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  1. Curious whether she's tried the occipital facet nerve block injections that at least at one time were providing Hipshot with total relief for 2 to 3 weeks? Hi,Bejeeber, She's had more nerve blocks than I can count,done by several differant doctors plus botox 3 times,none have helped.One ONB even triggered a K10. Â Â Even Dr.Sheftell (RIP) gave up on her and got her hooked on stadol.Thank God thats long passed. PF2U, BJ
  2. Hold the phone ",they hit a nerve which caused cluster headaches" This sounds wrong to me. Sphenopalitine Ganglion Rhizotomy (radio frequency cauterization ) Has shown LIMITTED success for a very FEW. 'no-one' has had 5 of them,along with supra orbital,temperal, mandibular,,,basicly every nerve from her jaw to the bridge of her nose and around her eye has been burned.No help The only thing that has ever stopped a hit for her is injection of xilocaine 10% or maricaine 10% injected directly into the eye brow (you all know the spot) and that only lasts a few hours She still gets 4-8 hits a day EVERY DAY :'(   I'm not trying to rain on your parade here aneurysmalex ,I honestly hope you stay PF with or without the procedure.   I only wish to caution those who may think this would be the silver bulett for every one.     The Dr. that recomended this was Todd Rozen, the pain management Dr. who did them was Dr. Mathew Kline at Abbington surgical center (just north of Philly PA)    Do your homework before you get your hopes (or the hopes of others) too high,the fall might just be the final straw.  Again, aneurysmalex , I have nothing but PF wishes for you. PF2ALL
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    I believe you have to register but you can use the same as ch.com ID and password
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    The room is still up and running http://www.clusterheads.com/cgi-bin/gtchat/chat.pl
  5. CLUSTER HEADACHES,Be Humane! Cure me or Kill me!
  6. Serious as a heart attacl bro.
  7. Anybody ever try this to abort?
  8. Yup! Only way to tolerate the taste. capsuleconnection.com
  9. http://www.puritan.com/maca-524?searchterm=maca%20root&rdcnt=1&sortorder=2&Page=1 Might be worth a try,remember,we laughed at shrooms at first too.
  10. It seems that course verm is getting hard to find and one persons def. of course is different than the next guy.I bought extra course from this guy ( http://stores.ebay.com/jerrysseedstartingsupplies ) and it's the best I've seen! Almost too large if you get the extra course (see pic) He ships very quickly too. I have no affililiation with this guy and gain nothing if you buy from him,just a tip for anyone looking for bigger chunks.
  11. Well,no luck with the SPGB On to a C-2 block Friday
  12. "i would go to the doc 3 days in a row each week, every week,,,, he would take a long q tip, soak it in lidocaine, and insert it up into my nasal cavity, about 3-4 inches, and leave it there for 30 mins,,,, . no luck, well on day three of my first week while the qtip was in my nose i got hit, bad, one of the worst of many attacks i have experienced, not to mention being in public, needless to say i said F-that with tears in my eyes and a q tip protruding from my face"-(paraphrased) This is not how this is being done now(at least not everywhere) The sphenopalatine ganglion block is done as an injection under X-ray directly into the ganglion. The block is a TEST! ONLY if the block works will radiofrequency rhizotomy be considered.   I'll let you know more in a few weeks. p.s.As BobW can tell you,she has indeed tried EVERYTHING else leading up to this.
  13. CAUTION!! If you have your gall badder be VERY careful about how much Ginger you use.If you have gall stones or any other gall bladder issues,I strongly urge you NOT to use ginger! Yes,I found out the hard way,then later found the warning in the literature.
  14. Hello Lee_Ann, (((((((hugs)))))))) welcome aboard.I am both a sufferer and supporter,both chronic,so believe me when I say I know what you are going through. I would recommend starting with RC seeds because they are easy to get and legal to get in most states.Many ppl use them and never have to go to fungi. Now as for growing,I have a lot of info and tips all bundled up in one E-mail from walking others through the process.If you would like to PM me your e-mail addy I would be glad to send it to you. Stay strong, BJ
  15. I recently lost a friend that I can't even begin to express how much he meant to me and I could never come close to describing his qualities or personality. So,not to bore you,I'll just dedicate this song to him. Give it a listen,you'll get a kick out of it,he always did. Rest in peace Harold PF2UAll,BJ & Becky
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