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  1. Thanks for heading up the best conference to date Lee. For those who haven't attended, it will change your life. I look forward to seeing y'all in DC and Chicago next year. Dan
  2. Hello Jerry, I think that SS Disability in order to get Medicare is a very important issue. It took me four long years of denials and appeals to finally get approved. I'm sure a lot of people quit in disgust after the first or second denial. That is by design. The SS Administration is betting those that apply will die or give up during a deliberately designed lengthy approval process. See you guys next week
  3. Good one Jeebs. Some may get tired of me saying it, but Occipital Facet Blocks DO work for me 100%. Months of relief. This is NOT a run of the mill occipital nerve block. O I am sedated, strapped down and the shot is done under fleuroscopy. It is actually in the lower part of the neck. I highly recommend it. I can't explain it any other way, IT WORKS FOR ME
  4. Great to read of your continued success Jeff
  5. FIrst time I've seen this video. Great job Lee and Mollie
  6. I saw your balloon pic on Facebook and didn't know anything about Jacob. Now I do, so very sorry for you and his family. Nothing I can say will help, but if I could say anything at all that might help, I wish I could come up with the words to take the pain away. My deep condolences Bob Dan
  7. Great to see your post Brian.
  8. Fun times with my buddy Denny. Perhaps a meet and greet and fishing sometime in e future...
  9. Denny, Denny , Denny. I will never question anything you say. You saved my life once upon a time. Get more info. I'll drink anything. Love to all my friends Dan
  10. Nice offer ipain. Glad to have you on our team
  11. Good find Spiny! I hope it makes a big difference for you
  12. Yes, thanks Doctor, I really had considered this surgery until Helitte told me her story. And good remarks Ricardo, you DO have a way with words that I enjoy reading
  13. I HAVE FIGURED OUT WHY THEY CALL SANSERT A DIRTY DRUG, Use your imagination. Multiply times 10
  14. Your being involved In is beyond priceless Dr M. [smiley=engel017.gif]
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