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  1. Hey Batch, I am still having 1 to 2 hits a day but thankfully they are at night and I'd take night headaches over one during the day while I am at work.... Admittedly I am on what I think is the old D3 regimen that consists of (x2 D3 @10,000 I/U, x1 magnesium citrate @250mg, x1 calcium @600mg and x1 fish oil @1200mg) and unfortunately I haven't had any labs drawn for a while but about 6 months ago I did and they were fine
  2. Thank you Batch, I have reduced the hits to 1 or 2 per day and hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel
  3. Right?!..... the relpax helps, I just take it as soon as I know it's not just a shadow and hit is coming and 9 times out of 10 I'm fine..... at the worst I sit in my car for 20 to 30 min
  4. All great information, thank you guys so much
  5. Thank you for the information @kat_92and @CHfather . I really appreciate it
  6. I am following the most recent D3 regimen that was on this board... it was updated in August 2019 I believe?.... I have it bookmarked, and no I am not taking benadryl, won't that make me pass out? Lol I'm a bartender and there is nothing worst than a lethargic bartender but I will definitely look into that..... I am going through O2 like it's my job, it used to be a miracle but now it only seems to abort abouy 40% of the attacks.... I am taking the 10MG prednisone dose pack which had worked in the past for me and was a bridge to get the D3 working and got me into my 2 yr remission.... and yes relpax is a pill that I have been taking since the beginning but they only give you 6 per prescription so it's this delicate dance on if it's worth it to take it or not..... I usually take it when O2 is not an option a d recently relpax has been the only thing that works for me but I fear I have started to get dependent on it and that I get rebound headaches if I don't have it in my system..... I have experimented with a few energy drink and 5hr energy is definitely in the mix but red bull seems to be the winner for me...... we all know that amazing feeling when we can abort a shadow with just an energy drink lol..... I will definitely look into those seeds Thanks for the advice
  7. My regulator goes up to 8 and I asked my O2 supplier if I could get a higher flow one but they are kinda unreliable, but I have to go to a new one in February anyways because of insurance changes.... I may have to look into ths RC seeds, I live in FL so maybe they may ship here?... and yes I stayed on the D3 maintenance dose the whole time during my 2 yr remission...... I took verapamil in the past with no results but I have an appt with my nuro on the 5th so maybe we will start that up again Thanks Kat
  8. I'll try my best to keep it short. I am 34 and have suffered from CH since my early 20's. After years of dealing with this damn condition I have learned all the tips and tricks. I use O2, D3, energy drinks, ginger and sinus plummer which is essentially hot pepper spray up the nose but I have been able to abort some hits if I use it early enough. After going on the D3 regimen in I think 2018 I had 2 years straight with no headaches at all..... Well I was spoiled and my headaches have come back with a vengeance when the weather got cold. Nothing seems to work anymore except "relpax" which is not smart to take all the time but I have no other option... not even O2 is working which is crazy because it was a miracle to me a few years ago. I am curtently on a steroid dose pack which used to give me a few pain free days but that isn't working either. I started the new D3 regimen a week ago with hopes that it will give me the same remission I had before.... I am at my wits end here... am I missing anything? What has worked for you guys to go into long periods of remission? PS. I would absolutely try busting but as I am not in college anymore I cannot come across mushrooms or LSD and I have tried messaging some people I think could get them but have not had success Thank you for listening, no one truly understands what we go through everyday
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