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  1. Hey CHers; I have had some success (read: correlation) with using fruit and vegetable juice to combat my headaches. There were a few things at play here: summer is usually light in the pain department for me, I had a big bust at the end of May, but I swear this stuff has really helped. It's either the juice, or the first real remission I've had in several years. I drink apple, carrot, and cucumber juice two out of three meals a day, and I've been doing this all summer. School just started back up - usually the beast is out to play, but nothing so far. I decided to give this a try because 1
  2. In my experience, "fluffy white" is the cobweb mold. I had a bad infestation while trying to use a new humidification setup. It grows on the cakes at first, then takes over the bases of the mushrooms. I took out my cakes, washed them, sanitized the container, replaced my perlite, and used scissors to cut chunks out of the cakes where I saw any mold. After a couple days, I cut up the cakes again. My yield was down, but I still got some usable medicine. google cobweb mold and see if that is your problem. Best of luck! bradg
  3. I get hit this time of year around St Louis, every year. Also fall. Crazy.
  4. Hey old headbashers, I've done this twice before--waiting until the last minute to get my PC growing. I am an idiot. When I have PF days, I just don't think about it until it is too late. Coupled this time with giving doses to my brother and two new-to-busting sufferers I met in the last two months, I'm very close to dry. Here's the question. I have 14 capsules left, and I usually take about 8 as a preventative every month or so. By my math, they're 0.2 grams net (dry) in each. Am I better off taking two doses of 7 pills 5 days apart, or, taking all of them at once? I have no problem with
  5. Hey friends. I haven't posted in a while because life's been a little busy! When I last checked in I was battling the worst cycle I've had. Since then, the RC helped tremendously (after 5 doses of 50-60), so that's new in the arsenal. Also, my vitamin M matured, and that works better for me anyway. I got married at the end of May to a beautiful, understanding woman. She even puts up with the CH! Honey moon was tremendous, and thankfully, I got the first few sprouts of the M to my head the night before liftoff which means no major CH during the trip. Life is good. Thanks to everyone here
  6. I've long wondered if one could inoculate a log with pc and bury it so it fruits like this. I've seen other strains that like to grow this way, shitake, so why not psilocybe?
  7. No offense taken, spiny. I finally understand what is meant by "slapbacks." Holy cow! That didn't happen with the vitamin M.Two splitting hits that night, and a shadow has come and gone regularly since. I think I'm busted, but will have to try again this weekend to really send him on his way. Thank you EVERYONE for the tips, support and love. Bradg
  8. Spiny, thanks for the advice, but just because I'm taking physics doesn't place me in the same age bracket as the other 'kids!' It's my second trip through undergrad, after a hiatus. Anyhow, I dosed with RC this morning. I took 50 seeds, removed 20% floaters and coffee-grinded the remaining 40, soaked for 1 hour and drank with OJ on an empty stomach. I was braced for some kind of experience, but didn't feel a thing. Maybe a little lethargy, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Friday after a week in engineering school! It may be too soon to tell about the bust, but Mr. Shadow did move to th
  9. Ugh! Day 2 of detox from all the bad stuff. I got hit bad in Physics class this morning, it is a terrible place to have a cluster. Had to leave of course, but where to go? I went to the bathroom. They must think I'm psycho. The beast always tells me how hard he's charging on his way in, and I sometimes get really scared about what is about to happen. > I'm not going to miss this bastard! Come on, Friday.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I start the regimens and stop my medicines tomorrow, bust this coming weekend. I'll be in touch. Brad
  11. Since I'm no stranger to busting medicines, do you suppose a larger dose of RC would be beneficial? Good to have you back, pixie, and thanks for the advice. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  12. If you're into this sort of thing, I highly suggest the Missouri state fair. There was one booth that would deep fry ANYTHING. buy it at a different booth, bring it to be fried. Good lord! Poptarts though? How in the world?
  13. Hello fine folks, I need to pump some advice from the deep reservoir of knowledge around here, if you please. I busted very successfully in July and September of 2011 with the psilocybin, but the beast has come back. Through poor planning on my part, I had no mushrooms at my disposal this time around, so I went to the doctor and received a course of medication that I have found effective for short periods of time (with crazy side effects of course). So now I have a few cakes that are growing their beautiful mycelia, but the fruit won't be ready for a few more weeks (I'll post some pic
  14. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this before. Great site. Thanks, moxie.
  15. Wow, this is a hell of a crowd! Very funny. The beast has no sense of humor. This is documented fact. All this joking around should keep him away for sure. Best of luck to the two of you over the next few days!
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