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  1. I don't consider his 3-4 years a relative newcomer. I just "celebrated" the end of my 4th year of CCH. Look at me. I've been everywhere and done everything to help others. And my net-worth is about $500. Nothing compared to his public 110 million dollars....................... just saying. He donates to 20 odd charities..... and not a single one has anything to do with CH or any headache disorder. There is NO EXCUSE good enough for me.
  2. He is an episodic lefty little asshole prick. He donates to 20 charities and not a single one has anything to do with CH or headache disorder. He has enough money for him, his kids, and his grandkids to never work again. And the little f u c k e r won't do a thing to help himself, or us. He just wants to maintain silence (whether by his choice or by the instruction of his management) so he can get his next 5 million dollar movie contract. I'd LOVE to meet him face-to-face one day.
  3. I notice "fireworks smoke" and "bonfire" in there. Any type of smoke (besides cigarette smoke oddly) is a huge trigger for me. So is the smell of road tar. Those are by far my biggest triggers besides alcohol.
  4. I honestly don't even remember who I gave my phone to?? At that point I didn't care. Being in that room with everyone .......... wow. Goosebumps just thinking about it Glad you are well!!
  5. There's one every year Tom .... this year it was YOU!! We don't have a picture together.
  6. Chicago is most definitely the place .......... and I am assuming the dates will be posted in the next 30-60 days. Already looking forward to it. Headache on the Hill will be here before we know it!! D.C. here we come again!
  7. The first implant in the US has been done. I will be the second. Initial appointment next week. Should have the implants within 30 days.
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