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  1. kate

    Red Bull. HRT

    Hello again. Is there any particular Benadryl recommended? Shall i get the Benadryl plus capsules? Also any particular ginger capsules? There are a lot on Amazon. TIA.
  2. kate

    Red Bull. HRT

    Thank you! I haven’t touched coffee, tea or milk since i was three years old. Coffee being the worst smell for me. I never thought of ginger capsules though. Will order some now. Also will request a vitamin D test. Pretty tough getting to even speak to a GP atm but will give it a go. Meanwhile will get some Benadryl tomorrow. Really appreciate the help.
  3. kate

    Red Bull. HRT

    Thanks so much for this information. Unfortunately I gag at ginger. I haven’t tried Benadryl but have taken 2 Ibuprofen together with paracetamol earlier today. No effect. I tried RC seeds years ago for quite a while but had no improvement. I tried D3 regimen for 8-9 months. I didn’t notice any difference whatsoever so eventually stopped as it was very expensive too. I also took 2 taurine tablets this afternoon. Made me shaky but didn’t lift the shadowing.
  4. Help needed please. Does HRT affect Cluster? Just started on a low dose. Not on any other medication. I normally can get 6 months after dosing twice with LSD. After only two months its back again! Shadows are bad. I ‘necked’ two cans of Red Bull but had a bad turn. Drained of colour and shook all over. Used to help in my forties but now in my sixties. It was quite scary so was wondering how everyone else deals with shadowing? Im unable to get shrooms at the moment and when i can they are very expensive. Tried growing my own but was a disaster. Suggestions please.
  5. Hello all, I started the D3 course two weeks ago. I have seen no improvements to my heavy shadowing. Should I now reduce as have been taking the loading doses? It got so bad that I had to dose with MM which I did twice as usual. Still no relief from shadowing. Any advice welcome, thanks
  6. Thanks Dave. All still looks complicated. I’ll order what is in the photo in the link and go from there.
  7. Good afternoon all. I have been reading about the D3 regime. Simply put, what do I buy and how much do I take? How often and for how long please? Im in England. TIA, Kate
  8. kate

    Advice needed.

    So far so good. Thanks for all help and advice.
  9. Hello again. Thanks for your advice. Im not suffering like others. Hopefully thats a thing of the padt when life was not worth living. As i said i have not suffered a full on attack in years thanks to fellow clusterheads. The shadows are scarey enough. Where are you from? Im in Kent.
  10. Hello, when first starting using alternatives I used the seeds regularly but didn't have any success with them. Shall I wait five days and use shrooms again? Hello. I always used to use RC seeds and it was a long time ago so can't remember how many. About 60 I think. They made me tired and felt like i had a hangover but can't remember them helping at all.
  11. Hello Filacibin. I always knew about the rule but I was told many years ago that it was 3-5 days. I always did the third day but must admit that my second dose hasn't worked well for a while now. At the moment i'm left with heavy shadows so will try again Monday which will be my fifth day. Or will it?.......I dosed Saturday with about 2.5 g of shrooms and then again last night (Wednesday) with 3g with no effect. When should i try again? Monday? Thanks
  12. Hello, when first starting using alternatives I used the seeds regularly but didn't have any success with them. Shall I wait five days and use shrooms again?
  13. Hello, I have had an excellent response to shrooms, so much so that i have staved off any full on attacks for about ten years. When i get warning signs I dose with 2-3 grams of shrooms. This has increased from 1g over the years. I was going six months to a year but since December have had to dose six times. I have always dosed twice each time with the second dose on day three. I am on day three now and took about 3 grams earlier. Apart from my gums hurting, eye drooping I am not affected. I dont know how to get hold of any LSD or would try that. Getting really worried that my good luck is finally running out. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Kate
  14. Hello. I remember that feeling so well! Where do you live?
  15. kate

    Advice needed.

    I don't think the LSD is good as apart from a restless night nothing happened. It's usually an unpleasant experience which is why i stick to shrooms when I can. I'll just have to see how I go and meanwhile get a grow kit. Thanks again.
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