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  1. clankfu

    oxygen supplier issues

    What was Airgas' reasoning for not selling to you?
  2. clankfu

    Any news on BOL-148?

    Thanks for the news. Hopefully, something substantial comes of it.
  3. clankfu

    Any news on BOL-148?

    Yea, when I did a search, I came across their Indiegogo campaign which only raised around $2000. No bueno.
  4. clankfu

    Any news on BOL-148?

    Would love to hear your personal opinion on it but understand if you rather not say.
  5. Has there been any progress on this front? Any new clinical trials?
  6. clankfu

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    Here's an interesting article. I wonder if the anti-inflammatory properties of higher-CBD strains would be more effective for our clusters. http://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/whats-the-deal-with-these-high-cbd-strains
  7. clankfu

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    She claimed it reduced the pain and prevented nighttime attacks. But as always with these things, YMMV.
  8. clankfu

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    Well, what prompted my post was someone in a cluster headache facebook group saying that consuming an edible before bedtime has greatly reduced her nighttime hits. She uses Indica-based edibles but I remember reading somewhere that Sativas were more effective in treating clusters while Indicas were more likely to be a trigger.
  9. clankfu

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    I've heard some people have had some success treating the beast with cannabis but I'm seeing conflicting reports as to whether sativas or indicas are better for clusters. Any thoughts?
  10. clankfu

    Fell asleep while dosing

    Great news!
  11. clankfu

    Mouth piece as opposed to a non rebreather mask

    I usually use the mouthpiece but for some reason, for this particular cycle, I've had better success aborting with the mask. Not sure but might have to do with the fact that it's on my right side when it's almost always on my left.
  12. clankfu

    Fell asleep while dosing

    Moxie - I'm the same way. I only do it for busting and wouldn't do it for recreation at all. I usually dose with about a gram.
  13. clankfu

    Fell asleep while dosing

    First time this has ever happened to me. I usually make a tea with Vitamin M but this time I wanted to just try eating the dose with nothing added. I laid down on the couch with the lights on to watch some TV and I think about a half an hour in, I fell asleep. Opened my eyes about an hour later all discombobulated and it felt like I woke up in a video game world. Pretty interesting experience to say the least.
  14. clankfu

    Busting Shadows?

    I start having vivid dreams when I'm about to start a cycle.
  15. clankfu

    Masking the RC taste

    I just dosed using peppermint tea to soak the seeds. Wow...that helped a lot!