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  1. Interesting experience last night. As you know I was without o2 and freaking the heck out. I was terrified quite honestly. So at midnight I went to the Norton hospital ER in hopes they would send me home with a tank of o2. I explained to them I was not in serious pain, but would be throughout the night because I had run out of o2. Shockingly, the ER doctor understood exactly what I was facing and sent me on my way with a E tank to get me through the night. And I'm sure glad he did. So thankful. Worth the $200 bill I will get for the visit? Yep. Also, I want to clarify. I get my o2 from a medical supply and use your typical regulator for e tanks. Also want to clarify why this happened. A washer on my regulator was all worn and cracked and so when I got my early morning hit my tank was empty, so I had to endure a really bad one, then go into trying to get a replacement tank yesterday. Normally this would not have happened. Check your washers! Yes today I got 3 tanks and am all set. This will not happen again. Thanks again for the support. As for sleeping upright, etc. Doesn't seem to help me.
  2. I'm an o2 guy. I've tried a hundred things. o2 go to. I read something about kudzu that sounds promising I'm going to try that out. I'll have two hits tonight that I'll have to just pace through. I have to go outdoors for some reason. I thought I was getting a hit today which was odd because I usually only carry a shadow throughout the day. I did the Red Bull and a BC and it helped. I'm just so drained. I don't get any sleep during my cycle. I do appreciate all the help today even though it was a dead end. Still kept me busy. I have it good compared to many. Episodic and a month out of each year. But god. Why.
  3. Harbor Freight does NOT sell oxygen. Just so everyone knows. I took it back. I'm just going to have to deal with full length attacks tonight.
  4. By crank the valve do you mean turn the knob on the tank to open position? Yeah I think I bought a tank. An empty f ing tank. My luck. Do you think harbor freight fills them?
  5. Does anyone know what this extra cylinder with a hole thru it is? On opposite side of tank from reg???? Sorry
  6. There's another little valve thing with a hole thru it. I don't know what it's for. On other side from where reg attaches. God damn my life
  7. Nothing comes out. It's all on there. I open tank. Gauges don't read. No air. Nothing. Oh my god here we go.
  8. See links above from harbor freight. I don't see a way to insert pics. I'm on my phone CGA 540
  9. See links above from harbor freight. I don't see a way to insert pics. I'm on my phone
  10. Guess it's welding o2 for tonight. My only fear is operating it. Never used this type of tank and reg.
  11. None of the local suppliers have a clue when it comes to CH. and I'm in a pretty big city. It's always baffled me.
  12. My supplier won't even deliver period. Yes on mask.
  13. I'm at harbor freight now. Found the 20 cf tank and regulator with adapter. Is there any thing I need to know as far as operating it? Attach regulator to tank, attach adapter, attach tube to mask, turn knob on tank, turn spicket on regulator. Simple as that? Thanks for the help.
  14. I have only used medical o2 from medical supply stores. Never occurred to me about commercial o2. So it's safe and the same o2? Thank you I will make calls immediately. Do I tell them why I need it? Do stores like this require a license or something?
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