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  1. Thank you so much for your help guys. I'm in the process of trying to get some O2 as quick as possible. Also, I keep seeing the the word 'Shadows' thrown about on the forum. Is this referring to the mild lingering pain before/after the pain really kicks up a notch? I just want to know so I can explain better to my doctor/employer. I've had to take time off work as I work in a shop and trying to put on a smile when I feel like banging my head is literally driving me insane, even after the pain fades I still get these little twinges and throbs afterwards that ontop of being exhausted and tired just make everything so much harder. Thank you again.
  2. Thats what I had thought. I was asking him questions such as would oxygen affect a hemicrania as it would a cluster headache, how long hemicrania tend to last and if the bouts come about around the same time of day and night and all sorts of questions about clusters but he had no answers to give me. Im worried that once he is satisfied that sumotriptalin just doesnt work fast enough and he gives me indomethacin , then I could be left without anything while he preaches I finish them. My head is all a bit foggy from the restless nights but I think Ill chase o2 up with or without the doctor.
  3. Thank you again for being so helpful. Im going to push for a oxygen tank and rebreather mask through my doctor or by any other means. He came across as having very little knowledge about it and even admitted I would be better off seeing a specialist but I dont think I can manage the two year waiting list wkth out some relief. Ill be looking over the files to see what else I could use to help. Many thanks again mate.
  4. So I went to ny doctor this morning and told him about the other condition. He said it could possible be so but he wants me to stay with my current meds so that there is bo confusion if something starts to work. I was in a bad way this morning though, pacing around my place swearing all sorts. Does everyone experience the same curled up in a ball, screaming and crying pain or do they vary from time to time? I discovered the kip scale and Id say the pain varies from 5 to 8. Never experienced anything less or more when they come on. Thank you for the help guys
  5. During my initial discovery of the headaches I did have a trip to A&E where the doctor gave me a bit of grief for coming in with a 'headache'. He did put me on an oxygen tank then and there which did help alot. I had asked my GP about it but he asked me to take the Sumatriptan tablets when I feel it coming on and the pizotifen before bed. I will do some research into hemicrania headaches and inform my GP. Thank you again CHfather.
  6. Thank you CHfather, I will go to my gp and ask him if I could try indomethacin. I had Neproxen which is also a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug but that did absolutely nothing. The pain is steadily getting worse as time goes by though. Each time it comes it feels that little worse. Perhaps I'm just tired of it and responding to it more now, but any help is appreciated, thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, for the past two months I've been suffering with a sever headache, trips to the local GP and to the hospital to do CT scans show nothing irregular. At first I tried some over the counter medication but nothing worked, the GP tried giving me naproxen and amitriptyline after complaining about the pain and that I was being woken up during the night with it but they did nothing. The doctor finally suggested I might be suffering with Cluster headaches. When the pain comes, my temple on the right suddenly starts hurting, my eyelid droops, my nose runs and my eye waters. The pain itself is sharp but mainly stays around the temple area and occasionally drifts behind the eye. The doctor prescribed me Sumatriptan tablets and Pizotifen which seem to help somewhat. My only problem is, after the diagnosis I was obviously curious about cluster headaches. I started to learn more about it and I can't help but feel I've been misdiagnosed. I've seen videos of people with cluster headaches, graphic descriptions of the pain and I can honestly say I am nowhere near. The pain I experience is debilitating and I often have to stop what I'm doing (Or do it very wrong) but I've never had to drop and scream, never once thought it was the worst possible feeling. I'm curious if Cluster headaches are a constant level of pain everytime they come about. Do they vary in how painful they are? Can you get a mild cycle? If so, is it possible I do have cluster headaches and the first experience of it is just a mild case and should I expect something much more sever later on? If no, does anyone have any suggestions what else I could be suffering from? I also asked my doctor to refer me to a neurologist only to be told there is a near two year waiting list and I've not the spare cash to book a private appointment. Many thanks, Lewis.
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