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  1. Had COVID about 2-3 weeks ago and headaches started back shortly after COVID. I have maintained the vitamin D regimen with my 10k iu and co factors during my sickness. I also added zinc and vitamin c. Is it possible that covid has depleted my vitamin d supply after covid? Anyone else have similar experiences?
  2. Good evening, so I’ve started getting headaches again and am unsure if they are cluster or not now.. I’m currently loading D3 regimen and have looked after any way to get rid of these things. When I get a headache a knot forms in my upper back on the side of my headache, when this happens and the knot is very deeply massaged the pain begins to subside (Like someone putting an elbow into my back with all of their might). Does anyone else experience this?
  3. I didn't get any headaches between 8/29 and 9/7. Went to a football game and drank some beers which triggered an attack on the 8th of September. Did not have a headache the next day on the 9th but have since had a minor headache each day for the past 7 days. I am able to abort these with ice water and coffee within 30-40 minutes but it is still a pain waking up with them. I did the loading cycle for the vitamin regimen (50,000 IU per day with Co-factors for 12 days) and am now at 10,000 IU of D3 and its co-factors. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there anything else that I can do to get these things to go away? If at all possible I really want to avoid having to pay to go to the neuro because I know what this is as it has happened EVERY SINGLE YEAR around this time. any ideas would be appreciated. Or have I not waited long enough for this thing to really kick in for me to be pain free?
  4. Will bring on a prednisone taper and starting the D3 regimen have any impact? Or will I still get the D3 nutrients while just being pain free on the prednisone?
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