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  1. I agree. Lots of pain clinics will tell you that you "need" a certain number of days but this is definitely unproven. My bet is that it is different for everyone and that different people need different amounts. Some people seem to get by with just intranasal ketamine instead of infusions. -Ricardo
  2. My unpopular opinion is that videos like that are helpful for the general population to see and understand what we go through but I don't understand how it's going to help another clusterhead. We all know all too well what a cluster headache is like. I completely understand your feelings on this. -Ricardo
  3. If I take any amount of melatonin I wake up with a raging cluster. You're not alone. -Ricardo
  4. Ricardo


    Not that long ago Forbes posted an article about cannabis for migraine prevention. It got ignored by all the headache advocacy groups (for SOME reason that I will let you all figure out on your own) but I am posting it here because it did include some cluster sufferers. It was a small study but it found that half of the cluster sufferers had better luck using a THC/CBD combo than using verapamil. It was a whopper dose, from what I can tell it looks like 100 mg THC and 100 mg CBD combined. One interesting thing that was noted was that the cluster sufferers who got relief were the ones who
  5. Moxie girl is right, Indomethacin really messes up some peoples guts. Some people can avoid the problems by taking it with food but others have a problem with it no matter what. One thing that has been shown to help with the stomach problems that indomethacin can cause is guarana. This is a caffeine containing nut from South America and is easy to find online. The caffeine might even make the Indomethacin work better. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14669256 -Ricardo
  6. This is something I've heard people say as a suspicion but I've never been able to find any study investigating it. Do you have any info on this? -Ricardo
  7. The doc makes a lot of good points. Probably the best one is to try and get yourself to the conference. It might just change your life. I understand completely the lack of funds problem, you might want to look into the scholarship program clusterbusters has set up to help people who can't afford the trip. I have had clusters for about 20 years now as well. When I first got diagnosed the only things that seemed to help were triptans, opiates and sometimes cannabis. The opiates worked if I took a whole lot, (at first)... but it did not take that long for the situation to change for th
  8. I'm glad to hear you have been getting relief from your pain. I don't doubt that you have clusters, but with the neck massager working so well you might want to look into the whether or not you have cervicogenic headaches as well. https://americanmigrainefoundation.org/understanding-migraine/cervicogenic-headache/ I think the problem that you are going to have here is that you were never actually diagnosed with any sort of parasite. Maybe you did have one but it's hard to go on the assumption that you did just because you felt like that's what happened. Complicating things is
  9. Thanks Denny Any chance you're going to make it to Colorado this year?
  10. Ricardo


    Thanks Spiny! I'm glad the procedure went well for you. I agree that a pre-op talk stressing the importance of the protocol you need can make all the difference in your experience. In terms of anesthesia, if you need it again Propanolol might be worth inquiring about. I have heard more than one buster claim that it had been helpful for them and the Chicago Headache Clinic considers it as "occasionally helpful for preventing Cluster Headache. (there have actually been reports of it preventing clusters since 1972 but for some reason it is never mentioned) If you need anesthesia again it mi
  11. The reason that I put that out there is not to convince someone to try something on my theory, it is to remind people that there are more options than just the ones listed and that a couple of them a doctor can prescribe for their clusters. One neuro that prescribes both Ketamine and cannabis for migraine and clusters is actually a board member here at Clusterbusters. The experiences that he has reported from his patients do not really match the experiences you have seen in your office. Very little abuse and very few problems with it. Myself, over the past 7 years I have only gone down in
  12. Someone asked me recently about the piece I wrote for Psymposia on Clusterbusters and I was embarrassed to realize that I never posted it here. Here it is. Psymposia has a lot of other great info as well, check them out if you get a chance. https://www.psymposia.com/magazine/psychedelic-survival/ -Ricardo
  13. You sound really pissed here. I am just giving people more information so they can make an informed decision for themselves. Nothing I said was untrue. Most people on this site seem grateful for more information, not less. You also seem like you have seriously fallen prey to drug war propaganda. If you are really going to say that you should try a pharmaceutical that might increase your chance of a life threatening infection instead of cannabis I'm guessing you don't know enough about cannabis. And if you take a drug for a condition it is not called "a habit". It's called taking
  14. Actually the way I found out that hallucinogens lower TNF so well is from talking to a Chron's patient that was not getting enough relief from pharmaceuticals. He swore LSD was the thing that worked best for him. My point really though, was that there are substances that may possibly work on both disorders making it so you can take less drugs altogether. I have been on prescription ketamine for clusters for close to 7 years now and have found it to be extremely helpful. It has also shown a lot of promise for fibromyalgia. (Not to mention that I would bet that the stimulant effect that com
  15. Some of the more potent TNF inhibitors are the drugs we use for clusters. All the classical hallucinogens are thought to super potently inhibit TNF. Caffeine, cannabis and ketamine inhibit it as well. (cannabis and ketamine have also gotten labeled as "autoimmune modulators" because they tend to increase or decrease the immune response depending on what your body needs.) http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/jpet/327/2/316.full.pdf -Ricardo
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