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  1. Hey Batch, I am still having 1 to 2 hits a day but thankfully they are at night and I'd take night headaches over one during the day while I am at work.... Admittedly I am on what I think is the old D3 regimen that consists of (x2 D3 @10,000 I/U, x1 magnesium citrate @250mg, x1 calcium @600mg and x1 fish oil @1200mg) and unfortunately I haven't had any labs drawn for a while but about 6 months ago I did and they were fine
  2. Thank you Batch, I have reduced the hits to 1 or 2 per day and hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel
  3. Right?!..... the relpax helps, I just take it as soon as I know it's not just a shadow and hit is coming and 9 times out of 10 I'm fine..... at the worst I sit in my car for 20 to 30 min
  4. All great information, thank you guys so much
  5. Thank you for the information @kat_92and @CHfather . I really appreciate it
  6. I am following the most recent D3 regimen that was on this board... it was updated in August 2019 I believe?.... I have it bookmarked, and no I am not taking benadryl, won't that make me pass out? Lol I'm a bartender and there is nothing worst than a lethargic bartender but I will definitely look into that..... I am going through O2 like it's my job, it used to be a miracle but now it only seems to abort abouy 40% of the attacks.... I am taking the 10MG prednisone dose pack which had worked in the past for me and was a bridge to get the D3 working and got me into my 2 yr remission.... and yes
  7. My regulator goes up to 8 and I asked my O2 supplier if I could get a higher flow one but they are kinda unreliable, but I have to go to a new one in February anyways because of insurance changes.... I may have to look into ths RC seeds, I live in FL so maybe they may ship here?... and yes I stayed on the D3 maintenance dose the whole time during my 2 yr remission...... I took verapamil in the past with no results but I have an appt with my nuro on the 5th so maybe we will start that up again Thanks Kat
  8. I'll try my best to keep it short. I am 34 and have suffered from CH since my early 20's. After years of dealing with this damn condition I have learned all the tips and tricks. I use O2, D3, energy drinks, ginger and sinus plummer which is essentially hot pepper spray up the nose but I have been able to abort some hits if I use it early enough. After going on the D3 regimen in I think 2018 I had 2 years straight with no headaches at all..... Well I was spoiled and my headaches have come back with a vengeance when the weather got cold. Nothing seems to work anymore except "relpax" which is not
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