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  1. I would get my hands on some MM(cheap , fast + natural) ..also there is a new drug that wasnt available 3.5 years ago its called emgality and a 300mg shot seems to reduce or abort episodic clusters, go to a specialist.
  2. i cant wait to read this bust report!! please provide details like what kind of MM and doses too (if you remember)
  3. six times a night ? that sounds absolutely AWFULL that what i imagine hell looks like. whats ur CHs now with MM?
  4. My CH cycles i usually get 1 a day always around 6 to 9 am ... the plane was 8 hrs the same day i did not get any attacks but nor did i sleep during the 8 hrs! A study showed that ginger capsules can be as effective as sumatriptan i took one every 4 hours that day and I've been taking one capsule a day when im off cycle try it yourself and let me know if it works for you also!
  5. Hey guys i wanted to share my two cents for you because it may help some! i know everyone is different but one year while dealing with a bad cycle i had a trip abroad (7hr time difference)i was only 3 weeks into my cycle and my headaches stopped as soon as i was in the new time zone. *i did have some shadows following days but the cycle just stopped! it could be from high morale and good psychology of being abroad after 3 weeks of hell but scientifically the bodies clock is linked to CH so it would make sense to have a relationship with time on my next cycle i will definitely experiment with skipping sleep etc...
  6. The wait is usually about a month but i constantly had to push it back because i travel between Europe and America constantly so it took me 3 months. I'm off cycle so i did not have the injection i was told to keep them in my fridge and take it as soon as i feel a shadow she only requested an MRI. i recommend her i feel like she has a lot of experience w ch especially from her using terms like shadows and stuff that we use here. Both my uncle and aunt are doctors with 20+ years experience and they cant distinguish a migraine from a CH because they are simply just not aware of the condition.i lived 5 years thinking i would have periods of migraines that would suddenly disappear now it all makes sense to me it was cH all along..so seeing a specialist is important!
  7. yes i study in Chicago so i live here... Just had my appointment with dr diamond and diamond clinic after a fe months of waiting. Apparently Emgality is a very effective treatment for stopping cycles for both episodic and chronic.Its a new drug so not many people know about it. Hopefully they dont come back but if they do ill see if it actually works
  8. i am 23 now..... i do have childhood memory of being maybe 5 or 4 and experiencing one sided pain one morning.... it never came back until i was 15 and i had the same one sided pain every morning for about a week.. then it was totally gone until my last year in high school (4 years after the last) it was terrible lasted 2 months i thought it was permanent and that i would have to live my life like this....ever since ive been getting them every 2.5 years they lats between 2-4 weeks... although i do recretionaly experiment with pschadelics alot so that may be the reason why my cycles are so far apart and usually bearable. do u know if CH gets worst with age:( ? i live on a small Mediterranean island so i dont really trust drs with such rare condition so i will be going to another doctor in america on august 15th! and will get scans also...
  9. during a cycle do you know if its common for the time to shift for example the first week i may get them at 6:30 am and then the next week it moves up to 8:00 am everyday .. also thank you for being so responsive on this blog
  10. Hello guys, does anyone also get the headaches only once a day usually? when im in cycle i usually just get it once a day in the morning around 6:00 am maybe its not CH after all...
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