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  1. I have not heard or tried energy drinks .. do you take them at first sign? I do have a prescription for sunitriptan injections.. and plenty. I have taken about 10 of them in my life but I was just reading one of the message boards about they could potentially increase the severity of the rebound ? I have just used them In the past in tough situations like when I am teaching a class or somewhere I need to be functional. The wedding is in Orlando so I assume it won't be too difficult to get a rental hopefully
  2. Hey everybody, man its been a long time since I've been on here... 16 months to be exact. my longest remission yet....all due to the mushrooms.. they could not have come back at a worse time in my life. I am getting married in exactly 51 days, a destination wedding where I will be far away from o2, this has always been one of my greatest fears. I am extremely motivated to rid myself of these as quickly as possible, but I did want to talk to everyone for some advice. - I have my mushrooms ready.. they might be a year or so old but should still help - I typically stay well stocked on oxygen, alternating 2 tanks at a time. - I find the vitamin regimen very helpful, but I have forgotten the suggested doses of fish oil, d3, etc. CH father, you previously gave me a recommendation? - constant hydration seems to help, whenever I feel overheated it tends to bring them on. - I have had inconsistent results with exercise in the past, one time it was used as an abortive technique with me and worked great... the other it seems to bring them on pretty heavy. - DEEP deep tissue massage. I have a massage therapists that completely rips my body apart in a good way and I have found such positive results from this. often the next day I will not have a CH and it seems to help decrease the severity. any other advice is recommended. I trust you guys, you once talked me out of a surgery with Dr. Shevel and I feel extremely grateful for all of you. determined to kick this within 51 days! -Moto
  3. Thanks, I'm not too worried about the bad trip, I'm more concerned with just the effectiveness of the bust sot hank you for he input. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. Thanks dr Ty, so you think it could be beneficial to still attempt busting even though the medications are still in my system? Detoxing for 2 weeks sounds like an unrealistic option for me
  5. Hello I'm looking to try busting again, it's been a couple years since I've been able to get my hands on mushrooms and the RC seeds never worked for me but I have had success with mushrooms. I have 2 days left on my prednisone taper (which did nothing) and my doctor has me on 1500mg of depakote which is a huge waste of time. How long so I need to cleanse myself of these before trying to bust? Is a cleanse mandatory? I know I have to finish the prednisone and I don't think it would be smart to just abruptly stop the depakote, but how long do I need to be free of these? Also, what is the recommended dose? I'm fine with hallucinating, actually it's the fun part of it. Is taking too much bad or are you supposed to keep it to a low dose?? Any information on the actual busting process would be helpful, thank you.
  6. I wanted to know if anyone is aware or heard of this doctor. If not please research. He claims to have a cure for migraine and cluster headaches and I am speaking with him personally. He claims he can help, and help permanately with safe and non invasive surgery. Against my doctors advice( who never helped or took time to care anyway) I will be having this surgery. I will be traveling to South Africa and taking a leap of faith. There are YouTube videos of cluster patients he has cured with only 1 known fail to date.
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