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  1. Thanks Cindy! So great to hear from you! Hope you and your son are well. Scott
  2. Hey Ting!!! Great to hear from you. Yes I am still slugging thru it. Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for the comments! Scott
  3. Awesome to hear from you Mystina. It's just like hooking up with old friends. Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for the comments. I hope you are doing well! So nice of you. Best, Scott
  4. I think that's me Jeeb. Just look for the Junkyard Angel tracks. And yes, Cindy was cussing!
  5. Saw Paul in Atlanta about 3 years ago. Best show I have EVER seen.
  6. I'm glad I did not love them. Thanks buddy. Scott
  7. Right on blueballs. Nice user name! To be honest, I would trade 3 weeks of opiate wd's over this protracted Benzo wd. The hardest part is accepting it. Accepting that I am going to feel his way for a while longer. But knowing that I am healing every day.
  8. My channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9zmgZqEx4nKu3kjTGiIcWw?feature=mhee
  9. Hey, we are now on YouTube. While you're there, you can also check out some hilarious footage from St. Patty's Day in Savannah, Ga. My wife was railing! We played downtown from 2-5 and the video is of Cindy and I trying to get the hell out of there! Enjoy! Scott
  10. Hey folks, It's been a while so I thought I would pop up through the floor and give ya'll a shout out. I hope all of you are doing well and keeping the beast at bay with your sacred medicines I have not browsed the board so I really don't know what's up with everybody. My HA is pretty much under control thanks to Cymbalta. That is the great news. The other great news is that I started a fantastic new job March 2nd and I recently drove an entry level luxury sedan off the lot....Lexus IS 250. Ha ha...hope there is no class warfare here. I worked hard for this little reward ;D Finally,
  11. Wow, appt with Goadsby. Fantastic! I wish you guys the best. Scott
  12. Thanks Ting. I will never leave this message board. Sorry but I'm here to stay. I have made many great friends and I care about what is going on with you all. You are one of the truest friends Scott
  13. Hey busters, I just read somewhere that neurpathic pain gets worse at night. Maybe that explains why my HA has had that pattern for the last 21 months. Been on 900mg days now and its starting to make me sleeeeeepy. It also seems to be trying to alleviate the nerve pain. I will begin a slow taper off pain meds tomorrow. Hoping for the best. If Mayo is right and I do have shingles without the rash, I guess it erupted 21 months ago and went untreated. Now what I have is post herpetic neuralgia. Nerve damage I guess. I am really not sure. All I know is that the Mayo doc said my trigeminal nerve
  14. Love me some Hendrix at Monterey. Man, i cannot imagine how mind blowing it must have been for all those peace and love freaks, high on Owsley's, to see and hear Jimi for the very first time. What an introduction. I read that he got a 20 minute standing ovation! Very groovy 8-) Scott
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