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  1. Awesome!! Luv to listen to a good sax player! Dallas Denny
  2. From the time that my CH's started in 1983 until my last cycle prior to the one I am in now I always had somewhat of a handle on when to expect a cycle to start. Cycles were anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks with a remission period of 10 to 18 months. When I was finally diagnosed with CH my neurologists told me that many people outgrew them in their late 50's. So, when I didn't have the cycle I expected a couple of years ago when I turned 60, I thought maybe I had outlived the beast...yeah..riiightt.... I did make it PF for almost 4 years before the start of this cycle. The timecycle for me has always been 5 to 7 weeks from the first "twinge" to the start of the peak, with the peak usually lasting another 5 to 6 weeks with 6 to 10 hits a day. For me, it has always been like someone "turned off the water faucet", it goes from the 6 to 10 hits one day to maybe only 2 the next, then a PF day followed by 1 hit, a couple of PF days and then 1 hit and the cycle is over. Usually no more than a week from end of peak to end of cycle. The difference in this cycle is that after having that predictable end of cycle week, the hits have now started up again and seem to be building in frequency and severity! After reading so many peoples storys about becoming chronic with CH, I gotta admit to having some real fear right now. And to top it off, my wife is a hospice nurse and she got a new outpatient last week with history of CH. He was episodic til his late 50's then went chronic until at 68 they just stopped. He has now been PF for over 10 years.....well....as PF as a 78 yo can be I guess....LOL I know the beast has his way with us in all different manners but was just curious about others experience that have gone from episodic to chronic. Wishing for PFDAN's for all Dallas Denny
  3. Fantastic show!! Thank you so much to anyone who helped to make it possible. I'm gonna buy the DVD so the next time I'm in a situation explaining my CH and someone tells me "Oh yeah, I have migraines too", I'm gonna hogtie em and set em in front of the tube for a lesson on headaches LOL. Dallas Denny
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