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  1. Our friend Arran gives us a mention in his latest article in Nature Magazine Ayahuasca psychedelic tested for depression Pilot study with shamanic brew hints at the therapeutic potential Arran Frood Nature 06 April 2015 http://www.nature.com/news/ayahuasca-psychedelic-tested-for-depression-1.17252 thank you Arran shocked
  2. a couple of interesting/entertaining links on weather (migraine) Headache weather forecast - accuweather http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/new-york-ny/10007/migraine-weather/349727 Lightning linked to onset of headache ScienceDaily http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130124123315.htm shocked
  3. I didnÂ’t get to meet Mark It's said that you shouldnÂ’t ever meet your heroes I would still liked to have met him, and thanked him. Shocked Mark was known as Phred at the shroomery where he was one of the moderators http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/5188838#5188838
  4. "monoclonal antibodies and the calcitonin receptor system are showing promise" What’s on the horizon for headaches By: HEIDI SPLETE, Ob.Gyn. News Digital Network http://www.obgynnews.com/home/article/video-whats-on-the-horizon-for-headaches/6161043b663f24f639bec4d8b2070b49.html "Dr. Goadsby explained details of several studies that showed dramatic results, and the “tantalizing” implications for patients." shocked
  5. "doors slammed" we've come a long way Well done Bob mate, well done team. Savouring these great day's Celebratory accoutrements, comestibles and suitably potent potables standing by. shocked
  6. A tantalizing 2D glimpse of a fascinating 3D neuroimaging project. A novel 3D-Immersive & Interactive Neuronavigation (3D-IIN) through the impact of a spontaneous migraine headache attack in a patient's brain in vivo. Jove http://www.jove.com/video/50682/3d-neuronavigation-vivo-through-patient-s-brain-during-spontaneous "In the future, this exploratory 3D method could provide a much more immersive and interactive perspective for examining the brains of patients in research and the clinic." shocked
  7. Ergot is strange. And a very, very old fossil now makes clear that itÂ’s been around about as long as grass itself. Amber fossil links earliest grasses, dinosaurs and fungus used to produce LSD OSU http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2015/feb/amber-fossil-links-earliest-grasses-dinosaurs-and-fungus-used-produce-lsd shocked
  8. Hey Tangerinearmy, I'm thrilled that you are interested. Reading this paper “literally” - It suggests - “mutations in the ADH4 gene” Does this mean we're “Mutants”! It also states - “a novel rearrangement involving NRXN3 gene” Does that make us noveltee's or novelties?? Published research in this field follows two lines, this ADH4 line and the HCRTR line. Here is a good read on HCRTR Frontiers in Neuroscience orexin/hypocretin receptor pharmacogenetics http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnins.2014.00057/full Here is an overall view - The journal of Headache and Pain Genes and primary headaches: discovering new potential therapeutic targets http://www.thejournalofheadacheandpain.com/content/14/1/61 Here Professor Peter Goadsby explains the importance of finding a “Biomarker” What’s on the horizon for headaches Ob.Gyn. News Digital Network http://www.obgynnews.com/home/article/video-whats-on-the-horizon-for-headaches/6161043b663f24f639bec4d8b2070b49.html What this field of research might also suggest is that “we” (royal we) could be “related” shocked
  9. Thanks for your informative and entertaining links Chfather. Poor old Ozzy. Even though he seems to have parked his caravan on a different planet he still gets my vote for inclusion onto our honours list/hall of fame just for being the original “headbanger” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headbanging Unfortunately his son Jack has been diagnosed with MS, and suffers“agonising migraines” Dailymail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2510982/Jack-Osbourne-suffers-vision-problems-continues-DWTS-rehearsals.html shocked
  10.  Congratulations and well done Bob mate, Here is an interesting talk by PG, He talks first about CH and then goes on to chart the progression of this field of research (migraine) from cats (1985) to Lilly's acquisition/reacquisition of Arteaus "Bedside to Bench and Back: Improving care for headache disorders"  He could do with some advice on his wardrobe. Previously April 22, 2014 - CGRP-targeted migraine prevention drugs succeed in phase II clinicalneurologynews http://www.clinicalneurologynews.com/index.php?id=9985&type=98&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=249161&cHash=da03e20e36 Drugs that hit CGRP may even help other headache types, Dr. Dodick added. "There is some evidence that CGRP is also important in other serious headache disorders such as chronic migraine, medication overuse headache, and cluster headache – disorders that are currently very difficult to manage." shocked
  11. Molecular Analysis of Cluster Headache Clinical Journal of Pain: January 2015 http://journals.lww.com/clinicalpain/Abstract/2015/01000/Molecular_Analysis_of_Cluster_Headache.8.aspx novel rearrangement involving NRXN3 gene might be related to CH in a subset of cases. shocked
  12. University of Michigan College of Pharmacy Pharmacy 476: Principles of Research and Problem Solving introductory course in research and proposal writing LSD for Cluster Headaches: Taking a Trip Towards a Treatment https://pharmacy.umich.edu/pharmacy-476-principles-research-and-problem-solving-0 This experience advances our studentsÂ’ critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing, and verbal presentation skills, which are essential to every pharmacy career path ............ Harrowing tale told here by plo83 - ............ LSD-assisted psychotherapy for anxiety associated with a life-threatening disease: A qualitative study of acute and sustained subjective effects Page 8 Observations on headaches http://www.maps.org/research-archive/lsd/Gasser2014-JOP-LSD-assisted-psychotherapy-followup.pdf Two of the study participants had serious migraine cycles during the years before treatment. At the LTFU, participant #3 reported that his migraine cycles and the accompanying pain had been significantly reduced for a number of months after the LSD treatments. Participant #12 reported no migraine in the 12 months up to the LTFU. This incidental observation may be an indication to support some recent studies (Sewell et al., 2006). shocked Edit: Can't get the Michigan link to work but it googles ok.
  13. Failure to fund LSD test is ‘worst kind of science censorship’ The Times http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/science/article4372253.ece Professor Nutt who is based at Imperial College, London, has led work on the world’s first brain scans of people on LSD-25, a potent psychedelic drug that scientists believe could combat depression, alcoholism, nicotine addiction and crippling headaches Here is an interesting one- FUNGAL THERAPY: THE DEBATE OVER MAGIC MUSHROOMS IN MEDICINE http://www.artefactmagazine.com/2015/02/24/fungal-therapy-the-debate-over-magic-mushrooms-in-medicine/ See the case studies at the end - A therapeutic trip (Illness) Jack, 31 – Artist shocked
  14. Shulgin Farm Research Update 2013 Podcast 394 Podcast features the 2013 Palenque Norte Lecture by Dr. Paul Daley in which he talks about Sasha Shulgin, his life and his work. Paul is one of the key people who has stepped in to consolidate and continue the experimental research begun by Dr. Shulgin. In addition to telling about SashaÂ’s chemical research, Dr. Daley also talks about some of the reasons Sasha has given for why he does what he does. And we also hear about some of the ongoing research taking place in SashaÂ’s laboratory, including research into a possible remedy for cluster headaches. http://www.matrixmasters.net/salon/2014/04/podcast-394-shulgin-farm-research-update-2013/ CH at 42 mins shocked
  15. Thanks for the welcome back bob mate:) Here's an interesting fact, http://www.eddiepaskey.com/Mr_leslie_facts.htm You might say, Boldly return from where no CH'er has gone before jIwuQ.
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