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  1. Hey k-bo. Don't worry at all about seeds. You probably won't feel anything weird at all. Very natural, and just follow directions from this site.
  2. I think I'm pretty much in the clear with this episode. BUT, I still get a shadow or 2 when I drink. I'm always worried that it will become a 10 at any time, but so far so good.
  3. defective, that's awesome that you actually had 16! You must have a really good doc.
  4. I'm in a similar situation. I'm flying next Wednesday, and I am in semi-full cycle. I use Apria Health. They're national. I will (hopefully) be able to pick up a tank when I get there, and I'm bringing my mask and regulator. But I'm scared of the plane ride too. I'm going to take nrg drinks and strips, and have a trex shot just in case. Assuming airport security will not confiscate my trex. If you're not in cycle, hopefully everything will be just fine. Good luck to you!
  5. @Jeff, where did you end up finding the freshest seeds? Even if they don't float, can they still be bad? I dosed 3 times using about 100 seeds per dose. No help.
  6. My CH side is always clogged. As a kid I had really bad allergies. The year my CH hit the first time was the first time my allergies cleared up. Have not had allergies since, but stuffy nose on CH side always.
  7. Did this happen while in cycle? Did you trex it away? I'm taking a trip in a little over a week and I am in cycle, maybe. I mushy dosed Tuesday, rebound Wednesday, and fine ever since. I wonder if flying will trigger a CH even if my busting worked.
  8. Vitamin M Tuesday night. Rebound last night? Yep. I sure hope that's what it was
  9. You guys are so kind. Thank you so much. Dosed with Vit. M last night. No magic though. That scares me too. I know they say it works even if no trip. I sure hope that's true. ~CF
  10. That scares me. I'll be dosing tonight. My son graduates from boot camp in San Diego June 29. I've never traveled while in cycle. I don't get out much. If I get a visit from the beast, which I actually call the bastard, I just don't know what I will do. Just thinking about that happening while I am there makes me cry.
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a decent quantity of Imitrex? The most my doc will write is for 4/mo. That's a joke. Most meds are out of pocket for me, but that's not such a big issue. Thanks everyone! ~Jill
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