had similar success. Thanks in advance! Jtux
  2. Thanks all! L. Rich, please do keep me posted about your son. Pebbles, my theory is that the blocks DO often work, but for the same reasons (and with the same often-very-serious side effects) that steroids do. I have a hunch that there are people out there who've had necrosis and demineralization due to excessive blocks, but I haven't been able to find any examples. But I do agree with you that the publications (which are almost all glowingly positive) are leaving out a very important part of the story. Filacibin, thanks for your reply; best of luck to you. J
  3. Thanks filacibin! I'm curious why your neuro would continue to prescribe nerve blocks if you haven't demonstrated positive results after 4 years. I hope he/she can steer you in the direction of something more effective! J
  4. Hey all, I'm working on a book about CH, and am looking for stories about personal experiences with nerve blocks. I'm specifically looking to highlight some of the often-overlooked negative consequences of this procedure. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Ha! You are the first (and only) person I know who took a heroic dose of HBWR, and at a concert nonetheless. Thanks for contacting Bob; let me know what you find out! In the meantime, who's "Pink Shark Mark"?
  6. Thanks DD! An interesting trivia question, no?
  7. Hey all! Does anyone know how LSA seeds came to be used as a busting agent? Psilocybin, LSD, and Dalt are all pretty well documented, but I can't seem to find who first suggested HBWR and RC as therapeutic agent. Thanks! J
  8. Greetings one and all! Anybody know where a fella can find some good, quality, print literature on CH? I'm specifically interested in those early, 18th century patient descriptions, as well as any new and cutting-edge research work. Or even just in depth analyses of CH pathogenesis. The more technical the better. I'm kicking around the idea of writing a sort of memoir-exposition hybrid covering my own experience with the disease, mainstream treatments, busting, and a general history of the medicinal applications of hallucinogenic tryptamines. Basically an advocacy piece for the legalization of medicinal psychedelics. Summer has come and gone, but it's never too late to share your summertime CH reading favorites!
  9. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1334097833
  10. Thanks all. Probably a good idea to have a back-up regulator anyway. And thanks for the regulator anatomy lesson, THMH!
  11. Thanks Tucker. You think that's what it is? I managed to temporarily silence the noise by jamming a paper clip in the little hole at the base of the flow adjustment wingnut/screw. But that's a great suggestion; I'll take it in next time I need a refill.
  12. Thanks DD! That's way more in my price range!!!!
  13. Greetings fellow Clusterheads! First time poster, long time follower. Last night my regulator started making a dreadful, loud, creaking noise, and so I'm wondering if anybody can recommend (if there is such a thing) a medical-grade regulator that works with a welding tank. (My current regulator is of the welding variety.) The welding regulators, as many of you know, are kind of pricey, so I was hoping to save money by going the way of a medical regulator. Any suggestions? Ironically, the noise only occurs when the regulator is set within the range that I need it; crank it up a bit and it goes away (while wasting precious O2.) Thanks in advance!!! JTux
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