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  1. well i guess no one has nothing to say or pics or stories to share....oh well. take care everyone.
  2. Do not drink alcohol. #1 trigger Pain Free Wishes
  3. Has she tried marijuana? Marijuana is prescribed to me for chronic migraines.
  4. Yes, many of us are NOT on fakebook or other forms of social media. Kinda left in the dark ! I would love to hear all about it, stories, laughs, smiles, etc ! Please share for us who coulnd't attend ! thank you
  5. another year missed but a little of me will be with all of you. Pain Free Wishes everyone
  6. D3 for many takes a few weeks to a month to kick in. But everyone is different. I used Aleve for mild attacks. 2 Aleve (gel) and a coke helped the attack in 30 min. You may consider getting welders oxygen or scuba o2 if in a bind. Many swear there is no difference. As for me I cant drink energy drinks. Coke, mountain dew is best I can handle. Pain Free Wishes
  7. I just did a video(not edited yet) on using triptans with pot to relief all the side effects of the triptans but it was made with a migraine not a cluster. Pot makes it 100x worse for clusters but does the trick for migraines. I know everyone is different. But if you are wiped out, it helps you sleep.
  8. I had it done for my migraines. No help. How it works is 1st dose ,30% of people feel some relief. 2nd dose, 50% get relief but if you have had no relief thus far, dont bother trying a 3rd time. Expensive guess, buuuut nothing is cheap being sick.
  9. fascinating ! I had ONS first and then DBS. Its off though. Psilo saved me. Any PTSD/TBI/Side effects? New headaches of sort? I am asking because there is a 4th headpain no one knows why or what. I ahve a mild TBI and PTSD. Amongst other weird bizzare unwelcomed things happen to me. How have you coped? Managed? and deal with it? I have more problems and pain from DBS then clusters. Im curious if you have trouble too.
  10. How many of you had DBS? Please answer only if you had....thank you
  11. I have 4 headache types. 3 diagnosed, 4th going on year 4 with no diagnosis or treatment that isn't killing me. Tensions, migraines,clusters and ?
  12. I started a vlog over a year ago about living in chronic pain positive. Its called "People In Pain". Its not so much about me per say but all of us a whole. Living positive despite the cards we are dealt. I also do a playlist on helping the homeless and some car guy stuff cause I am a gear head.I find it helps me process my life and helping others gives me purpose. I also advicate for cluster heads through awareness. Perhaps you might be interested in subscribing? If not smoking a fat joint watching Jackass usually does the trick for me.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkQ1ll1GBbxQkVDzoLCCUw?view_as=subscriber
  13. Its legal here with a prescription
  14. I was gonna add what was already said above D3, but oxygen has been effective for some and also marijuana helps me. It wont break my headache but its less injections and less pills and far safer and as effective when in pain. Pain Free WIshes
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