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  1. Yes mine is bending over as well, my crying is emotional fight with spouse, that type. I know the one you are talking about though were the tears just come down from the pain of an attack. Hope you’re having a good day Thanks for responding !
  2. Does anyone else experience a ch when they are in a cycle (I’m cronic so I have the several times a day everyday) but do you notice crying or holding back tears or being really upset makes them worse? Like a 10? thanks
  3. Thanks, I really thought I was the only one because you never read about this side effect with CH’s.
  4. Thanks! that what I do too, I get my electric blanket out if I can and wrap up. I just thought it was an such and side effect to the CH but I’m glad to hear from others they have the same issue
  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses!
  6. Does anyone else feel like they are freezing during an attack? I haven’t found anything about this side effect but it happens about 80% of the time I have one. thanks
  7. My neurologist suggested Botox injections today at our visit. The last time I was there we did an Occipital nerve block and as soon as I got in my car to leave I was hit with a CH, needless to say it didn’t work because they continued. Has anyone had experience with Botox? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone else noticed tinnitus with their cluster cycles? I have noticed it has ramped up since my latest cycle started. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I have been suffering from episodic cluster headaches for 20 years. Approximately 6 months ago they became 4-6 daily lasting 2-3 hours each. My neurologist put me on steroids, on Topamax 50mg, High flow oxygen, Indocin, added verapamil to the blood pressure medication I already take for high blood pressure and did Ocipital nerve block yesterday. Nothing besides the steroids stops the attack for a short amount of time and he won’t write for another round. I’m desperate for help. Thanks!
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