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  1. Yeah Zipp, I stopped using triptans a few years ago because they can be bad for your sexual health. Oxygen is a life saver.
  2. Hey Tpos, I cant say that I noticed a difference in weather compared to previous cycles but my sinuses this time were much much more active and noticeable. If you're sinuses are really bothering I highly recommend using a neti pot daily or twice daily. I live in Michigan if that helps. Hope your pain is short lived! Doug
  3. Hey guys, My doctor is a f_ _ _ing idiot and I need to find a family doctor that understands CH and is willing to prescribe oxygen near Detroit. If anyone has any leads it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your response. It makes me feel a little better knowing that its happening elsewhere. Maybe its naive but Im pretty confident if the pain was a signal of something critical it would present throughout the day or be constant rather than only after I fall asleep. Again, your response is appreciated and best of luck to you as well.
  5. Hey guys, new to the forums. Been dealing with CHs for 7 or 8 years now and the pain of this recent attack seems to feel different than previous years. The pain is still behind my eye, cheek, jaw and nose but like not exactly the same locations of those places as previous attacks. Also, unlike previous attacks, i can hear my sinuses crackle and the pain lingers whereas it use to just instantly stop after an hour or so. Can anyone relate? Cheers, Doug
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