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  1. Hi there you should consider making your own DMT. It’s honestly very easy to do. I learned everything on Reddit, and bought everything online and Amazon. mimosa hostilis root bark is what you need for extraction. It is legal and sold as a clothing dye. I vape a small amount with the APX volt set @ 2.8v and I can completely abort a nasty headache in 5-10 mins with no rebounds.
  2. My current cycle is one hit per day... usually in the afternoon. Sometimes 2... if I take a nap after the first one goes away I’ll wake up with another one just as bad or worse. Also I usually have shadows all day before and/or after.. sometimes a migraine all day.. during a cycle my head feels cloudy all the time. In my opinion clusters are night and day between anything else.. and I can easily tell when I’m having one... my right eye kills, gets puffy and nose gets runny.. the time for me seems to switch . I would say yes the times do change.
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