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  1. shrooms work wonders. just can't locate them. still working on it. trying the d3 vitamin suggestion, and I think I'm seeing some results. Not as many last night! Here's to trying anything for some relief
  2. Please advise...I see on here 2 different mg for the fish oil. The main post says 2-3 mg....but later on in these posts it states 2000-3000mg. Just now starting this. Thank you
  3. I've suffered with CH for over 30 yrs. My cycle just started 3 days ago. They normally last from June thru October. I'm a firm believer in vit-m! I just can't find it. O2 does work, and I have some treximet, but I need to stop this cycle. I've tried the rc seeds with no relief. Any advice?
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