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  1. Google Dr. Brian McGeeney Cannabinoids and Hallucinogens in treating headache. It's on Medscape. Should help you answer those questions. Good questions. bb
  2. I used my name and password from 10 years ago and it still works...outa site. bb
  3. I have found, substances that make me drowsy, are a triggah. That includes melatonin. I would say also in my mind melatonin is a more of a sleep aid than a prevent...thats my expierence. Again ,as always, responses are very individual it seems. Good question chfather. bb
  4. Lmao....that's number one Jeebs. Wrong finger...lol bb
  5. Ol Doris is on her way to your place Bob..lol Wait till you see what she has in her bag.. :-* :-* :-*
  6. Triple kudos..hats off.
  7. http://thefutureofthings.com/4717-treating-cluster-headaches-with-lsd/
  8. Anti nausea meds....promethazine...even the motion sickness meds work well.
  9. Hope to see you all there...headbanger ball. There will be 02 there.....come one come all. bb
  10. If they want ya ..they will get ya. Dam ur smart on the puter stuff. signed 007 Power to the Peoples.
  11. Were throwing this in. Its at the framers now so this is just a taste. Thanks again Claudio Geraci
  12. If I had a nickel for evertime I heard that..goes off singing, If I were King of the Forest. bb :-*
  13. Thanks my shrink is going to have a wonderful time with this...lol bb
  14. Diamond willow walking stick....a framed Claudio print...bitchin print. get your moldy money out. bb
  15. Be careful procuring substances from places questionable. Grow your own...much safer...good luck . Bb
  16. I love 02. Pain is toxic.
  17. Dont forget the help from up north during the hostage crisis in 78/79. Watch Argo. Thanks again eh. bb 8-)
  18. ganga coconut..likely to try that....the deal is ..or is or the research indicates that CBDs are better for some things as THC is better for others. Butter and oils with high CBDs can and do eliminate siezures and treat cancer. Smoking would have higher levels of THC. The idea is in my mind ,ganga has over 70 cannabinoids. Smoking you get 21. Eating infused cannabutter I get all of them.... I like a good smoke though. Not with CH though..cant smoke when those are at high levels..going to make ganga coconut tea now. 8-) Good info stuff there Ricardo thanks bb
  19. RIP Melissa. Donate.
  20. bump...a good doc is worth fighting for... ;D ;D ;D ;D
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