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  1. HeadacheRelief

    Cluster followed by migraine?

    I am a migraine sufferer which I treat the same way the folks here do their clusters (except for oxygen and imitrex injections, don't use those). For what it's worth, they always strike on the left side, focused mainly behind my eye.
  2. HeadacheRelief

    Proud of my self restraint

    Fabac - Thanks for the entertaining and pertinent post. I was touched that your neighbor, block head that she can be, came around and gave you flowers! I have a lump in my throat...
  3. HeadacheRelief

    New direction for migraine prevention

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this CHfather. Good news on the reduction in number of migraines, Moxygirl!!
  4. Saw this and found it interesting. I am seeing more and more of this type of research with positive results when used in patients with mental illness: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/further-proof-psychedelic-mushrooms-could-help-keep-you-sane
  5. HeadacheRelief

    Re: Hanna banana

    I think you would have had more than a few people doing whatever we could to help you out.
  6. HeadacheRelief

    My first CB Conference (w/ pics)

    Wow B.G. Thank you for your profoundly moving post and the incredible pictures. Now I know I HAVE to go to the next one. Dan - Glad to see you here!!
  7. HeadacheRelief

    Support From a Non-Sufferer

    Hi Libertas, You may be aware of this, but psilocybin is also effective in the treatment of migraines. Research is finding it could help with PTSD and I have heard it might also help with depression.Â
  8. HeadacheRelief

    Straight White Male

    Wow. That brought more than a few tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for posting this link. I've read the first few paragraphs and am finding it very interesting. It would be great for people who are hesitant to use the busting method of treatment due to fear of a mental break down of sorts as a result of using psychedelics. Or... a family member who may be reluctant to support this.
  10. HeadacheRelief

    Conference auction & raffle in Chicago - Sept 2013

    This painting is frightening and hauntingly beautiful all at the same time.Â
  11. HeadacheRelief

    Conference auction & raffle in Chicago - Sept 2013

    LOL $1 million here.
  12. HeadacheRelief

    Thor's Hammer

    MG, You are one strong woman!
  13. HeadacheRelief

    Thor's Hammer

    Moxiegirl, What a vivid description, amazing. Thank you! I have migraines so have not experienced what you describe but my heart aches for everyone with CH, especially those without the help offered here. I am bookmarking this page so I can share your description with any of my friends or acquaintances who do not know the hell of CH.