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  1. senstrom1


    the sick to stomach thing happen to me a couple times when the ch first manifested...think it was just a reaction to such severe pain that my body was not yet accustom to, but it went away after maybe 3 times.
  2. senstrom1

    new to verapamil

    the injectable imitrex was a game changer for me...tried the pills but they were useless
  3. senstrom1

    Even in my dreams now

    Thanx Spiny
  4. senstrom1

    Even in my dreams now

    this is a new low for the beast, had a painfree night last night but had dreams of attacks most of the night. Woke me from sleep 3 different times, once my wife was standing there concerned about the strange noises i was making....petty little beast it is
  5. senstrom1

    Help In Florida

    gonna try to make the chicago conference this year. I was transformed when i first read someone else's words describing things i was going thru when i first found clusterheads.com, i'm sure that actually meeting the same people would be even more beneficial. thanx for being here, sorry you have to be
  6. senstrom1

    Please help me

    best of luck andrew, i have no advice you havent already got from CHFather that dude needs put up for sainthood listen to him
  7. senstrom1

    First Timer Question

    hey kyle sorry to have you brother, you will learn alot of stuff you dont wanna know in the time ahead but it is all helpful. I have always ramped up kinda slow but then end abruptly. i started off episodic for the first 3 years and then turned chronic for nearly 10 and then just nothing for a year and a half, back into a new cycle now and even after all this time i have no real expectation of what will happen next. i know none of this is making you feel better but when it comes down to it we lean on each other but fight the beast alone. best of luck brother
  8. senstrom1

    Help In Florida

    wish i lived closer Jan, but know we have all been there. you are really lucky to have even met another person who has CH, i have been fighting the beast since 2000 and have never personally spoke to another person that even stood a chance of knowing what i was talking about. as far as information goes this is the place to get it. it is helpful if you elude to your question in your post heading so people cruzing the topics have a better idea of what you need. Good luck
  9. senstrom1


    Thanks for the info Dallas! appreciate it
  10. senstrom1


    CHfather; are these things compatible with standard welding O2 tanks?
  11. senstrom1

    2017 Clusterbusters Conference

    I am going this year, saving account be damned. I have never in the 20 years i have had CH spoke directly to another person who also had it. Such a simple thing I believe will have a profound effect for me....I need to know that you all are real people.
  12. senstrom1


    thanks for posting bob, i need to do exactly what you just did...anyway you could provide more detailed information about what you bought from harbor freight and amazon so that i could do the same, please?....thx
  13. senstrom1


    never triggered by a scent that i am aware of. The barometric thing really kicked my butt
  14. senstrom1

    just want to meet someone who knows

    hopefully chicago then, dont believe i could make Austin.
  15. have been reading these posts for a few years now between here and ch.com....but i've never actually met someone else who has been where i have been. who has crawled across the floor screaming for someone to kill me. then had too look my spouse in the eye and try to comfort her afterwards because i feel so bad that she has to watch me.