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  1. I can't log on with my IPad using AT&T 3G network, but when I switch it to WiFi, I don't have a problem. Hopefully if anyone else is having a problem, they can report it by using another device or network.
  2. Ron's daughter is getting married Sept 20th and he won't be able to go to Vegas :'( I am the real Lee Ann, married to the trickster Hipshot aka Dan. When we met Ron in Oklahoma, he wanted to sign on to the message board using my iPad. He was having trouble, so Dan offered to help. :
  3. Oh Lordy, as Bejeebers always says. Ron, you are absolutely the most wonderful Father and supporter for Michael. I love you both. ......and now I think I will change my password
  4. Ps Ron is not in in his scibbies. 8-)
  5. Hi Ting, I probably should have said our room has 2 beds ;D
  6. Hello Everyone! Dan and I have been moving and have not been on the board for a while. I made a reservation today for a double bed room at the Sheraton Ohare for the 16th and 17th If anyone needs an extra bed, we will be glad to share a room with you. Lee Ann
  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great day.
  8. This is just too cute. Congratulations to all the recipients of the highly prestigious "Bonker" awards. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
  9. Hi Dave, Welcome to the board. Lots of good information and people here. I don't know the answer to your question, it's something we would all like to know. Lee Ann(Hipshot's wife)
  10. A great Birthday indeed. Congratulations!
  11. I didn't post the above. Dan did. I would never call him that.
  12. He means...he will be glad to see you again. He is a dumbass
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