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  1. I believe Canada is welcome to the study as well. I was talking with him and he encouraged my Canuck brothers and sisters to sign up
  2. Hi, chronic CH under control by MM, Chronic Migraines about 15-20 a month which I control by meds, and pot. Couple tension headaches a month. No biggy. A neck pain in my head that is undiagnosed and chronic with zero remission for 3 years now. I'm waiting to see a physiatrist because my neurologist thinks it's not a headache. 2 days ago I woke up feeling flu-like symptoms. So I took Buckleys. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. Worn out. Lethargic, Tired.Moody. By 5 pm I could barely eat thinking oh no its the flu. (my head and body temp always goes up during headaches so I wasn't 100% convinced it was the flu that is going around). By 530pm in bed with a pounding headache in my forehead to the crown of my head but mainly in the forehead, Not once in my life have I experienced this type of headache pain. Not a cluster because hey well all know that's the eye. Not hot poker or stabbing. Not a migraine because of no aura, no sensitivity to light or sound. But pressure in my head incomprehensible to me. I actually thought I was having an aneurysm. I thought that this was it and really....I am ready to go without any bad feelings. I been ready to go for a very long time. I am NOT and I repeat NOT suicidal. I have just had enough of this pain in my life. And I am ready to go home. Do not worry, I am not making a plan, I am not thinking about it or trying or wanting to. I just prayed to God that if it was my time, I couldn't resist and look forward to coming home and being with mom. I couldn't even get out of bed to pee. It wIm not complaining or seeking pity but just stating what happened. I did try on Dec 31, 2008, to die, and unlike then when I wanted to, I don't now....I just won't fight it if it happens....make any sense? Just don't worry ok...I'm mentally good. Anyway, so as I lay there since I am NOT having any CH or Migraine symptoms...I think to myself....take a reg Tylenol and see what happens. So I take 1-500mg fast release Tylenol....wait 30 min and voila.I get relief...but ONLY 5 min tops....WTF? Wife comes home at 11 and gives me my reg meds and 1 more Tylenol 500mg. Again, 30 min later I get only 5 Min of relief. I laid there without 1 wink till 7 am. By 7 am the head pain lifted? Now since then (2 days later). My head still feels really sensitive, slight pain 24/7. (touching my hair hurts), I still feel nausea and bit woosy. Best way to describe is what I felt after brain surgery. Like a Mac Truck ran me over. No fever, no vomit, or direah so it wasn't the flu. I'm scared to death this going to happen again....I mean I have lived with CH for 12.5 years. Migraines /tensions since age 8(45 now) the new headache/neck pain for 3 years....Now what? This is the only headache other than a CH that made me think....being alive suck...that dying is what was happening to me and going to a better place is better than this shit. I have never wanted to pass on because of a migraine. Only a CH but this headache wasn't as painful as a CH but it kicked the living crap out of me and its 2 days later and I am still wiped. Seeing my neurologist will take a year so that's out. If it happens again and my wife is home I hope she can get me to emerg. Your thoughts?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMDAvN5okpQ&t=87s
  4. Click Here
  5. ok...not enough traction here....check out my friend drumming for 30,000+.... used to keep puke bucket for his headaches besides the drum kit.... He is the one who signed the decals... come on people....donate to CB and get an autographed decal by Jeremy Taggart ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJfKba5GzVI
  6. This VLOG is dedicated to Melissa M. Dwyer.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSHxDHYvfWERaising awareness and fund raiser for clusterbusters,Please watch, share, like, SUBSCRIBE and.....donate to get an autograph by a rock star ! All for Cluster Headache Awareness
  7. Moxie, I would never try to Trump your year but know that you are not alone, Your struggles are real and tough. And with all I been through myself. I find myself falling 7x nd getting up 8. It makes you far stronger, far more able to keep moving forward. I pray for you to have pain free days ahead. No matter how hard it gets, always stay positive. Pain Free Wishes
  8. Please subscribe, like and share my VLOG on YouTube. About living in chronic pain positively!




  9. I know this may seem odd. But we have to laugh once in awhile at our cards we are dealt. I have had an attack pretty much everywhere cluster heads have had one....work, home, sex, in public at store.... But I have had some attacks in crazy places in my life, and thought what the heck....share.I cant wait to hear your replies. Ill start..... #1 Jay Lenos Garage #2 inside Johnny Cash's Last Limousine #3 Every concert I ever been too, standing 2 ft from Axel Rose and he looked at me like WTF.... #4 recovery room from brain surgery
  10. Kris, welcome you are in the right place for a wealth of information. 1st do not despair or give up. You made it this far. Tomorrow is a new day. This site can help you make an informed decision on some different approaches to different types of ways to teat your headaches. 1st. If you have not yet gotten a prescription for oxygen with a non-rebreather mask and regulated at 15 litres per min minimum. Another way is a Gentleman named Batch who has found that his D3 treatment (regimen) is a very effective way, And last alternative treatment. All ideas, are your choice. But have proven to be effective for many of us. Please read, read and read and then read some more. Don't hesitate to ask, a search bar is a valuable tool, as well as the main page, can guide you Pain-Free Wishes
  11. So after a solid honest month. I had to stop taking it. Wreaked havoc on my IBS-d. A friend with IBS-d tried it too and got the gut rot and frequent washroom visits too. Ill stick to the flower dang I had high hopes. no pun intended. lol
  12. I dont know if this helps.... I go for my second round of botox next week on 20th. Its $1000 here....except its like 31 or so needles in my head not jaw... Here is what they told me. 1st time injected, people have 30% chance of pain relief. 2nd time injected people have 50% success with pain relief. But after 2nd dose, if no help. Don't bother as it wont work, For me. my 1st round....my migraines got way worse. Could be a fluke but they did. Im having botox for severe chronic migraines. Im not sensitive to chew but extremely sensitive to smells, high pitch noises (not bass sounds but high tones).
  13. I believe we are all equals here. No one is better or worse. If you have survived one attack, it's one too many. I don't think anyone's resume is better than anyone else's in my opinion. Chronic or episodic. We as survivors have all had some very low dark days where we didn't want to be here. This thread isn't about the dark days because no one usually wants to talk about that. Id like to start a positive post thread OR positive tips and thoughts on what got us through it. What got us through those dark days, why we chose to fight another day. I'm doing this thread in memory of those who lost their fight. I don't really want to emphasize on the bad. But the positive. Perhaps some of us out there are going through some really dark days, months and years right now and could use some encouraging words to uplift them and know that they can keep moving forward. Let me start....and let's keep this going....and PLEASE be respectful of those with faith or without. It is what helped that person so let's not be judgemental. Speak wiith love. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Tomorrow is a new day, always remain positive no matter how bad it is, you have survived this far ! You are a warrior, a survivor and you matter. You are important, Have value and I am so glad you are here ~Tom T~ *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  14. Hope everyone has a great conference. Im there in spirit, love and pain free wishes. (hoping someone can get me some extra large bracelets and 2xl shirts.) Ill be happy to pay. Pain Free Wishes
  15. Hey if ANYONE is selling bracelets, t shirts etc. I would love to buy some since I am unable to attend. I am a big guy so EXTRA Large Bracelets and 2 XL (XXL) t shirts if made by GILDAN will fit me. I had some bracelets from Jenny, But I keep snapping them because my size. I am more than happy to pay shipping etc as I am in London Ont Canada. Thank you very much. PM here please and thank you kindly.