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  1. I'm back. anybody live on the east coast of south florida. Also, I started taking wellbutrin as an aid to help me quit smoking but I found that this cycle has been very mild so far. Wonder if its just a mild cycle or is the wellbutrin helping? Anybody have any experience with this?
  2. jimmys


    Hello Im back. Has anyone heard of or used Emgality and has it worked? Thanks
  3. Update. Dosed without o2 for post dose hits yesterday. Shadows and hits all day before dosing. About 5:30pm I started to feel the effects of treatment. An upset stomach from the vitimins but no sign of the demon. Nice to be pain free for more than three hours and I never realized how funny the song My Sharona can be. Started wearing off about 11pm and I could feel the shadows start to return. Finally fell asleep about 2 until a Kip 3 woke me about 8:30 but only lasted 5 minutes. Fell back asleep for about an hour and caught another 3, again, only about 5 minutes. Tried to stay awake but couldn"t. Slept till about 11 and got nailed with a 6 for about 2 hours. Since then the only pain was a soreness behind my eye but no throbing or pain anywhere else in my face. Currently I am feeling weak shadows and haven't had my aftrenoon dance. Looks good so far but the demon is a tricky one so I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you all for being here. PFDAN
  4. thanks guys, just dosed. gonna see what happens. Wish me luck. I will keep you posted. PFDAN
  5. I,ve tried it all. Its a trigger. Might as well drink a beer. Same effect
  6. Has anyone ever busted without o2 backup for post dose hits? Has any one experienced a dance higher than a Kip 3 while under treatment? D3 treatment? thanx
  7. jimmys

    Im Back

    Hello again. I am back. time to go to battle again. This time I no longer have insurance. out of o2. APRIA will not give me anymore o2. They say I owe them too much money/ One shot of trexie left and vitimin m no where to be found. looks like this cycle is gonna be one for the books. just me and the beast, one on one. my nero charges 400 per visit so no script for trexie. couldnt afford it anyway. I am asking for prayers now.its gonna be one hell of a battle. its been 22 years with this now and i think i've had enough. I'm tired. thank you all for your support over the years. I love you all. PFDAN
  8. jimmys


    Just posted in T&I. Being the illiterate computer person that I am I posted seven times without knowing it and cant figure out how to delete them. Sorry for the extra work. PFDAN
  9. got hit once at 35 ft. was beginning of summer cycle. One atmosphere is not much but what it told me was you will get hit underwater. never when not in cycle though.
  10. jimmys


    Any body from South Florida heading to the conference this year?
  11. jimmys

    I'm back

    Hi. Where exactly would I find an O2 supply house in my area? What exactly do I ask for? Anyone have a link for seeds. Thnx
  12. jimmys

    I'm back

    Thank you CHfather. I do tend to be a bit dramatic but it helps me through the pain. Thanks to you for sharing that link and Matt who made that video I now have three little trexies. I don't have a link to order seeds though. I haven't tried D3 regimen yet as I have always had other aborts. Need to find that link too. Cant afford to pay cash for trex these days but i honestly believe they prolong the cycle anyway. I'm sure to find out this time around. Thanks again for info and advice.
  13. jimmys

    I'm back

    Hello everyone. After a year of remission the beast has returned just as the dog days of summer come rolling in. Temps in the nineties and humidity out of control. An afternoon dance with the beast in the dead heat and no vitamins or trex or O2 in sight. No doc will see me as I am presently uninsured and my street doc is nowhere to be found. Woe is me. But wait......I do have but one shot of trexie left from two years ago but when do I use it? Its not like before when you can cheat the needle and use the same vile three times. Now you have to use the whole six mgs. It really only takes two mgs. to abort a CH but they insist on selling us six at over $100.00 per shot. If my math is correct then they can sell us two mg. shots for a little over thirty three and one third dollars. Has anyone ever looked into suing Pharms for over medicating us in the name of profit? Anyway enough of a rant. When do I use my one and only shot? Now or wait till mid summer when temps reach the hundreds. I feel like a man who was left on a deserted island with a gun and one bullet. I wonder if I can get through the whole cycle without using it. Just face the beast head on and bully my way through it. But OH those Kip seven and higher days are a scary thought. Three hours of pure unadulterated hell, aware of every nano second. Well, I've been there before. There is however maybe one light at the end of this tunnel. I noticed a farm not far from here with some cows grazing. Hmmm, I wonder? I feel better. The CH has returned to shadows for now. Thank you all for letting me babble on. PFDAN to all.
  14. jimmys

    I'm back

    January 11 and the beast is still going strong. For a few weeks it seemed to be subsiding but picked up again last Tuesday night. No vitamins anywhere to be found so O2 and trex are the only available options. Wouldn't be able to work without the trex. In a catch 22 here. Just hoping I am nearing the end of this cycle because I am starting to lose it. Don't see the point in much anymore. Thanks for listening. PFDAN
  15. jimmys

    I'm back

    i need to wait 5 days?
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