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  1. Thanks for the post Freud. I'm up to three a day now, and have decided to take the D3 and other vitamins regimen. Feeling like an idiot for not having found that before but I got a private message from another user who provided me a ton of great info on it. For tonight I managed to find a good multivitamin and a calcium supplement with D3 5000 iu so I took them to get some in my system. I didn't have great results with O2 years ago and its fairly impractical for my lifestyle. Again, appreciate the post. Cannabis isn't a last resort, but its pretty far down the list.... Though as we know, mid attack I think were all willing to eat horse crap if it helps. Will report back in a week or few on the D3 regimen!
  2. Sad follow up.... I moved from my legal marijuana state to Florida during Christmas time, so I decided to give up the weed. I don't know anybody here, and trying to get a medical card seemed like a hassle. Anyway, by the end of January, I had one attack. I've been hoping it was random, but they've picked up in frequency and intensity. I'm now catching one at least every 36 hours, and each one seems worse than the last. Seems like I;m slowly making my way into a full blown cycle. I have no insurance at the moment and my benefits wont kick in at my new job for another month. Kind of in panic mode. F**k Cluster Headaches. F****************************************
  3. I just wanted to share MY experience. I first got CH 6 fall seasons ago. When I'm in a cycle, marijuana has seemed to provide no relief or preventative use - in fact I feel like it has made it worse. However, I have noticed that if I maintain regular use of marijuana, the cycle never comes. This only became apparent after having several "skip years", where the cycle never came. The only common denominator I have found is that years where I have been thrown into a cycle, I have abstinent from marijuana. I'm no doctor, and this is just my experience. I'm sure there are other factors. I'm at the point though where I don't even enjoy the role marijuana plays in my life, but am too scared to let it go in fear of catching a CH cycle. Thots?
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