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  1. 11 months into the worst chronic episode in 21 years suffering, and all syhcidelicic substances have failed me badly! 5 meo dmt ,massive doses of shrooms, lsd, nn dmt ,. Nothing is flushing it out and worse off all it hasn't given me any respite in a year at kip 10, also flaring back up after an incomplete steroid program! . I'm in desperate straits here guys, I can't believe how I've lost this coatof armour, I have stuck to the regime and also given it big breaks in between dosing. I'm all out of options ! My doctor is saying surgery so I'm in a rush to solve this o
  2. If you live in the UK, mother nature is ready to bless us with liberty caps "mms "! Depending on the weather, end of August to the end of October! . That's the best remedy I could suggest for you ,as I know it has saved me and most others on site! Hope you find relief very soon Take care
  3. Sounds like you could have aura! A phenomenon mostly connectedto migraine sufferers. I also have cluster with aura, the aura came upon me in the last 5 years of my 20 years of cluster!
  4. I feel your frustration, I'm not up to date with this site and the topic of the "so called "Jesus shot as I'm sure there has been much debate on the subject. As for my experience with the nerve blocks, i am from the UK and was given the nerve blocks on a regular basis for at least 4 years, as we couldn't determine whether they worked for so long as I have to fly across to see him and receive them! "Given the fact that flying is a trigger "!5 years ago and I refused them on my last appointment, My specialist also agreed it was not happening for me, although he has had success with other patient
  5. Hello tpos, your second post sounds like you have AURA! Does your neck feel like it's getting stretched like pulling on a piece of meat? And do you feel your right arm going clumsy and weak! If so it definitely sounds like AURA. I have had that for past 5 years into my 19th year suffering! .give it a quick look up on the net as I could be wrong in your case! As for your first post! All i can say to that is ,Well done with treating yourself without diagnosis! As I see it, I've been given bad drugs that have destroyed my quality of life by doctors in the past 19 years and I discovered the antido
  6. Hi primrose, Really sorry to hear of your situation, you are not alone and I think you have found the the right site for advice ,as I and many others have found clusterbusters invaluable! . First I would like to suggest looking on YouTube and compare your attack to the footage of the poor folk having a cluster attack! As I am hoping you might not have cluster! Fingers crossed for you!
  7. cheers troupy,will hopefully have more feedback for you all very soon!
  8. hello kate , sorry for late reply,as i was explaining earlier,give it the full five days ,it sounds a long time but it works out like a 10 day regime!for example i had my first clearance dose last sunday night,i will repeat again tomorrow night,"friday night"!five full days kate,then repeat the next wednesday,witch would be five days for me!!i am pretty confident you will be okay!i feel for you badly and it is also so frustrating to hear of us clusterheads not having the access to the badly needed medicine !i live in british isles,so as you can imagine it is a massive task to obtain a class a
  9. hi kate, i found myself in the same situation last year,i also thought "no way the shrooms are not working "!a massive panic ,so i understand how you feel,at the time i did not no about the 5 day rule!as chfather has explained,you really need to give it that 5 days,i know it sounds a long time when in cluster but that might be your only way out of this hell at this point!hope all goes well kate ,!
  10. sounds like migraine,the reason i say that is the same as your reason!,this pain is on a scale i can not put into words how strong these things are!have you checked out any youtube vids of the attacks?i cant watch them they are horrid reminders but anyway mate lets just hope you do have bad migraines ,and hope you can find some answers on this site.also try mm treatment see if helps as i know any kind of headache is bad,especially migraine sufferers !.good luck
  11. hello guys,getting off to the dam shorty,as it will be a first with the truffles any advice would be a help, i need 3.5 dried shrooms to have any effect for me,!therefore how would i judge the amount? i am 4 hours in from taking 3.5 of the"terrance makenner strain" as i write this!just have to say that strain has been very kind to me,so would like some input on what strains i should go for.! thanks folks and pain free wishes to you all.
  12. hello andrew,feel for you mate, glad you discovered this site ,and mm treatment,!these fine folk from the USA have been great to me and my education of my personal battle with the beast! hope your doing okay ,give me a shout if need chat as i i am closer to home,"north west" as we probably share the same restrictions!!
  13. sorry id not get back earlier guys,the reason why i did continue to receive the blocks from my specialist is for many reasons,!the first one being any line of defence with this condition is another comfort.!for example ,when i blocked my receptors with mm last year it gave me some hope!,as i have not informed my specialist of my discovery of mm and lsd treatment !reason for this is i do not want to jeopardise my future treatment ! i have had to much of a bad experience with docs all my cluster life ,apart from my specialist who has been treating me for over 15 years !so i als
  14. i have been getting the nerve blocks for just over 4 years!i have not had positive results,but me and my specialist are convinced the negative results are due to me to being in full cluster at the time the,reason for that is when i go into cluster i have to organise appointment and flight,therefore i would be at least 2 weeks into full cluster! although my specialist informs me that he has had great results with other patients! good luck with your studies,just let me know if can help with anymore input!
  15. hello trackle,just to let you know my dose of 480 mil twice daily" 960 daily" does not effect mm treatment, for me that is"! had a mm dose last night and my head is clear as a bell today!,i will repeat in five days! hope all goes well for you ,you are chatting to the right folks ! have faith in this site and you will be alright.!
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