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  1. This is way old but somewhat comforting. I’m episodic and am going on my 7th PF day after 35 day cycle. I noticed the tinnitus towards the last week or so of my cycle, only occasionally, but it seems to be getting worse since the clusters stopped. It’s almost constant throughout the day.
  2. Hmm the only thing I can find when I google is about migraines with aura. Is that what you’re referring to?
  3. Something I just thought of... might be looking for a connection too hard but I’ve had neck and shoulder problems (right shoulder, I’m right sided this cycle, maybe just coincidence?) and it seems like on days that I get hit worse or hard with headaches, are the same days my neck and shoulder are flaring up. Hmmmm....
  4. I just wrote a post related to this.. did you notice the weather when it was happening? I have the same thing going on the past week or so.
  5. Hey all, so I’m Nearing the 4th week of my cycle, I’m eposodic. The first 2 weeks I was getting hit every 2-3 hours, they came fast and hard. Started the vitamin d regimen about 4 days into my cycle. A week later after no improvement (minus a few pf daytimes after micro dosing with blotters) I started the 12 day 50,000 IU d3 booster. I’m on day 10 of the booster and things this week seemed to be going amazing. I was sleeping more, wasn’t getting hit at all during the day. I was really convinced it was almost over. I was Getting weird dull pains of my left side (I’m a right sider this cycle) an
  6. Great to hear about the d3 working for you, I’m on day 5 so hopefully it will take its toll very soon. I’m in the states and I’m pretty sure I can just go grab the tank. I called airgas and they have the 60 cu ft for $200 filled, didn’t ask what I needed it for or anything like that, just said I could come whenever. Going to order the mask today and get the tank on Monday hopefully. Also just took my second micro dose of lsd, about 10mcg, last dose was 4 days ago, worried about work tonight though so I tried it a bit soon. The first dose I took I went 36 hrs PF, let’s hope this one kicks it ou
  7. This may be a bit off topic but I feel like it fits... If I have a medical tank from a relative, but no script, would a airgas or other welding supply fill it? Or no because it’s labeled medical?
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