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  1. blueballs

    Seeking Supporters personal accounts

    check your pms
  2. blueballs

    Cannabis - Sativa or Indica?

    Google Dr. Brian McGeeney Cannabinoids and Hallucinogens in treating headache. It's on Medscape. Should help you answer those questions. Good questions. bb
  3. blueballs

    Chat room

    I used my name and password from 10 years ago and it still works...outa site. bb
  4. blueballs

    Melatonin a trigger for some??

    I have found, substances that make me drowsy, are a triggah. That includes melatonin. I would say also in my mind melatonin is a more of a sleep aid than a prevent...thats my expierence. Again ,as always, responses are very individual it seems. Good question chfather. bb
  5. blueballs

    2013 Chicago Conference Pictures

    Lmao....that's number one Jeebs. Wrong finger...lol bb
  6. blueballs

    Sooo Fecking funny....

    Ol Doris is on her way to your place Bob..lol Wait till you see what she has in her bag.. :-* :-* :-*
  7. blueballs


    Triple kudos..hats off.
  8. blueballs

    lsd in the news

  9. blueballs

    No appetite due to severe CH attacks

    Anti nausea meds....promethazine...even the motion sickness meds work well.
  10. Wonderful gesture thanks alot a bunch.
  11. blueballs

    new updated recommended Doc list

    Beullll. You rock.
  12. blueballs

    2014 Headache on the Hill

    Hope to see you all there...headbanger ball. There will be 02 there.....come one come all. bb
  13. blueballs


    If they want ya ..they will get ya. Dam ur smart on the puter stuff. signed 007 Power to the Peoples.
  14. Were throwing this in. Its at the framers now so this is just a taste. Thanks again Claudio Geraci
  15. blueballs

    Article on psilocybin as treatment for PTSD

    If I had a nickel for evertime I heard that..goes off singing, If I were King of the Forest. bb :-*